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#77: 7FM Time Machine #5: Get The Best Wisdom From 5+ Hours Of Interviews In 30 Minutes or Less... w/ Rob Kosberg, Raj Goodman Anand, Patty Lawrence, Mark McShurley, and Graham Allcott
April 12, 2022
Want the best wisdom from 5+ hours of interviews in 30 minutes? That’s exactly what we’re doing in today’s episode! We pulled 5 clips from past episodes that highlight incredible wisdom… and created an entire episode out of it! You’ll get wisdom from: - A 3x best selling author who shows entrepreneurs how to become the go-to authority in their market by writing, launching and profiting with a best selling book - A 3x startup founder and current CEO of Goodman Lantern, a team of native English content writing services that help businesses sell better and grow faster - A fractional CFO known for her ability to find money that may be hiding in plain sight in your business - One of the founders of Roofsimple, who grew it from $600K → $10M… in just 4½ years - The author of How To Be A Productivity Ninja, which has sold 100,000+ copies AND… All of this is done in 21 minutes & 53 seconds! Enjoy! - Guests highlighted in this episode include: #48: From $100M/yr In Real Estate Transactions… To Crashing… To Impacting Millions & Helping 1,000+ People Become Best Selling Authors w/ Rob Kosberg #13: Hen Parties, Building a World Class Remote Team, & Creating An Incredible Customer Experience w/ Raj Goodman Anand #23: How To Increase Your Bottom Line By 15% By Finding Money Hiding In Your Business w/ Patty “The Money Finder” Lawrence #24: How RoofSimple Grew From $600K → $10M in 4.5 yrs By “Playing With Friction”, Focusing on Simplicity, & Leveraging “Review Velocity” w/ Mark McShurley #30: Escaping From An ANGRY Ugandan Silverback Gorilla, How To Boost YOUR Decision-Making Power By 26%, & Becoming A Productivity Ninja w/ Graham Allcott