EP14 Running a Podcast as a Business & Lessons From Expert, Bryan Entzminger
Talking With Experts Podcast
EP14 Running a Podcast as a Business & Lessons From Expert, Bryan Entzminger
August 17, 2021
Is podcasting right for you and will it help your business grow? Bryan Entzminger is a veteran podcaster with a lot of experience and a completely difference perspective than most other podcasters I know. If you have lots of unanswered questions then this is the podcast session to listen to.
This week on Talking With Experts Podcast, Chris gets to speak with Bryan Entzminger, a podcast editor, producer and podcaster with a heart for helping others in the podcasting space. 

In this episode, Chris Cownden and Bryan Entzminger talk about podcasting from a business perspective and the mistakes Bryan has made that can prevent you from making the mistakes he did on his podcasting journey. He spoke again about a familiar topic that keeps being circulated on this podcast and that is OUTSOURCING and working as a team. 

Enjoy and let us know what your key takeaways from this episode are.

Bryan Entzminger is not just a podcast editor, he is a podcaster and music teacher too. He is the founder of Top Tier Audio, a service that edits and produces high quality podcasts for professionals, small businesses and non-profit organisations. Although, he doesn't consider himself an expert in many things, he is an expert when it comes to audio production and is definitely someone to reach out to if you are considering starting a podcast or starting an online business. 

If you want to know more about the Bryan Entzminger, then click here

Bryan's More Than 3 Actionable Steps This Week:
1. Get super focused on who your ideal customer is
2. Let the market help you define your offer
3. Don't build the solution before you have people asking you to help solve their problem
4. If you can afford it, invest in experts that can help you take yourself out of the business 
5. Take imperfect action ~ JUST DO IT and learn as you go!
6. Ask around. Get a different perspective from someone else who doesn't have an emotional connection to your project. They may see something that you have overlooked. 


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