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Learn Chatbot from the Expert - Amazon Marketing Tips with Paul Baron - Part 2
December 27, 2021
Learn Chatbot from the Expert - Amazon Marketing Tips with Paul Baron - Part 2
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[00:00:01] spk_2: welcome to the seller roundtable e commerce coaching [00:00:04] spk_1: and business strategies with and er not and amy Wiis, there's so much that we can do to connect with customers and not cause any reason for them to see our brand in it in a negative light or you know when I see inserts like that, it just makes me want to just rip them up and throw them in the garbage. Like really, that's the effort that you put into that. Like it's just it's frustrating. But yeah, I have fallen for a lot of inserts. What makes me angry though is if you put something in an insert you don't deliver. So there's a lot of register for warranty, right? And you get or register to win something or whatever and you get zero response. Like I just bought one of these really cool um self cleaning water bottles or you push the button and it sends an led light through the water bottle. Everything. Well I dropped the cap and it will not, it does not work now, right? And they have on their packaging, the packaging is great, which is another place where you can put really great information and ways to contact you and all of that. Um And so I contact them because they've got all their social media on there and stuff, contacted them on three different social media channels because I'm trying not to just like leave a bad review and be the customer that I don't want. Right, No response. zero response. Right? So you know, that's that's it's important not just to set it up, but also to have a plan to use it with music. [00:01:32] spk_0: 100%. I mean, Yeah, I mean with that it's really just as simple as setting up an alert so that you're notified when something happens, like it's really easy. Like [00:01:44] spk_1: it's And speaking of that, how do you measure the R. O. I. Of setting up something like that, setting up a chat but funnel or or an insert funnel. How do you measure the ri besides, obviously, let's set up alerts to make sure that it's working and that people are engaging with it and we can measure it in some way. But how do we measure that? [00:02:04] spk_0: Patrick started tracking. It depends on the objective. So each objective you measure against that objective. So if your objective is uh say you're doing a product or you're wanting to cross sell our product launch, right? So you have a whole bunch of inserts selling uh you buy this product and if you want to move it for sure, just say you love this, get this for free like that that are away right there. So you measure that. How many redemptions are you getting or how many takes on whatever offers. That's why measures I measure ry top level and there's various, you know our way all the way down through the bottom. But initial initial thing, what I look is what's the take, right? The take on the offer. So if the offer is subscribe, That's that's my call to action, how many people are subscribing? And if they're not subscribing, then I start looking at, okay, great. This is again, and the reason why I love referencing this is because there's four things in GoPro, right? Most of the time, people aren't registering their purchase or they're not going through your thing because frankly they couldn't give two shits and it doesn't make them, it doesn't compel them to take action because it's not good enough for them. Now this I went through this and I registered and I subscribed because there's four really good things here that are immediate benefits that I can get right away. Um, so measuring R. O. I in that sense would be, again if it would be subscriptions. If you're looking at reviews and you would want to measure against review, like how many people are leaving reviews, If you're looking at, um, you know, building out your influencer tear, then there's various level or influencer tier team, um, uh, influencer team or, or brand ambassador team or whatever. Uh then I measure Ry based on how many new people we initially sign up. That's the first level of our lie. The second is how many people actually return a contract? That's a 2nd. 3rd is then how many people are actually giving us UGC user generated content and how quickly are they giving us user generated content because if they sign up and they return the contract, but they don't actually give us UGC then there's, there's actually not that we turn now to return and so there's something that I have to change. And so every step of the funnel you need to look and analyze. Okay, where's the fall off here? Right? So the fall off in a insert, first fall off would be you don't have anybody even clicking the link. Right? So you don't have any people even visiting the link. Then I would look at the insert itself and I would say two things. One, what does the design look like? What does the packaging look like? What does the brand like? How professional is the brand in general? Because if it looks jinky af like and it looks like you're gonna get spammed. You got a bit lee Lincoln and hotmail email address. Like no, I'm not registering my purchase, but if you have a branded domain and a short link with your domain, Then that would be so that would be 11 step and then fixing all of that. Anyway, I could go on and on and on and on and you [00:05:12] spk_2: get, you can cost as much as you want. We can we carry the expletive flag on every episode default because I cost so much and you know, my potty mouth. So [00:05:21] spk_1: you