Dating Kinky
Ch-ch-ch-changes (or 12 years, and 1200 blogs)
September 20, 2021
In 12 years on FetLife, I've written 1,200 blog posts. And I've changed A LOT. But not a lot at a time. Usually, actually a very teeny-tiny bit at a time.
Last Friday, someone commented that my next writing on FetLife would be number 1,200. 

I don't focus much on numbers, really. I just write. And as another friend of mine says (about herself), I'm a wordy bitch. 

But it did make me stop and think. 

Then, over the weekend, someone that I've engaged with publicly and privately over half a decade wrote me a message that seemed so scathingly judgmental and full of negative assumptions that I wondered if I were mistaking them for someone else. 

So, I read over our previous messages, and no. Same person. Just radically different approach than ever before. 

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