How to be Free
How can I be free to respond (rather than just "react")?
October 22, 2021
When we think of things that limit our freedom, we often look outside of ourselves -- but frequently, our "first wave" reactions are running like a program, denying us freedom from within. Ginette Mohr is a "newly-minted" Gestalt psychotherapist with an extensive performing arts background; she is here to help us experience the freedom in being truly present.
Ginette’s therapy practice can be found here.
…and her performing arts work can be found here

Books mentioned in this episode:
The Body Keeps the Score gets a record-breaking second guest mention (:
And speaking of record-breaking, the huge multi-decade bestseller: I'm ok, you're ok (in Stephen's opinion, this is one of the best personal improvement books ever written -- and if you'd like to learn more about Transactional Analysis, try TA Today)

Ginette is a Gestalt psychotherapist, and though we don't mention it in the show, Stephen thinks Fritz Perl's book Gestalt Therapy is wonderful.