The Most Nourishing People
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The Most Nourishing People
April 8, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the things you should consider when surrounding yourself with people you love.
This is going to be a very short episode, but it's also a very important episode. Most of the time I do an episode. I try to keep myself from telling people what to do, and what I hope to do is encourage people instead through storytelling. 

So I'm trying to get better at storytelling. However, this episode is not one of those stories. Sometimes I just feel like you have to say something, and this is one of those episodes. So if you don't like being told what to do, you probably won't want to listen to this episode. Feel free to skip ahead to the next one. I'm one of those people, too, so I won't mind. But maybe you might want to just at least take a listen. 

Anyway, this is one of the best pieces of advice that I can give anyone, and it's to do an inventory of all the people around you and ask yourself, just this one question. Yeah. Are these people nourishing you? Just that question. So what that question means in terms of nourishing like: Are they feeding your soul? Are they feeding your heart? Do they encourage your dreams? Do they inspire you? Do they want to see you succeed? 

If the people that you were surrounding yourself with don't have this mindset don't have this attitude in wanting to nourish you, then get rid of those people because those people are holding you back. They are toxic. They might. I love you. But you have to realize that sometimes those people they don't know how to love. And for your sake, surround yourself only with people who nourish you and to learn. 

Yes, If someone is nourishing you or not, it's you know how they make you feel. They make you feel really good. They make you feel accepted. These are the type of people you should be hanging out with. People that are judging you that don't believe you can achieve the things that you say you want to achieve. These people are horrible for your mindset. Get rid of those people. Only surround yourself with the most nourishing people in the world and life will be so much better for you. This is Robin Cabrini guests Boom bam! I'm out 

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