She Leads She Thrives
Ep36 - The Retreat Episode - Shannon Dunn
June 1, 2023
In some ways I never imagined that this episode would finally become a reality. Returning home from leading my last international retreat for business women in November 2019, I never imagined it would be 3 1/2 years before I got to return to a place I love to reignite a part of my business that is super important. I adore hosting retreats and in this week's episode I share with you insights, learnings, adventures and more after wrapping up my 2023 Leadership and Legacy retreat in Bali. Wether you have attended a retreat, want to attend one, host them or want to host them, this episode is full of wisdom for life, for business, for travelling and all things retreating. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I loved recording it for you. She Leads She Thrives, the podcast for ambitious, ingenious, impact driven souls is hosted by Shannon Dunn of Thrive Factor Co.
Highlights of this episode 

2:40 - 12 top considerations before hosting a retreat
24:27 - Intentionality and the experience
29:36 - What we did on the Leadership and Legacy retreat this year
33:50 - 2024 retreats
36:28 - The energy of retreats

Find out more about the 2024 Thrive Factor Co retreats in Cambodia in March and Bali in August here.


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