The Practice of Learning Teams
The Learning Teams Journey of Stephen Harvey and Tony McConachie from Urban Utilities - Part 2
February 17, 2021
Welcome to the 22nd episode of the podcast series. Today's podcast is the second of a series of four episodes as we take the podcast on a virtual tour of Australia and looking at how the Australians are applying Learning Teams to improve organisational learning.
Hi Safety FM listeners, this is Brent Sutton, one of the co-hosts of the new podcast series The Practice of Learning Teams, with my fellow co-hosts Glynis McCarthy and Brent Robinson.

Our goal is to support you on your journey and build a better community of practice for Learning Teams.

On today's show, we continue the conversation with Stephen Harvey and Tony McConachie from Urban Utilities and we will explore a range of views on;

A) Removing self-imposed rules
B) Using Learning Teams to remove non-value activities
C) Using the power of conversations in pre-job and pre-start work
D) Using Learning Teams to evaluate the effectiveness of change
E) We then explore the future of Learning Teams around:
  1) Doing Learning Teams remote with Zoom/Microsoft teams
  2) Using Learning Teams outside of safety management
  3) The Safety 1 versus Safety 2 debate - or should it be about learning organisations
  4) The value of being a learning organisation
  5) Looking for opportunities for improvement or opportunities for alignment

In our final episode for the month, I will be joined by Glynis McCarthy and Brent Robinson. We will conduct a mini learning team on the key threads and themes that emerged during our virtual tour of Australia.

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