The Recovering Entrepreneur Show
How To Be Our BEST Self ft. Dr. Samantha Pillay
August 1, 2022
Are you healthy? How do you take care of yourself? What's the right thing to do when taking care of ourselves?

This episode will make your feel guilty about some things that we are doing on a daily life basis.

In today's episode of The Recovery Entrepreneur Show, I chatted with Dr. Samantha Pillay. She is a surgeon, entrepreneur, two-time Amazon No1 best-selling author, educator, & speaker. She was a finalist nominee for SA Australian of the Year 2022.

Dr. Samantha talked about what we can do to make ourselves healthier. She also discussed her journey on how she ended up being a surgeon in urology.

Did you also know that 60% of people in the US have a chronic disease? That's too high. Dr. Samantha also discusses some things that can cause you to have a chronic illness.

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Please support Dr. Samantha, she will be releasing a book on August 09, 2022, entitled: 

When I'm an Astronaut

Happy Monday!

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