PublishHer Podcast
{ep. 92} Free publicity & PR tips for authors that work with Liz Kelly
May 3, 2023
Liz Kelly is a publicist who loves helping authors find their WOW message and boil it down to the key and most exciting elements to garner the attention of media looking to feature you! Join us for some great tips on finding media coverage to promote your book.
In this podcast episode, we discussed:

Liz H. Kelly (Santa Monica, CA) is the Goody PR Founder, Award-Winning Author (New Book: "8-Second PR: New Public Relations Crash Course" – 2nd Edition - 2022), Podcast Host ("8-Second Branding") & Founder of the New Goody Business Book Awards (Launched January 2022). Kelly started Goody PR to magnify GOOD after working for myspace, Paramount Pictures, Sprint PCS, and Los Angeles startups. With 15+ years of marketing/PR experience, Kelly's booked thousands of major media interviews for clients, including: TODAY Show, CNN, BBC, PBS, FOX Business, TIME, Entrepreneur, NPR, The Washington Post, and more. Kelly teaches digital marketing at UCLA Extension, is a Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business alumni, grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and is an Autism Advocate. 

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