Optimize Profitability
Optimize Profitability Business Podcast Introduction
July 22, 2020
Welcome to the Optimize Profitability Podcast. We will be sharing the entrepreneurial journey from the ups and downs to the nows and the wins. If you are in business for yourself, you can know you are not alone. Learn the power of collaboration and meet some exciting entrepreneurs with stories from all areas of life. We will be talking about marketing, marriage and all kinds of business aspects. We'll be covering topics like productivity hacks, business tools, life skills, success stories, and inspiration for your life and your business. When you optimize your life and optimize your business, that's when you optimize profitability. You were born for a purpose, now go out and live that purpose with passion. Our business podcast today features: Lyle Leads, Optimize Profitability Producers and Host; CEO of DFWTOP, LLC. Matthew Zamutt, Executive Producer; COO of DFWTOP, LLC.