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261. CYCLIST Representing Cyclist - The Biking Lawyer | David Shellnutt
August 1, 2022
Exciting chat with David Shellnutt - The Biking Lawyer from Toronto. Advocating for cyclists in Canada.
David shellnutt
 Toronto, ON

The Biking Lawyer
The Biking Lawyer is a network of passionate cyclists and lawyers advocating for cycling rights and safer streets for all. Our goal is to reduce barriers to cycling, improve infrastructure, and ensure fair compensation for those injured while riding.

 At The Biking Lawyer we know that if you are on two wheels, you are exposed to the dangers of reckless drivers and poorly planned infrastructure. Our members represent traditional cyclists as well as those who ride e-bikes and motorcycles. Cycling is the way of the future and we love it. But should a crash occur, you will need a strong specialized cycling lawyer on your side.

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