5 Tips to Being the Favorite Instructor-Rebroadcast
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
5 Tips to Being the Favorite Instructor-Rebroadcast
April 1, 2024
In this episode of the "Safety Consultant Show," hosted by Sheldon Primus, Sheldon shares his expertise on becoming a successful safety consultant, focusing on how to be an engaging and favorite instructor of student. He candidly shares his experiences of returning to on-site instruction, detailing the positive feedback he has received and how it has motivated him to impart his knowledge on becoming a preferred instructor. Sheldon promises to offer five plus tips on achieving this goal, highlighting the necessity of personal growth and adaptation in the ever-evolving field of safety consulting. Diving deeper, Sheldon meticulously outlines his top five tips for becoming a favored instructor, starting with the paramount importance of mastering the subject matter to ensure confidence and credibility in teaching. He advises being prepared for any technological or logistical mishaps, emphasizing the need to bring essential backup equipment and resources. Sheldon also distinguishes between preaching and teaching, advocating for an interactive and engaging teaching style that fosters a conducive learning environment. He underscores the significance of maintaining professionalism and respectfulness, particularly in male-female interactions, to create a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for all participants. Lastly, Sheldon suggests going the extra mile by helping with the setup and teardown of classrooms, showing dedication and consideration that transcends mere instructional duties. Through these tips, Sheldon aims to equip safety consultants with the skills and attitudes needed to leave a lasting positive impression on their students and ensure a safe and effective learning experience.
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[00:00:00] :  this episode is powered by Safety FM. Hey, welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I'm your host, Sheldon. Promise this the podcast, right teacher, the business of being a safety consultant. And this week, we're going to go over my five tips to being the favorite instructor. Well, with Cove in 19, where we've got some protocols to make things a little bit more manageable. I know we're not over this yet. Even though vaccines are starting to roll out for some of the special categories that are out there right now, I'm not there yet. But soon as it is, I am ready. Give my shoulder up for a vaccine in a heartbeat. But truly I know that right now, most people have started to do in person things again, and I have been feeling more comfortable doing that as well. And my schedule has been reflecting it. So which really I've been going out there and doing some, uh, on site instruction lately, and I have my own covert protocol on everything, but I have been told a few times. I mean and we love having you here. Miss you so much. Glad to see you come back and I was like, All right, this is awesome is good for the ego. But then it also got me thinking, Well, if I'm gonna teach some consultants what to do in order to get that feeling again for them or get that feeling for the first time of Hey, I'm appreciate the people love me, like to have me as an instructor, so I'm actually going to teach you guys that one. So that's gonna be my five tips of being the favorite instructor. And, uh, I would also throw in a few other things, I'm sure, but I'm only gonna call it five right now. It's probably gonna be five plus, so but But but but not so. But what I'm gonna do is we're gonna have a word from our sponsor, and then after that, I'm going to get back in. Won't be a tip of the week this week. I haven't really been doing those in a while. That might be the new set up. Maybe that's just it. Just no more tip of the week. I don't know. Tell me what you think at Sheldon and Children prime ms dot com, and let me know if you miss those things or if you want me to bring them back or if you want me to do a special tip of the week, I'll do that. Or if you need me to, uh, do something else, let me know. Sheldon at sheldon primers dot com. All right, So when we come back after this word from our sponsor, we'll go ahead and we will start to five tips to being this favorite instructor, uh, thoughts playing over and over in your head. Renting a safety business is harder than running a safety department. What do I need to do to gain more clients I can't sustain this business with. The cost of resource is for running the business while the soul open era you need to have the appeal of a large firm. This could be expensive and time consuming to manage. So I've come up with the safety consultant accelerator program. Business accelerators have been around for a long time. 