already, yeah. As I said, we already established, we can't take Andy anywhere. It's [00:05:31] spk_2: true [00:05:32] spk_1: where [00:05:33] spk_2: it is a badge of honor. [00:05:34] spk_0: Yeah. Well, you know, Yeah, I uh [00:05:38] spk_1: we're like the were like the devil in the angel on your shoulder right now, I [00:05:42] spk_0: got the my internal my job is that internal salesperson, If you've ever worked with salespeople or internal sales specifically, um if you don't know how to cost, you will learn very, very quickly. And so now I'm now I feel like a fucking sailor. So [00:06:00] spk_2: beauty. [00:06:02] spk_1: We got the first f word out of the way. Okay. Um what my next question for you Speaking of um F words, what is what are some of the most creative ways you have ever seen? Somebody use messenger or chatbots? Give me something that's just like super creative and fun. You're like, oh my gosh, you're obsessed over that because they [00:06:26] spk_0: were super creative. It was not a question I was prepared for. Amy. That's a great question. Um [00:06:34] spk_1: Andy and I are not good at preparing before podcast. [00:06:38] spk_0: A lot of man, I have to think through. Is it bad that all the examples I'm thinking of her mind, like that's really give [00:06:50] spk_1: us one of your give us your secret sauce. What's the one thing most creative one? Well, because I love what you do is you encourage your people instead of just getting them to claim a deal, which is like what everyone does. Like give away a free product. Okay, instead of doing that, you creatively get people to actually spread the word about your product that you turned your products into and your products are not like they're not necessarily purple couch, right? But they're really great products in the way that you market them and your care tags on your products are hilarious, but you know the way that you market them in the way that you get other people to actually market them for you? To me that's super [00:07:40] spk_0: creative, some creative things that we've done um partnering with other brands and actually leveraging their audience to build our audience in messengers. So uh instagram, there's a thing called a follow loop, which I'm not sure if you're familiar with that, but generally speaking what those are as it's a giveaway loop where you join a group of other people, let's say five other brands. Um There's a lot of ways that you can do this wrong and if you ever get approached by somebody like join our group, it's only $500 to join and there's 500 people that don't do that because it's not worth it. But if you actually like in your in your neighbor, your niche neighborhood, right? So um you know, we sell, we sell baby products, so then we would go to other baby brands that aren't complimentary, but not not competing. Um We will run ads and then I'll even set up the final the messenger for them and have it all go through and then they click a button that goes from one messenger to another to another to another. So that's really creative um follow lupin instagram is like you follow this person and then you go follow this person, then you go follow this person and then you get entered into the giveaway. So it's essentially that in messenger and you have to go through all the messenger things in order to be entered into the giveaway. So that's one thing that's really cool. Another thing that we've done this is very complex, but also incredibly cool is we have a call the calendar launch system and essentially what we do is we, it is a pre launch and I mean, how many people in amazon space talk about pre launch? Nobody like you say with a pre launch me, like what do you mean? It's a pre launch? Um so prelaunch, it's designed to help fill your funnel before you start launching. So that when you are actively selling, you know that the sales are going to come in. So calendar launch is very, the Conceptually, it's very like, OK, here's we have 500 units available during this two week span Um 250, 1st week, 150 next week, whatever you allow people to go through and pick which week and then which day they signed up for a day? Then they get alerted when that day comes and it's all dynamic across everything, like There's $500, 300 and so everybody's saying constantly, there's decreasing amount so that um what that does then we send them an alert the day before the day of uh so like the day before is hey your discounts coming up tomorrow, you gotta use tomorrow, it's gone uh nine a.m. Hey your discount is today, you gotta purchase today if you don't it's gone and if they don't come back and say they bought then we remind them at five. Another thing that I like that is I don't see many people doing is um social sharing uh like rewarding like almost like affiliate type tracking where you can reward people for sharing a link or sharing your messenger to their friends thereby they're growing your list for you essentially. Um Other things that I see that super core um customization and images so you can actually um there's a there's a couple different programs that we use that we can actually put your name on an image like and it shows up or the customer's name and its dynamic, you can put anything there. So that's where we do like the this is how many is left with that number is dynamically done. Um That's another way that we do search find by two is all dynamic calls um with dynamic images. So uh yeah that's awesome. That's [00:11:06] spk_1: a lot. It's a lot and it's it's really, it's really great that you're talking about pre launch, I think pre launch is so important, you can do it in so many ways, you can do it on the