Art in Mayfair
Johnny Hawkes
July 11, 2023
Art in Mayfair is back for a sixth edition, showcasing four weeks of art, fashion and culture across the destination. From art flags across the destination, pop-up exhibitions. showcases, walks, talks and events from Bond Street and Savile Row to Mount Street from 12 June to 9 July. Art in Mayfair's podcast series, hosted by art critic Maeve Doyle, delves into the minds of the artists taking part, and uncovers some of the hidden stories behind the works. Tune in to find out how London art and fashion scene are thriving together.
In this episode of Art In Mayfair 2023, host Maeve Doyle speaks to self-taught artist and sculptor, and renowned modern furniture maker, Johnny Hawkes.
Johnny’s piece, Sphelix is part of the Mayfair Sculpture Trail and is outside Fenwick’s. At the start of 2023, Hawkes began developing his sculpture “SPHELIX” on a monumental scale which he says is the perfect shape, organic in cure and industrial in form: Sphelix has been an obsession of his for half of his lifetime. The Sphelix is a new shape, the joining of a sphere and a helix, a new global shape and a symbol for anti-racism, the joining of communities.
We cover a lot in this episode including Johnny’s love of wood, his brief stint at art school and other artists whose work he admires. He also shares his inspirations, his process of work, how he makes sense of his ideas and puts them into a physicality.
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