2021 Q2-end goals update (the good and the bad)
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2021 Q2-end goals update (the good and the bad)
June 30, 2021
In this episode, we give you an update on our end-of-quarter goals.
Are you ready for our end-of-the-quarter update? So in a previous episode, I mentioned how I had this awesome mission where I wanted to help 35 startup founders start building out their customer base of willing and able buyers without having to give away equity to investors. And the goal was to be able to do this within the next six months, I made this call about two months ago, we announced it on a podcast and another goal was also to sell 10,000 books.  So today I'm going to update you on how we are actually doing. 

We have so far helped six different startups or we're helping six different startups. And we are not selling as many books. So I have to admit that the book parts still a little ambitious and it's still part of the goal. The goal is to start really selling next quarter, in Q4. But what we're going to do in Q3 is I still have to get a developmental editor to start editing my manuscript and start piecing it together. We did sell 20 books so far and actually, the website still says 18 because I kind of moved things still around a little bit, so it's not updating. But unless you're surprised that I'm making book sales because I'm not really running any kind of marketing campaign to it, I do have a retargeting campaign where someone does visit the book site or one of my websites and they spent a long time. Then it does pitch them the book, however. I haven't marketed at all. So it sounds like people are pretty excited to start reading this book. 

And the program that I started in terms of trying to help other startup investors. This is going really well because every single person that I'm talking to, one of the first things that they say is you seem like you've read my mind like it what they tell me is it feels like I jumped into their head and I'm in the conversation that they already had in their head and every piece of content that I'm sending to them, it feels like it's made just for them and it's being sent at the right time, at the right place, to the right person. And the thing is, they are absolutely right because that is done by design. 

When you start with the customer experience first, you know how to start marketing to your customers and speaking the language that actually does resonate with them after all, it's all about them. It's not about what you do, it's not about your product, it's not about your company, it's about the customer. So I'm super excited that we are on track. We've met pretty much every single goal that I've had for Q2. Some of the goals that I've had were to increase our revenue, start getting into other business lines. We actually started removing some business lines. So one of them, if you look at that episode where I talk about how my passive income is dying, I've actually started working on just transitioning myself away from it because it was something that was kind of boring to me, it wasn't really making me happy. 

And now what I'm doing is I'm empowering the startup founders to be able to grow their customer list and see how they actually benefit from leveraging this customer list into being able to do all the different things that their talents allow them to do instead of just focusing on one thing which might be like an industry vertical or something like this. Now they can focus on many things because they're just focused on their people. So I think exciting times are coming up. I am trying not to get too excited, however, because you know how business works. Business things will be thrown at you and you have to just figure out how to overcome them. So I'm still braced. I am looking out for bad times that might come, but when they do come I think I'll be ready. 

Otherwise, everything looks like it's falling into place, the place where I'm in my business right now. It just feels like I'm running downhill. It feels great. I also mentioned how I am slowly starting to transition away from my antidepressants. So I mentioned that I am on Prozac and I have half my dosage. This was about three weeks ago. I  started feeling a little bit sleepy, a little groggy, but I am still in a pretty elevated mood and I think one of the reasons for that is I am surrounding myself with people that I love and that love me. And there are no toxic people left in my life. And I know that if I allowed these people back into my life then it can lead to unhappiness, but because I know what it could do to me, I think I figured out how to keep myself happy and if something does make me upset, I feel like I have the tools to be able to cope with it. 

So I'm in a very good place. Our business is going great, my staff is going great, my mental health is going great. Everything is pretty much going great. We also have some pretty interesting announcements to make. So I've been in Tulum for almost a year now and I think it's time to leave Tulum. So we are going to a brand new place very soon. I guess you're going to have to continue to follow my journey to find out where. Before I go, I also wanted to mention that we had this amazing podcast chart hustle and we were able to get to the top 200 charts for Canada and for Great Britain for Entrepreneurship. 

I am still waiting to see if we can rank in the US, but if you can do me a huge favor and leave a rating and a review on every single platform, let me know if this podcast is helping you or not, just as long as it's an authentic review. My goal is to be able to deliver as much value as possible and do it in a very short and to sink way. This episode however was a selfish episode because I am just updating you on myself. But this is part of my process in being transparent and letting you know about my winds and my downfalls. 

So I have shared my downfalls on this podcast for example and the one where my passive income business was dying and I've also shared my struggles with delivering a good customer service. And these are all things that are iterative right there. A work in progress is just because you do poorly in one quarter. That doesn't mean you will continue to do poorly. Every single day is a new day for you to shine. Let me know how you're doing with your Q3 planning. Send me a DM or an email to Robin@robincopernicus.com. And I look forward to hearing from your stories. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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