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You haven't now packaged in the level when you're ready to expand, you can go to safety consultant that. Sheldon promise dot com safety consultant that sheldon primacy dot com and pick your plan today. All right, all right. All right. Well, let's get back into the five tips of being the favorite instructor. So here gonna be my tips and like, last week, what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to start it out as the top of my list. So I'm not even going to be doing that working backwards things like most people do. So maybe I'm doing this, uh, this list thing wrong. That So I am not gonna be walking, working backwards. I'm actually going to start with my number one. So my number one thing that you really need to do is you really need to learn your material inside and out, inside and out. You gotta know this material. So you know this class, you know this topic, You know the flow. You know the schedule. If you know your material inside and out, that is going to help you. Your number. One thing that's going to help you be that favorite instructor, you're gonna be able to answer questions. You're gonna be able to, um, if you needed to adjust time or just anything that's in the setting right there that you may say, Hey, man, this is not the way it normally goes. But like, you see, it would be advantageous for me to go ahead and switch it around, and you're able to switch it around and not lose your place and be professional. That is, knowing your material inside and out, having your power point all set up is great. Also, whatever you're gonna do is faras handouts and and everything else is faras your videos or YouTube videos. Whatever you're using, have that stuff already to go once you do, and you just are nailing that material. You know what to expect with the next line. And you don't have to keep looking back behind you to see you know what's coming up. Eso truly. And that's gonna be the number one way for you to be that favorite instructor. And that's also going to mean that you you are staying in your lane to because you're going to know your material. This is stuff that you're familiar with, and you're not gonna be at ease. Our you're going to be at ease with the with the topic. So that is the key. All right, Number two, we're gonna be prepared for any disasters. You should see the bag that I bring these days. I've got my hot spot just in case. WiFi is not working. I've got my own many projector. So if that's not working, I got that with screen. So I've got that set up. I usually don't bring my mic set up every now and then. I could and I do have ah wirelessly mix that I could use s Oh, I have that available. Uh, I have ah power cord that has multiple inputs to it. So have that available all books that I need handouts if I'm doing handouts for this class depends on what it is. Get it. Got it. And one thing that I really, really have been using, uh, that sometimes sometimes there sometimes not. But I have a dongle, which is a connecting piece. And, uh, it has think somewhere around 16 inputs, if you will several U. S. B, uh, be U S B A and, um, to h demise. I've got Let's see the one for the power point or for the projector. That connector there v g a. I believe that one is and all these all these acronyms, right? Can't remember them all. But, man, this thing is amazing because I use a surface plus of surface pro, and the surface pro jizz has a U. S. B. C and the U. S. B. Uh, and that's about it. That's the only inputs I have. So I've gotta work around this thing quite a bit. In order for me to have two screens and everything else and be ableto cook up to Internet because sometimes you don't have WiFi, but If you carry your own, uh, Ethernet cord, you could hook up that way. And that's one of the things I carry the Ethernet cord. Uh, scissors. Stapler. You'd be amazed. Sometimes you really need a stapler out of the blue. So I got that. I got pens. I got markers, dry erase markers, eso I am truly prepared for just about anything. And if technologies coast completely down where? Let's say no power. I used to actually bring my own whites to I haven't in a while, but I used to bring my own lights because the room would be dark, where I can't turn off the light for the front of the room for the projected to be seen real bright. So I would turn off the room, the lights in the whole room and then just set up my two little lamps on either side of the room. So I haven't done that recently. I haven't had too, but a za, long as I had a long enough HTM I cord and I would say, if you don't have a 25 to 50 ft HTM I cord, go get it, it's really worth it. Having a long cord eso. I think that's it may have more, but for for me right there that's being prepared. So the other thing that you should do is don't preach, teach. And when I say preach, I mean, you know, you're up there. The safety pulpit is where you're at, and you're just, you know, pointing stuff out and do this and do that. And 1910 section, whatever says this. And this is what you're supposed to do and no deviation in the rules. And you're you know, you're literally up there telling them what that they have to do for safety rules and regs, as opposed to Let's go ahead. Let's open our books will take a good look at what this is saying. What does this mean to you? How does this affect your life? And this is Thean tent of the law. And here is with the standard, says, How do you make that where it's applicable to your situation? So those were different ways that you could truly start teaching, as opposed to preaching the