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8 Tips to Communicating Compassionately
July 25, 2022
I've covered priorities, openness and respect in communication. Today, I'm tackling compassion.
There is this one conversation I keep having about communication. It's about "brutal" honesty and how shitty it is, and it came up again in my LIVE last Thursday. 

I can't stress enough that brutal honesty is just an excuse to bully people with truth, and that we all should be aiming for compassionate honesty. 

But what is compassionate honesty? 

And what does compassionate communication look like, overall? That's what I'm talking about today. 

Eight weeks ago, I wrote that communication is a tool, not a solution. I mentioned that without a few key elements, communication is more likely to harm than to heal. Those are:

- Priorities
- Openness
- Respect
- Compassion
- Autonomy

So far, I've covered priorities, openness and respect. Today, I'm tackling compassion. 

Find the full transcript for this episode here.