When business goes down, are you fight or flight?
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
When business goes down, are you fight or flight?
April 23, 2021
In this episode, we talk about how to handle situations where things appear to be going downhill.
Have you ever seen the show Silicon Valley and you know how the show ends where almost every single moment is like a life or death situation and you want to know exactly what the next show is going to reveal? So this is kind of like what's happening in my business right now. Actually, I've already mentioned in one of my podcasts that my passive income stream has been dying. 

So I've been looking to pivot into areas that I think would put me in a very happy place in the future. And one of the things that I was doing is I kind of just like landing on this traffic source by serendipity. I was going on on clubhouse and on Clubhouse. I was doing this 30-minute audio course and it was bringing in a lot of people. I got a lot of traffic. I was getting like 30 opt-ins for every single room that I was doing. However slowly over time, I felt like the rooms were dying. The amount of people that are actually downloading Clubhouse that has gone down, I think March was March of 2021 was the highest it's ever been and still on Apple and some people are guessing that clubhouse could make a comeback with android. However, I'm not as hopeful, I'm not really sure. However, it does seem like there are some things going on at Clubhouse that's making me making it difficult for me to use the previous strategy that I was using so my strategy is no longer working. Either clubhouse changed their algorithm and they don't favor the format that I was doing or it's something else. I'm not really sure exactly what it is. 

But in one of these situations when you lose a major source of trap traffic, it kind of sets you into panic mode because now I am losing a major source of income that's been allowing me to essentially pay for all of this awesome stuff that I've been able to do and then at the same time, all this time and money that I've invested into the pivot, I'm losing my biggest traffic source. So it's a panic mode right now because now the thought is, how much money do I have to last me, and within that time, what kind of traction can I get for me to get over the next hurdle? So it is a panic. I don't think it's not a life or death situation. Um, I'm not too worried either. 

However, the situation is pretty much like this. I'm creating a brand new program and because it's a brand new program, my goal is to get really great testimonials. And for me to do this, it's kind of like a chicken and egg situation like how do you sell something when people are really interested in the testimonials? So I do have a few ideas and I'm a cover that in another podcast. It's not for this one, but this podcast is really more about how do I handle this situation? And if you're ever in this situation, how would you handle it? So this is a flight or fight response. 

Now, I can think about fleeing. So if it's a flight that means maybe I pivot into something else and forget this entire strategy or I fight and fighting means I overcome and I adapt. So in previous episodes, I've mentioned how important it is to finding it that's growing with your core identity. And once you do this, then what happens is your response actually turns into a fight. You don't flee anymore because you know that this is the direction you want to go towards And everything becomes everything becomes a fight. You stay motivated and you keep going. I mentioned that a lot of founders, they failed because they lose motivation. They'll give you excuses such as, oh, there traffic source died up or the co founder, let them whatever. 

So I can probably give you this excuse. Like I've tried, I had this great traffic source from clubhouse and I'm losing it. And that's why I left the business. And if I had lost my motivation and let's say like whatever endeavor that I was actually going towards, it wasn't really something that was aligned with my core identity. And it wasn't something that I could see myself 10 years out in the future. But because my vision is so clear of where I want to go and exactly how to get there, I won't go in a fleeing type mode. I have no reason to flee. I have no reason to feel like I need to fly. My whole thing is no, I am going to stay here and I am going to fight. So fighting means okay for me, this means how can I replicate whatever I was doing on clubhouse, maybe onto a different platform. So, that's one way of overcoming and adapting. And then the second way I can start thinking about fighting is how do I respond to the changes that are happening on clubhouse. 

So I can adapt and overcome to that. And then try to get the same type of traffic that I was I was getting if possible. So, this is my challenge right now is basically how do I fight? And the way that I'll fight is I will start fighting very slow. And as I'm getting into each fight deeper and deeper, it'll give me more information on which route I should go. However, what's in front of me, the picture is super clear. I am going to release this book on November 29. I am going to help the startup founders launch their business in the same way that I've been able to launch unblock my website, the way that I've done the summit and everything else that I've actually launched with its proven system and once I have these things in place, because the vision is so clear, at least for this goal, like I know exactly what I need to do to make this happen and you better believe that I will make this happen. 

So, I did mention a previous Goal in one of the I'm sorry, I I did mention a goal. The current goal in one of the previous episodes. And that current goal was to sell 10,000 books and to help 35 startup founders by the end of October. So now I thought is do I keep that goal now that I lost like a huge source of my traffic because with that source of traffic, my trajectory was actually going towards that way where I will be able to reach my goals. But now it's like, you know, my, my feet have been cut off and I have to figure out how to run in this new type of situation. So I wanted to share that with you. It's a flight or fight type of situation with my business overall. I think what the saving grace for my business is is just having that vision, knowing what it looks like, knowing that my focus is on these people who are my dream customers. Well keep me in the game and we'll keep me motivated. 

So I don't ever feel like I need to give up and you know what? I'm actually having fun doing this. So even this, even though it's a very stressful situation and my staff is well aware of what's going on, we're all like motivated to get over this hurdle and there's belief that we actually will. And let's see, I will update you very soon. This is Robin Copernicus, boom, bam. I'm out. 

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