streets, you can do it with other brands, you know that you can do it a local market online, you can run a Pinterest ad with your product and start leading them to a landing page. Get them excited about it. There's just, there's so many different things that you can do and I love how you mentioned working with other brands. I think that can be huge. And sometimes if you can be that leader for another brand, gets them more excited about working with you because a lot of these smaller micro brands, they're also struggling. They're also trying to figure out more ways to generate traffic. So why not set up some collaboration to work together. [00:11:53] spk_0: Exactly. And now the cool thing about this, as I mentioned, the follow ups on instagram, we used to do all these partnerships with instagram brands and everything. All the automation was a Messenger. Now we have automation and Messenger almost the exact there are some small limitations. There's not a direct 1 to 1 between Messenger. If you're familiar with chat bots on Messenger, but um the possibilities for marketing are continuing to grow and I really believe that chat marketing is the future. It is, it is not the channel, it is a channel, it is a is going to be a huge channel and it's not and it's not, it's like Messenger is chat marketing and instagram and WhatsApp and SmS and all of these things, they all fall into the roof of chat marketing. [00:12:45] spk_1: Yeah Snapchat, you know, there's even Tiktok, you know, there's, you know, when you think about a video and the common feed that you have like there's so many places where you can lead into a chat pot, there's so much you can do, you can lead them to your website and then start a chat about their, you can do your own. There's so much, I think a lot of people where they get scared is the problems that we've had with facebook chat lately. And so speaking of problems, what are some of the pitfalls of chat marketing that people need to be aware of? [00:13:24] spk_0: I mean really the biggest, the biggest ones are not following terms of service and it's not because you're intentionally trying to break them. It's just because you're ignorant of what the rules are. And um I think that is that is the number one of the biggest pitfall over using chat is that you, especially if you're an amazon seller, you have to understand that there are ah facebook rules, there's facebook advertising rules, there's facebook Messenger rules, it's because a lot of rules, there's instagram rules, there's instagram direct rules. There's amazon rules all these our terms of service, right and all that to us. And if you violate any of the T. N. T. O. S anywhere along the line, that particular account could get suspended. And even if you don't violate to us you could still get suspended and so understanding what you can do and what could get you in trouble it kind of takes I mean you can ask me but I mean I've been doing this for Now, what is it uh four years 2016 now so no five five years now with chat and so technically I'm a dinosaur and an expert whatever. But uh yeah it's just breaking rules when you inadvertently don't know that you're breaking them or not understanding what the algorithm is doing today and and knowing that even though facebook says you can uh good case in point I have a very good friend who runs the most amazing course on organic engagement for facebook groups. Um She's incredible and she had a weapon, she hired us to do a webinar reminder for her. People sign up for the webinar. There was a pop up that said would you like to be reminded in Messenger that was the call to action would you? Very explicit. And the only reason why people tap that is if they wanted to be reminded in Messenger. So we use the confirmed event reminder tag which is basically something that you you know the person signing up says I give this page permission to remind me about this event You know past 24 hours. The biggest rule is you have 24 hours to interact with anybody, You can't you can't go back to them like 25 hours later. Um and so people are misapplying tags like post purchase um update is a big one. People are using that tag to get reviews. That is not an update. That's a question and update is your order his ship. That's an update. And so people are misapplying that tag because they just don't understand what it means. Or in this instance we're doing the confirmed event reminder. Every single person, 100% of them came into the funnel because they wanted to be reminded. But facebook's algorithm is on overdrive and this was back during the election last year and so it gave her wrist slap we were using we were following the rules and so not understanding what what to do when you get slapped, even when you're following the rules, I see those as pitfalls to, I'm making this sound really scary and I'm sorry. [00:16:28] spk_1: Yeah. So speaking of that, I think that because of the scary things and it's the same thing on amazon right here. All the scary things and people then get afraid even to make an insert or to make packaging, it's like they are afraid to build a brand because there's so much that happens, right? And there's so much banter, it's like what's going on with Covid right now, all the banter people are just speaking out of fear instead of just having a conversation and researching themselves, right? So no matter what, you know, it's a trigger for Andy facebook banning because he's been off, he's been like we could do a whole episode about that and we have but anyway, so you know, this is my next question and it's kind of like three questions in one. It is it is that like let's say I'm a new