safety message. Big difference there, I'm telling you, it is a really big difference. I've noticed a lot of people who are preach to they'll shut down on you. And when they shut down on you, you're going to feel it. It would be a roadblock. Everything you say it's going to be where you're pulling teeth, glasses, we're going to go on dark shades in the back of the room and heads are going to go back, and all of a sudden you are just, you know, talking. You're not doing anything else, but just talking, talking to a handful of people that may be interested in what you're saying. So the preaching part and the safety officer part, that's not really going to help you in any way. It's gonna make you feel superior for a little while, and then whenever you want to shut you out, then you're gonna say, Oops. I missed up, lost the crowd and you don't wanna lose the crowd, especially if you're getting paid for the gig, right? You don't wanna lose that crowd. Number four. See, I'm breezing through these things. Number four. You definitely want to be respectful and personable to the men and women at the facility. So one of the things I was really thinking about was the male female relationships. So let's say you're a male instructor and now there are female of people working and there and you are attracted to the female, uh, body and a female mind female aspect. As opposed Thio not being attracted to female is a male being attracted to the same sex. It is not your position to try to hook up and get yourself a date. At that point, you're not and same thing if you're ah male and you find yourself, ah, person that is very interested in you or, you know, whoever you identify with. And you found that you're really into this someone that you're seeing there, it is not the place to be hooking up. Alright, so that is the respectful part. Truly, I have seen heard, I would say, like this offhanded remarks or coarse jokes or something similar to that in mixed company. Never good to be. That person is doing that truly, especially in a male dominant world. There are some females in the space that may feel uncomfortable having you there, and if they feel uncomfortable with you as a speaker being there, uh, even though they may not be the top boss. And if she talks to her top boss and her top boss tells tells you Hey, we can't have you back because of the way you've been treating the ladies in this office or even students, which is even worse. Goodness, uh, then that is not going to help you. Eso You have to really make sure you're respectful to everybody. Uh, no. Your boundaries don't try to hook up. I remember one time there was, Ah, I believe a married instructor. And I'm not telling you where you guys are gonna get this for me. But there was married instructor trying to hook up with one of the ladies in the office. Oh, man, is that poor? That was like, Whoa, you're tryingto think of all the different levels of wrong that is, And, uh and yes, so that's one of the things I'm gonna add to this one. So now you're gonna be respectful, and you're gonna be personable, meaning that when you're there, you know, talk to people. Be nice, be friendly. Make sure everyone knows that you're there and you're approachable, and you're not just safety diva. That's one of the things that really will drive people nuts is if you're coming in and you're thinking that you are the the be all end all for safety and you get there and now you just don't talk to anybody. You don't address anybody except when you're teaching and then you get whisked away or you just go hide out in some place the break room or your car or something similar that that's not gonna help you. It's not going to get your repeat work. It's gonna end up giving you where you're going to get a reputation in the field for being, uh, a diva. Let's say it that way. It's not a good look. It really is not a good look. It's one of those things that you want to really avoid. So therefore, be respectful, be personable and to make sure that you are going to be that individual that people want to be around. Not that they feel uncomfortable when you're there, because word will get around. And if it's a small enough location area, it's going to go from one police to the next to the next. That man, you don't want this guy around there you don't want this girl around there because, yeah, she's all hands just always touching dudes touching the girls, whatever. And therefore, you know, she's never going to be asked back to that facility and then they'll be an issue. So that's one of the things that's really gonna think for Be respectful. Be personable at the people, for the people in students that are there at the facility. Alright, the last one that I got over here, it's going to be more of it's It's under personable side also, but this one is a little special tip help set up and tear down. You know, if you're there and usually get their, you know, half hour an hour early and you're there anyway, you got yourself all set up. You're ready. You tested your technology. Uh, let's add that in there. Let's at that as a A like like knowing your material or something. Let's make that like a winning test everything out too, So you make sure that it actually