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On Fire and Flow with Sam Tobey (Flow Mayhem)
July 2, 2021
Fire Dancer, Teacher and performance artist Sam Tobey has discovered that life inside a whirring circle of fire thrown from her own hands has created the perfect atmosphere for her! Join her and host HiThereCatsuit for this engaging conversation.
Sam Tobey (Flow Mayhem) has been addicted to fire dancing for over five years.
Her primary flow tool is a martial arts weapon called a rope dart, that she has adapted to become her dance partner. Her fire rope dart flow is graceful, dramatic, and lethal. Sam’s precision and musicality are what allow her to stand out as a performer, and her flow will push any audience to sink hypnotically into the rhythm of music. 
Sam is at her happiest while performing to tribal bass music at a festival, or teaching at one of her rope dart classes in Los Angeles. She has recently extended her teaching to online platforms such as Youtube and Instagram, as well as Thinkific, where she offers a complete online rope dart training course for anyone interested in learning.