brand and I'm just getting started a great product. I've got my website up. You know, I'm just I'm there right, I made it on amazon and I'm I'm starting to think, hey, maybe maybe I could grow a little bit. Maybe I could do some of this, but paul's talking about all this chap on stuff and it sounds so scary and I don't have time to read all of facebook's 4000 pages of policies and I've heard all these things online. So basically if you're a new brand and you have to pick a channel and you have to get started with this type of marketing started with marketing off of amazon, start with, you know, maybe chat about marketing. Um all of that, what do you suggest? Where do they start? So that they can start gaining some experience without completely, [00:18:12] spk_0: you know, just being overwhelmed. I actually wouldn't start with chatbots. Um and the reason for that is that um you know, I would want you to do more research for us to understand what the rules are before you get into chatbots or contact me whatever. Um, and I could answer your questions about the rules and if you want to do it yourself, I'm awesome. Um, but I would actually just do a very simple this, so this GoPro insert and there it is over there. It just takes to do a landing page on their website and fill out a form. So you can use type form and have a nice professional looking for him hosted on your website or hosted on type form site. If you don't want to cite If you're using helium 10, you can do helium 10 portals And helium 10 portals is a landing page builder where it's designed specifically to collect email addresses. So here you're collecting emails. The whole point is you need your building an asset. Okay. The way that I look at it is an email addresses. One asset a phone number, subscription is another asset. A chat bot subscription is another asset and I want all the assets. I want everything. And so that's why I use chat bus because inside a chat, I understand the rules and I can get a subscriber for chat. I can get a subscriber for smS and I can get a subscriber for email all in one flow and it's now I can actually using deep links, um, or uplink depending on what do you want to call them? A deep link is basically, it looks on your phone or your device to determine whether or not you have an app installed. It will open that app if you do so if you have messenger installed it will open Messenger. Otherwise it will, it will go to a landing page. Um You asked Simple and I made it complex. I'm sorry landing page Helium 10 portals and Helium 10 portals has inserts that you can go to and use Like I actually gave them one of the inserts that we was a part of a $10,000 branding package that we did And like we depreciated that insert so I gave it to helium 10. They made a template out of it modified it and it's available on the number one featured thing. This is Paul Barons $10,000 insert. So you can use helium tend to print and insert. You can use helium tend to build a QR code and then you can have that QR code. Go to a landing page that you built and set up in helium 10. It's very simple. And then from there you start capturing email addresses. Now to your point amy earlier you want to make sure that you have some sort of strategy for what you're going to do after you start collecting email addresses. But don't let not having a strategy stop you from starting start and then make sure that you start figure out what you're gonna do quickly. It's bare minimum just reply to your flipping customers. If they have a question, like it's not that hard. Um But from there then if you wanted to start getting into and learning more about email nurture sequences and follow up sequences within emails. That same concept with an email, you can very easily adapt that concept to chat. And instead of long form copy, it's just very short conversational, you know, in an email, you do a long paragraph blah blah blah and chat, it's just like a couple of questions and then the next thing and then you tap a button and the next thing and so that's where I would start. Um If you do want to start with with chat marketing many chat itself has a very good free course that you can go into and I know all the people that put the course together at many chat, they're amazing marketers. Um I have a course that is not live now, we're re homing it, but I have a course on chat marketing. Um So if you wanted to learn that you could go here, I mean, Michelle Barnum smith does she still have a course? I think she does. She's pushing like she was easy, but now and so easy, bad, easy, bad, easy. But it was designed to layer on top of many chat to make building many chat easier, so you could look into that. Um But my point is that many chat is a good starting point. It has a lot of great, very simple to use templates, I would say to start experimenting, figure out what it does. Then ask questions like go to the community, go to the many Czech community, go to go to my community, go to Amy's Community, go to Michelle's Community. I mean there's no shortage of experts that you can talk to and and ask questions too. So did that answer? That was a long winded [00:22:27] spk_2: head now, That's perfect. Yeah, and I love that, that's one of my biggest complaints thus far with the whole chat pot or marketing thing is not owning the audience right? To hate not owning my audience. And just like Amy said because I've been banned from facebook, like I think I'm on my third time now um which in a in a way it was a blessing for me because it pushed me into Lincoln and I'm growing a huge audience there in Lincoln. But um to your point though, if you diversify those channels, then