Rock Your Retirement Show
Section 15: The RV
October 25, 2021
In this episode, Barbara tells us about how she and her husband decided on a huge new purchase, and the feelings they are having about it.
In this episode, we’re giving you an update on the exciting things that are happening in Barbara’s life. She has had a busy month and she’s about to embark on a journey that I think many of you will be interested in following - life in an RV!

We’ll dig into the work she and her husband have been doing to prepare for this new adventure and also give you a little insider knowledge about a well-kept secret - the Jeep wave.

During this exciting time of life, Barbara also had some tough things happen. She lost a young family member unexpectedly - a mother whose kids are now left to face life without their mom. In addition to that, her niece, who has been adamantly anti-vaxx, came down with a terrifying case of COVID pneumonia. She nearly lost her life, but is now on the road to recovery. The silver lining is that all of her anti-vaxx friends witnessed the toll COVID takes on people, and they are now getting vaccinated. It was an unfortunate situation, but we’ve got to keep looking for the silver lining.

Both of these incidents led Barbara and her husband to do some serious thinking about life and how they want to spend the time they’ve got left. After much discussion, they are now the proud owners of a motorhome!

Barbara found out quickly that buying a motorhome wasn’t easy, nor was finding somewhere to park it! With everything so backed up from the pandemic, they had a hard time finding an RV to purchase. After tons of research and some test drives, they finally found the one.

Next, it was time to plan their travels. With winter quickly approaching, there are a lot of people heading south. Barbara found that many of the places they wanted to book were taken, so they won’t be able to head about until December 27th. Still, she’s got lots to do before then. Right now, she’s busy setting up their new “home” with all the furnishings. As it turns out, purchasing the RV is just the beginning of the expenses!

We end our episode with a trip Barbara recently took to Target. She met an employee there who reinforced what Barbara already knows - that she (and I) are both very lucky to be living the life we’re living.


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