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What is Mauby Bark Featuring Ana Bautista Lee of Bayjoo
January 8, 2024
This series is Part 1 of our Non Alcohol SIP's series. We will be featuring Suppliers, Influencers and my Peers from the non alcoholic space in this special production of 3-21. Our intention is to showcase all the people & brands working tirelessly on making amazing beverages, reducing the stigma and offering people choices beyond traditional alcohol. Since opening 3-21 No Kiddin Bottle Shop in November, Bobbie is learning that she needs to know more to better serve her guests and community. We kickoff the new year with brands and suppliers so we can all get an education from these unique companies and be informed on what makes them individually special. This week's guest is Ana from Bayjoo! Let's talk Caribbean Tea!
Meet Ana Bautista Lee of Bayjoo!.  

This unique company is expanding the non alcoholic selections into something delightful, delicious & healthy.  Ana takes us through what Mauby Bark is, why she uses it in her brews.

Botanicals, flavors and calories were all discussed, but Bobbie's favorite part of the show were learning these 2 lines!

Herbal Tonic & Conscious Consumption!  Ana & Bobbie get to chat a little about mindfulness in this educational and entertaining amongst solo women entrepreneurs.


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