you don't have to be so reliant on one platform, right? So if you're doing facebook instagram, you know, all these other uh you know, I love SmS just because you own it. I hate as a customer getting SMS messenger messages though, uh kind of like in the beginning of Messenger when it wasn't as kind of regulated. I feel like that's kind of where SMS marketing is right now um you know, but I I completely agree and that's a great point where, you know, if you diversify, you need to own some of your audience. So I love that um one of the things that I'm always super into is machine learning ai and in terms of bots that's gonna, you know, it's a game changer. So can you, you know, how do you see a i how do you see uh this machine learning um you know, natural speak, how is that going to change uh you know, chat marketing moving forward [00:23:46] spk_0: right now, it's a little it's a little clunky. Um and in order to make a I work for you, you have to have a lot of money because it's not a very good solution for for the basic, normal everyday user. But that now all that being said, you know VR back in it what when we were kids, you know, it was this giant headset that was like this big And it was like a little it was like tron first tron like that, right? And it was really prohibitive. But now look at the air now Oculus is $450 or something. I don't know what it's becoming a lot more ubiquitous and that's really all that is going to happen. And so NLP technology, natural language processing, not neuro linguistic programming, not Tony Robbins. NLP natural language processing is continuing to get better and better and better and better and better. And so where I see the first iteration coming would just be simple sentiment analysis? So sentiment analysis is looking at a block of text in determining whether or not it's positive or negative or neutral. Um Ai is doing it decent job with that. Um but it can still get tripped up buy things like if you say great and terrible in the same thing, we're like, wait, what the greater is it terrible? Is it fantastic? Is horrible. Um So so it's not perfect yet. But I see that as it gets better and the cool thing about ai as you can train it and that's why it and that's why it is cost prohibitive and that's why it's also very because you have you can't implement without training at first. But the great thing about it is the more traffic you send it, the more you train it, the better it gets. So um first steps I think um would be sentiment analysis. And so how we build funnels now would be Um like a choose your own adventure book back in the 90s. If you've never read those, they're great, you should seriously go to a thrift store and find one because they're funny. Um But it's like you get to the bottom of the page and then you say do this, do this or this and then you go to another page. So really sentiment analysis. The way that we design our stuff is positive, negative, neutral and I generally have a neutral choice, but the neutral choice would be like if you get confused, ask this question sort of thing. So positive. Do you want to register your purchase? You just, you know, it's pretty straightforward, right? Um but I'm seeing it like in that sense, so that instead of people having to tap a button, they just reply the artificial intelligence analyzes sentiment and then directs the amount of positive route or negative route. Right? And so that's really all but or any any type of marketing funnel construction really is positive, negative. Like you might have a neutral path somewhere, but most of the time it's like, do you want to do this? Yes. No. And so building out a boat, you just need to think in terms of that like what's the positive branch because the negative branch and where am I trying to get them to go? So that's the first generation, I think down the road, um probably 10, 20 years. It's gonna be a lot more. Um again, I've used ubiquitous a lot. It's gonna be everywhere. I mean, there is a lot that you can download and if you want to play with an artificial intelligence spot um where is it? I haven't talked to it in a while. It's called replica with a K. And it's just a chat bot that you chat with and and whenever I chat with it, I I specifically try to confuse it just to see what it does, but if you want to see like an artificial bot in action. Um, you can actually chat with replica just to see what it's like. Um, the whole point of replica is too, it's kind of confusing to me. It's that they call the Ai companion, who cares, because it's supposed to be a person who's supposed to care about you and like encourage you, like, you're doing a great job today. I'm like, you're not a real person, [00:27:40] spk_2: You're not angry because you're starting. It took you 20 minutes to get your starbucks drive thru. Right [00:27:47] spk_0: right. So, if you want to see like a I got a replica is a cool thing to test out. [00:27:52] spk_2: Yeah, yeah, I'm a huge fan of AI. So I got early access to GPT three, which is like Elon musk's Ai and I've been playing a lot with that and it is really, really interesting stuff. And as a programmer, you know, the chatbot thing for me is more if then else kind of statements, you know, if anybody listening is into to [00:28:09] spk_0: that. Yeah, it's conditional, you know. [00:28:13] spk_2: Exactly, exactly. So when you break it down to those kind of, you know, when you back up and look at it like that, then, you know, it might be a little bit easier for some uh, to look at it, you know, like that. So, uh, that's that's super interesting. All right, we're getting a little long on time here, which uh, we could probably, I