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The Raging Grannies - Sharing Your Story & Social Justice Messaging through a book with Samantha Wilson {ep. 110}
November 2, 2023
Do you have a book that is centered around social good, activism, and sharing stories about your mission? Samantha Wilson and Alexa Bigwarfe discuss how you can amplify your social justice message through writing your story.
In this episode, we discuss:

Samantha is the founder of Flourishing and Feminism, a publishing house with its own marketing and media company, Witchcraft Creative. Under this hybrid model, Flourishing and Feminism and Witchcraft Creative work together to write, distribute, market, and sell books that tell the heroic and inspiring stories of nonprofit organizations and their founders that serve as an evergreen marketing and revenue strategy for the mission.

While she serves as founder and CEO, her favorite title is Activist. Samantha started her journey in activism rallying for animal rights and climate justice in 2010. In 2016, she traveled to India where she learned about the horrors of fast fashion. Shortly after her return, she began traveling the United States giving presentations on what she had learned along with actionable steps to take to make an everyday impact. She loves combining her love of social justice with the power of publishing and marketing to serve nonprofits and bring their stories into the hands of consumers, sponsors, impact investors, and activists.

She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, two dogs, and cat.

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