Emerging Cyber Risk
Emerging Cyber Risks and Zero Trust with Paul Miller, Zero Trust Architecture Expert at Appian Logic
May 1, 2023
Our guest today is Paul Miller, Zero Trust Architecture Expert at Appian Logic, a management consulting and IT security company. They unpack zero trust and ZTNA as a security shield, formulation of a national cybersecurity document, driving awareness and change at companies, and the legacy lag at companies that prevent the adoption of zero trust architecture.

Welcome to this episode of the Emerging Cyber Risk podcast, brought to you by Ignyte and Secure Robotics, where we share our expertise on cyber risk and AI to help you prepare for the risk management of emerging technologies. We are your hosts, Max Aulakh and Joel Yonts. Our guest today is Paul Miller, Sero Trust Architecture Expert at Appian Logic, a management consulting and IT security company. 

Topics we discuss:

Paul Miller Bio:

Paul is a thought leader in cybersecurity with over twenty-eight years of experience across companies and institutions like Northrop Grumman Corporation and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Paul provides leadership for cybersecurity, compliance, and strategic planning and has extensive experience in all aspects of Cybersecurity. System Architecture, Security Integration, and Secure by Design lead on various projects in both IT and products. He is an expert in implementing zero trust and ZTNA security architecture. 

Get to Know Your Hosts:

Max Aulakh Bio:

Max is the CEO of Ignyte Assurance Platform and a Data Security and Compliance leader delivering DoD-tested security strategies and compliance that safeguard mission-critical IT operations. He has trained and excelled while working for the United States Air Force. He maintained and tested the InfoSec and ComSec functions of network hardware, software, and IT infrastructure for global unclassified and classified networks.

Joel Yonts Bio:

Joel is CEO & Research Scientist at Secure Robotics and the Chief Research Officer & Strategist at Malicious Streams. Joel is a Security Strategist, innovator, advisor, and seasoned security executive with a passion for information security research. He has over 25 years of diverse Information Technology experience with an emphasis on Cybersecurity. Joel is also an accomplished speaker, writer, and software developer with research interests in enterprise security, digital forensics, artificial intelligence, and robotic & IoT systems.

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