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SOLO episode: How my heart sent me to the ER
July 9, 2022
That time I called myself an ambulance in the middle of the night and waited for it like you would for a taxi.
Another solo episode and this time Ann Marie takes a question that came in from Nicole via Instagram about the symptoms she's having that are the same symptoms of a heart attack. She asks: "What did you find out from your experience of this and is there anything we can do to alleviate it?" Ann Marie talks about her first experience with this issue 10 years ago, and her continued experience with it. 

• How and why she called an ambulance and waited for it like a taxi
• How the paramedics and ER staff responded 
• What they found (and what happened after)
• How she's dealt with cardiac symptoms in the years since
• Two tips for dealing with health anxiety associated with perimenopause

• A few highlights from the new North American Menopause Society guidelines for the use of menopause hormone therapy
• The menopause-related thing that had Ann Marie more excited than anything else (hint: Howard Stern is involved)

As always, this podcast is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement or embarking on any new healthcare regime. 

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