Property Investory
Lloyd Edge - From Musician to Director and Founder of Aus Property Professionals
September 7, 2020
Lloyd Edge is the director and founder of Aus Property Professionals. He is a driven property investor, licensed buyer’s agent and is the author of Positively Geared where he delves into his journey from being a music teacher to then building his impressive property portfolio, where he currently holds 16 properties. Join us in this episode of Property Investory to hear how Edge achieved financial independence while still on a teacher’s salary, how he changed career paths and how he educated himself on property and the market that has impacted his journey that could ultimately inspire you along yours!
After losing his passion for music, he kick started his property investment journey where he soon fell in love with teaching others about property and helping them achieve their own property goals.

We will learn exactly how the multitasking director and founder managed to accumulate 16 properties. You’ll also be able to hear the kind of mindset he has adopted to continue to increase his wealth and the kinds of strategies he uses to deal with the changing markets and much much more!

[5:42] From his beginnings in music and teaching.
[9:14] Going into his property journey after music
[12:14] On building his property portfolio
[19:31] The moment where everything just clicked
[24:48] His property strategies and goals
[34:01] On his big ‘Why’ and key mindset
[41:21] The books, advice and habits that paved his way
[48:00] Moving forward equipped with hard work