How to effortlessly create an endless stream of content for your startup
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
How to effortlessly create an endless stream of content for your startup
July 16, 2021
In this episode, we talk about two different ways to build content.
So the question is, how do I create so much content? So if you already listened to my episode on how to generate unlimited ideas, that is the very first step. But then the second step is to do it in a very smart and efficient way and also to do it in a way that builds a habit. So let's take my podcast for example. 

For my podcast, I have two different methods for the Growth Hack Secrets podcasts and any other interview type of podcasts that I do, instead of focusing on recording episodes sporadically, maybe I'm doing like once a week or something like that, that could be really taxing on my time. I have to do a lot of task switching and it's not very fun because when you're trying to coordinate for Zoom interviews and make sure that all your podcasting equipment is working and all your lights are set up correctly and everything. If you're doing a video podcast as well, it can get really tiring really, really quickly. 

So the way we saw for that is to batch all our processes and if I'm doing an interview-style podcast, I will get all my interviews and maybe one day. So in one full day, I will be recording eight interviews. And that way, like for that day I am on a single track and I don't have to task switch and get myself off that track because I am being drawn to other things that need my attention. 

So I focused all my attention on just creating those podcasts on that one day. And then the goal is if I do eight interviews, for example, what I'll do is each interview, it won't be just one interview, I might do three interviews. So in that one day, I now interviewed eight different people with three interviews and that'll be 24 episodes total. So now, if I have 24 episodes total And I'm releasing maybe two episodes a month, that's a year's worth of content right there. So that's how a batch process to be able to create content that will last a long time in my schedule cycle. But when you're matching content like this, you do end up doing a disservice because if I am just using one day per year to create this concept that I'm not building up this content creation skillset as well. 

So the way I managed that is with actually this podcast, so this podcast is the 6% entrepreneur, this is a daily podcast and I do not batch process this podcast. I wake up every single morning and the very first thing that I do is think about what podcast episode I want to release today. How do I want to help early-stage entrepreneurs get to the goals that they're trying to reach? 

And this is just how I start. And what I'm doing is instead of batch processing, I'm working on a habit. So if I can build up this skillset and build it up as a habit, then I imagine that a year from now, it'll be really simple, really easy for me just to start recording an individual podcast because it kind of just flows like water and I'm already, I would say I'm already at this level already where podcast just flows like water, it's still a little bit difficult. But I imagine that it's only going to get easier and easier because I'm building up this habit, it's a daily thing, I'm not waiting, I don't get rusty in between because if I bashed process these episodes and I did a whole year's worth of episodes just in a couple of weeks, then by the time it gets to the next year, you know what, my episodes are gonna really suck. But if you listen to the progression of the episodes so far, you can hear how I'm starting to get better and better. We're probably at like episode 160 or something right now. 

I'm not sure, I can't wait till episode 200 because that's where I will reveal the story of Rari and the stripper. And if you're unfamiliar with Rari, there are, is my Pomeranian dog and this is actually where I started learning a lot of my content creation skills because for Rari, I worked on her Instagram and her Tiktok and it was kind of like a, just a side hobby, as a side project. We were able to take Instagram up to close to 5,000 followers and we took the Tiktok Up to 85,000 followers and doing this, I mean, it took a lot out of me, because if I'm doing a single Instagram post, it's like an hour's worth of work. And if I'm doing this every single day, oh my God, it feels like it takes way too much time and there's really not much else to do in the rest of the day. 

So for something like Instagram that feels taxing on me, I will definitely bash process my Instagram post because that's not something I'm trying to spend an hour a day for this podcast. This podcast doesn't take me very long this podcast, These episodes are 5-10 minutes long, this is a 1/6 of what an Instagram post would be, right, So this is a really easy way for me to build up a habit. So if you're trying to build up a habit on Instagram, instead of Working on trying to create the perfect post, you know, you're just creating stories and you're just doing like a 15-second story, and that's a really easy way for you to get your feet wet into creating content and just building up this habit. So, in re to recap, there are two different ways that I build content. One is to maximize my time. So what I'm doing is I'm the best at processing everything that I need to do, and then the second one is I am creating a habit, so I am doing something daily, but I'm doing it in a way that doesn't tax me hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out. 

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