could probably easily talk another hour. This is so interesting. I love like I said, you know, doing the chat pod thing has always been, you know, uh something for me back in the day. It was just fun, you know, it was like these, it was not nearly as smart back then though. Right? So it was like you could only pick certain keywords and then and then have replies. Right? That that was about it. So it's pretty interesting, you know, where there's actually flows now. But that being said, what you already mentioned if you like manny chat, what are some of your favorite tools um in the space in terms of, you know, getting some really powerful marketing um when it comes to chat messaging, [00:29:02] spk_0: um many chat hands down. Um you're never going to find it perfect solution. Many chat does, it still has its kinks and whatever. Um people asking me if I ever use chat fuel or chat fire like all these other ones and like honestly it's but like learning a whole new toolkit and I don't really care to do that and um many chat is really fantastic for that now, the tools that I use that integrate with many chat. So, again, so in my billion dollar seller summit speech um what I did, again, a part of the example was I had them sign up giving their email and then immediately deliver my slides via email. I didn't need to deliver them an email, I could have delivered them right in chat, but the reason why I delivered them in emails because I wanted people to see that, it was like, oh that's really cool. So like that sort of thing. Um we use Claudio or Claudio. Um I have always called Clavijo but they're supports this claudia and I just think that they can't pronounce things correctly. Um so I use Claudio um for our email integration um and Claudio has some sms capabilities. Many chat has some smS capabilities as well. Um If you only want a message in one country, many thats great. If you want a message multiple countries you can have to go to a different platform. Um What else do I use a lot with chat? Um I mean google sheets, I do a ton of heavy lifting with google sheets, um Integra matt. I prefer Integra matt overs Appier. Um I like the work flow better and it's more affordable. So if you guys aren't familiar with Integra matt or zap, you're basically it automates. So if there's no like native integration, so like many chatted natively integrates into Claudio Claudio. So I can say that when people tap this, add them to this list and then Clavijo when anybody is added to a list, it send them an email. Um so uh basically integral matter ors Appier would bridge that gap. So if that native integration wasn't there, then I would go to Integra Mint in the middle and then Integra Mint then pushes a request or pulls a request depending on what you're saying that you wanted to do. So I love Integra matt. Um, Bochy's is pretty cool as well. Um I'm sure I'm going to have like 25 more at the end of this column, Like I should have mentioned that. [00:31:23] spk_2: Yeah, no, that's good. That's a that's a great place to start [00:31:26] spk_0: Nifty images. Nifty Images is the image customization tool that I use. Um and that can do custom, can't do custom gifts other than a countdown timer. I really wish that it could overlay text on gifts. That would be so cool. Um it doesn't do that, but it does overlay custom text or um yeah, on just a static image and I love that. And the cool thing about that is that I just like to sort of surprise and delight thing, right? Like any time that you can show your customers something like that's cool how they do that, Or that's really cool. I like that. I need to share that any time where you can spark a oh, that's cool. Like do that. [00:32:07] spk_2: Yeah, absolutely. I love that. One of my other favorite ones is gleamed on iO for like contests and and like, you know, having people kinda step through little tasks to get to the carrot, right? So I love, I love that one. Uh Those are all great suggestions paul. Let people know where they can, where they can find you where, where they can reach out to you and and anything that you wanna let people know that you're gonna be doing here shortly, [00:32:30] spk_0: yep. Um You can find me the chat agency dot com chat marketing university dot com. Again, we're re homing. So you will have the landing page for the course and everything, but um the actual delivery is being re homed if you will. Um So yeah, obviously dutch ad agency dot com paul. Baron paul be at the chat agency in, you know, facebook I'm around and I'm doing a bunch of events. Uh I think I'm doing seller rise with Dema, I'll be at your, your thing in november. The seller meet up um festivals in the fall or no december. Carlos is stellar. Cruise in february and then I'm sure I'm missing like four or five other things [00:33:13] spk_2: awesome. I love it for all of you who have not done so yet, please rate review, subscribe to sell a round table, let your friends know if you find any value here. We really appreciate that guys. And uh as usual you can find us here live every Tuesday at one PM pacific time, sell a round table dot com forward slash live. Thank you so much paul for being here and uh amy anything else you want to add? [00:33:38] spk_1: No, I think this has been amazing as usual. And uh yeah, thanks you guys for listening to another episode. I can't wait until next week. [00:33:48] spk_2: All right. We'll see you guys later. [00:33:50] spk_1: Bye bye. Thanks for tuning in, join [00:33:55] spk_0: us every Tuesday at [00:33:56] spk_2: one PM, pacific [00:33:57] spk_1: standard time for live Q and [00:33:58] spk_0: a. 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