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Spotlighting Sonia Hunt
May 22, 2024
In today's Spotlight is Sonia Hunt who is a best-selling author, speaker on global health & wellness, and TEDx speaker, who describes herself as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer who helps CEOs scale their business while also scaling their health - which is an interesting juxtaposition, especially when she is also including leadership coaching in that mix as well.
Sonia describes her career journey from engineering to product to marketing, emphasizing the importance of learning different aspects of business. She focuses on helping impact-driven CEOs in areas like healthcare, health tech, food, and agricultural tech.

She talks about the warning signs of stress affecting CEOs' health, including chronic stress, toxic environments, and the need for a balance between work, health, and life. And she emphasizes the role of CMOs in promoting well-being within organizations.

Sonia also talks about her personal experience with health transformation, writing a book, doing a TEDx talk, and leading workshops, showcasing expertise in the field.
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If you want to learn more about Sonia and her work, you can connect with her on LinkedIn, or visit her website at