works. But then, you know, make sure that you're gonna help help set up health, care it out, make some coffee, uh, set out the snacks or whatever you gotta do go wipe down the table, Sanitize, help sanitize wherever it's appropriate, that is a good thing to do. And then when you're done, you know help clean up, Put your your chairs back in and make sure that everything looks good for the next instructor. Erase the board. So the next instructor is going to spend some time having Thio go up there and erase the board. Or there's not gonna be someone up next, but a day or two or whatever hangs out there and the board now becomes, ah, little bit discolored in the areas that you were writing in or it's just a flat out mess in the room. Eso In some cases, you gotta make sure you get your students say, Well, you're leaving. Go ahead and grab that water bottle whatever you gotta do there. But truly you're the last line of defense. Look around. Uh, go ahead, collect all your stuff when you're ready, Thio to leave and then do a nice little walk around, See how everything looks. If you're one of those locations where Onley your students use the restroom, it doesn't have to go look in the bathroom and see what it looks like. And make sure that's in good working order. And no one like, messed up the bathroom itself. If there is a maintenance issue, if you want to make sure you go that extra step, write that note and say, Hey, something got broken over here and it may need some attention if you can't do it yourself. So truly, that would really set you apart from other instructors where it shows that you care. It shows that you remember where you came from. It shows that you are not the diva, not the person that just has to be taken care of. And you're there just to make the salary and get out of there. In the instruction side, you want to make sure that you're going thio, deliver the goods to the students, you know, nice way that they're gonna understand. And they're gonna get, like, really good information and not feel completely overwhelmed, even though it is possibly with some topics. But, you know, give a nice bite sized pieces and that goes thio to teaching and not preaching. So let's go through the tips one more time. Number one waas No, your material inside and out. Number two Tip for being the favorite instructor. Be prepared for any disasters. Number three don't preach a people come out, teach him. Don't preach. Nobody wants that. Yeah, except for Sunday. Right? That's when you're ready for a good preaching. But right now, your teachers, good teachers to instruct them. Number four be respectful and personable for women and ladies and men at the facility. You're actually not there to hook up. You're not there to make people feel uncomfortable. You're there, Thio. Go ahead and teach them effective safety and health principles, management principles. Whatever it is, you're over there. And then number five always always help set up and tear down just the right thing to do. All right. I'm not too sure what I hit there, and I was one of those buttons that I got so many buttons these days, and I don't really know what I'm doing, but that's the button I wanna hit. Definitely. So hang in there. Cova 19 is still around, but we're gonna get through this thing. So if you decide to do some more in person classes, remember these tips people gonna ask you to come back after this and then just keep doing these tips again. Make sure that you're you're there for them. Make sure that they know that they could count on you that you are going to be engaging instructor. That's one of the ways that you can be an engaging instructors by doing these tips. And then also, you really wanna make sure that at the end of the day, to keep your workers your safety, uh, crew, your students, the place that's hosting you keep them all safe. That's your job, right? Alright. So Tuesdays, Thursdays, wherever we're connected on the social media linked in Facebook Uh, instagram Twitter. Uh, actually, Instagram Twitter cannot support what I'm about to tell you, which is e dio Weekly, actually, compliance help Livestream at 11 o'clock Eastern standard time. So people hang out and I answer their questions, actually, compliance questions. Sometimes it's questions about record keeping their questions about, you know, just this just happened to me. What do I do? So I'm there, Toby, that support for you. So what you wanna do is you want to go to Lincoln, connect with me there? Uh, if you're on Facebook, then you're gonna look up. Safety consultant. Us. That's a group that I have over there. Ah, Page. Actually, OSHA compliance help is a page that I have that streams that, uh, if you're on twitch, you just go to twitch dot com safety consultant, And then you could find me there. If you're on YouTube, you could go toe OSHA compliance, help YouTube channel. Or you could go to safety consultant US YouTube channel. And those are all the places that you can listen to a live stream, and you can actually go to sheldon primary dot com. Backslash livestream is well, and that should be able thio keep you connected. All right, So have a wonderful week out there. Go get him. This'll Episode has been powered by Safety FM.