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#45: Having 110 Employees And Two Factories At Age 22, Directing Viral Videos For Victoria’s Secret, & People Management Skills Learned From A Monkey w/ B. Jeffrey Madoff
August 31, 2021
By age 22, B. Jeffrey Madoff already had 110 employees and two factories for his clothing company. Several years later, he completely switched careers to film and video production… and he’s directed many award-winning commercials you’ve probably seen for companies like Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, and Tiffany. Oh… And he’s also a playwright with his first musical being released this coming March… AND he’s a professor at Parsons School of Design where he interviews people like Tim Ferriss, Randi Zuckerberg, and Daymond John. And guess what? As usual, today you and I get to hang out with him 😃