How to establish yourself as an influencer with your own platform in one day
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How to establish yourself as an influencer with your own platform in one day
September 14, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the quickest way to get your own platform in a few simple steps.
When I was younger, I used to have a music studio in my apartment. I would run out of studio time. I would make my own music. I would produce my music. I would write. I would design my album covers. I would do pretty much everything like your one-man studio, one-man shop and it was a lot of fun. One of the coolest things is out of this, I was able to produce music that was published in a couple of movies and TV shows. One of them, for example, was part of the American Pie Franchise. And there were a couple of TV shows as well where I'm still getting royalties for this music to this date. So if anyone says passive income does not exist, then tell them that they're wrong because it definitely exists, especially for collecting passive income in terms of royalties. 

One of the coolest things about making music is whenever you got some kind of radio play... I mean this was like the most amazing feeling in the world. It wasn't like how it is right now where everyone is on Spotify and if you want airplay, it's really easy to get airplay. But back then there wasn't Spotify, there weren't all these things, there wasn't even YouTube. So, getting played on the internet. I'm sorry, getting played on live radio... That was like a huge deal. 

So I had my song played on local radio just around Houston, Texas and I actually had my first national airplay on BBC 1 Xtra. So this was a pretty huge deal for me because this was like, "Wow nationwide, right? It's going to be heard all over the UK". Unfortunately, it only got played once. I was hoping to get to play a lot more times, but they only paid at once. And then that was it. I didn't get anything out of it. That was just it, but it was still cool. It was still bragging rights. I think I recorded the show, I can't even remember no idea where it is, but it was cool.

When I went back to ask them if they would play my music again, the DJs, actually said, "Yeah, sure, we'll play your music" and they wanted something for me. So they were asking me about what I do. They looked up the radio show that I was associated with. So when I actually reached out to these people, I reached out to them with an email address that belonged to a radio show for one of my friends who was a DJ on the show and it was on FM radio. And it turns out that these people at BBC Radio 1 Xtra, the only reason that they played my song is that they wanted to be featured on our radio show, which is something pretty easy to set up. But I'm not really sure exactly how if they understood the format or they understood what was going on and I just kind of mentioned that it's not really my show, it's a friend's etcetera. And then just saying that I had never heard from them again, right? 

But the whole thing is I was able to get my song played because these people thought I had a platform and because they thought I had a platform, they wanted to get on my platform as well. They were willing to give me time on their platform. So what this means is if you want to build connections and you want to get on other people's platforms, what this means is you have to have your own platform. So in today's episode, we're actually going to talk about the quickest way for you to get your own platform and a few simple steps. 

So the first thing that you're going to do to be able to create a really quick platform is you're just going to open up a Medium blog, right? So in terms of platforms, you can do so many different things, you can become an Instagram influencer, you can have a podcast, you can have a Youtube channel, there's like a lot of different things that you can have, but to make it as easy as possible, what we're going to do is we're just going to make a medium blog. After you create this medium blog, which takes you less than three minutes to put together; After you make this medium blog, you're going to make a list of all the different people that hold the customer list that you want to get access to. 

So whatever product service offer, whatever you're selling or even if you're not selling, you're just trying to get in front of your dream customer, whoever has a list of these people, you want to list it down and then you will reach out to these people and say, "Hey, I am working on this blog article and you pick a topic", and you give each one of these people a question. Maybe you picked 10 people from this list that you just created. You give them all a question and the question could be, you know, "What's your favorite book?" for example, and make sure that when they do answer it pertains to the industry that you're talking about, right? So you can just answer, ask a simple question like what's your favorite book? Get everyone's answer. 

And now what you've done is you started building relationships with these people that have these lists because they think you have a platform. And you do have a platform. You have this medium blog. And once you do publish this medium blog, they will actually get a lot of benefit from it. And they'll probably get more benefit from this medium blog than if you were to actually go out and get your own WordPress with your own domain when you're first starting out because Medium has a higher domain authority. And getting backlinks from your medium article is a huge benefit. They just need someone to put this together. 

So if you're the one who put this together, this is your platform. This is a really easy way for you to reach out to people. Start making those connections, you give them something and benefit as well. And then as you start building this report, then you know, this is how you build friendships and then out of friendships come more business and better business, etcetera. 

So this is how you build a platform really, really easy. You can do this probably just today. Just make that medium blog, go make this list of people that could be done today in a couple of hours, and then just go reach out to them. That could be done today as well. And then maybe some out of 100 people you reach out to 50 people will "say yeah, I'll do it." The other 50 people, might curse at you or they might not reply at all, whatever. But you know, you have 50 people, you put them all into a blog article and you have your platform. Boom bam, I'm out 

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