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219. WOMEN'S BRAIN PROJECT | Antonella Santuccione Chadha
April 25, 2022
In this episode, you will learn about how: The Women's Brain Project collective of female scientists from all over the world is coming together to work on a project to develop Sex & Gender Differences, medical drugs for diseases mental and neurological diseases.

 Antonella Santuccione Chadha.  In 2016 she co-founded and pro bono CEO of the nonprofit organization “Women’s Brain Project” which is addressing the influence of sex and gender on mental and brain diseases.
Dr. Santuccione Chadha is keenly interested in removing bias when developing solutions for mental and neurological diseases to achieve precision medicines and she is advocating for the first worldwide sex and gender precision medicine research institute based in Switzerland. She is the author of several scientific publication, TEDx and books, among them “Sex and Gender Differences in Alzheimer’s disease” and “Una Bambina Senza Testa” which will become a TV series 


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