Intermittent Silence and Meditation with Dr. Krishna Bhatta
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Intermittent Silence and Meditation with Dr. Krishna Bhatta
December 14, 2020
In this week's episode, Sheldon interviews Dr. Krishna Bhatta about his mediatation app Relaxx and his book Journey from Life to Life: Acheiving Higher Purpose. Krishna Bhatta, MD, FRCS is an author, surgeon and an inventor, currently practicing as chief of urology at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. Dr. Bhatta began his life in a small Indian village, attended Patna Medical College in India, continued his education in the UK, and completed his research & medical training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Bhatta is equal parts practical and spiritual; he speaks and writes on meditation and spiritual topics, and frequently travels across the globe to meditate at holy sites and speak with luminaries from various spiritual traditions.
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[00:00:06] spk_0: this'll episode is powered by Safety FM. Welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I'm your host, Sheldon. Promise, Mr Podcast, where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant and it has developed into a little bit more, right? So I wanna thank everyone for listening. We're getting close to Christmas, right? We're almost there, almost there. But this week, I've got something really special for us. I'm interviewing Dr Christina Bartha, who is an author of Sergent Inventor. He's currently the chief urologist at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. Dr. Bartha, He grew up in India in a small village. He attended medical school there. Then he continued his education in the UK It's completed his research and medical training there and then went over to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he finished up, and now he is chief of urology, and it was a really great talking to him way actually talk about urology, even though I lead that way. He had a parallel path. One was a spiritual path. One was a practical path in being a scientist. He actually started really thinking about the spiritual path in a scientific way, which led him to develop a nap called Relax. R E L a X X, and you could get this app on your app store where you could go to relax dot orig. And as we're talking way really was, our focus was on meditation on the spirituality side. So I really believe as any body, especially if you're your own boss, is a consultant. You are going to need to understand how to relax, how to get the mind to go in. And I confess to Dr Bartha that from time to time, you know, I'm a really good a meditation, and sometimes we just drop off. And that's the truth. So we really talked about that one over a few things, talked a little bit about his book, and he actually has a book out there that is called Journey from Life to Life. Achieving Higher Power. So we went through that as well. You're gonna get a great great time understanding Deck Tabatha and just his spiritual path was really awesome. So after this word from our sponsor, we're gonna come back with Dutch bath up. Do you want to be a safety consultant? Listen to Dr J. Allen of Safety FM give his experience after taking the safety consultant blueprint Course. I have actually done research on different consultants and looked at different consulting courses and so on. There is a pretty fancy, very expensive consulting course that is out there. I have actually purchased the consulting course was interested in. It has good information. Don't get me wrong, but you have a consulting course that really drives people onto focusing on safety and how to become a safety consultant. I will tell you on your particular course, there was a better information in that particular regards thin the other consulting course. There was more of a generalist form, but I figured I felt like I got more information out of yours on you, giving people direct half on what to do, step by step. But I really think that you have a genuine good product there that can really assess people If they're interested in becoming a safety consultant. Register for the safety consultant blueprint at www dot safety consultant blueprint dot com. Enter code podcast for special discount Year after year after year, I hear people tell me that they do not want to pay large subscription fees or for memberships to be able to get access to content related to safety. So me and my friends here it's Safety FM have come up with an idea called Safety FM. Plus. This'll is a video streaming service that allows you to have some downloadable document content available readily. Wherever you are, you could go to the website Safety FM plus calm or go to the Apple store app and downloading for your iPhone, iPad or even Apple TV. It's also available on Android and Android TV Broke You and Fire TV. We wanna be wherever you are, So to get you started, you can come to the website or download, the APP says we just discussed. The other great portion about this is that if you sign up right now and safety FM plus dot com, you will get a downloadable version of Simple Revolutionary Acts, the first book by Dr Todd Conklin as part of your membership. To get into this. So go right now to safety FM plus dot com to find out more information that its safety FM plus dot com join the revolution.

[00:05:42] spk_1: Well, I'm a urologist, which is a physician specialist on I'm chief of urology in one of the hospitals in Maine, which is in Bangor. It's called Eastern Maine Medical Center. Actually, they change. The name is now Northern Light Eastern Man Medical Center. Eso its's a good. I enjoy it. I mean, way do the latest things. You know, with the robotic surgery and everything else. Wow. Yeah. You're

[00:06:12] spk_0: the chief urologist, right?

[00:06:14] spk_1: Right. I am. How

[00:06:16] spk_0: long have you been there at that position?

[00:06:18] spk_1: Uh, I've been in Maine for 28 years. So for a long time, you know, not in that position. Of course. You know, things change, but way haven't. We came here. We loved it. We stating They seem to like us, you know. Came from where? Well, so my journey started in India, where I went to medical school, and then we went to England. A lot of my training. Then I was in Boston That there is a hospital there. Mass general, Uh, on after that, I came to men and we stayed here from

[00:06:56] spk_0: your travel and everything else. What, uh, first brought you to urology. But then also was your mindset with meditation and mindfulness throughout your whole life. Is that something that was in your culture?

[00:07:12] spk_1: Well, it is in our culture, but it was, uh, not everyone in my, you know, like medical school Became what, Like me. Right? And then they became doctors, the practice medicine. They retired. They had nothing to do with meditation, you know? So not everybody does that. I had a fascination from the beginning, so I had a parallel track. You know, one side was medicine. The other side was meditation. And off we go. There were moments when you thought, OK, maybe I should leave medicine and go into that. And sometimes you feel like that. Like, you know, you mentioned Deepak Chopra. He left medicine on did other things. Eso Some moments off, those things happen, but no, I wanted to keep both the tracks. And I think I think there is no conflict between material and the spiritually pursuit e think that you know I want success in both. I don't It's not one or the other. Yeah, Many people try to portray that many. Yeah, Yeah. Many people, especially, you know, the preachers, you know, they will try to say that you know, e trying to be materialistic means you are not being spiritually. It's not. It's not. I don't see a conflict. I think, you know, we should have success in both fields and we can.

[00:08:32] spk_0: That always baffles me because truly throughout, even if you there there's all the different religions. I am Christian Catholic, so in in in that religion, you know, you could see in the Old Testament. You know, truly they were wealthy people that were also people that were delivering the message of God. So I don't know how that that disconnect happen in our modern society. But, you know, if you really look into you know, Christianity is nothing Thio Buddhism. You guys, I don't know if you're Christian Buddhist, Indio

[00:09:13] spk_1: before, but, uh, you know, uh, he's also from Indian area before, but people were both If you see the history of Krishna or other people, you know, proceeding Buddha Buddha was the one who had kingdom, but he left the kingdom to in pursuit off, uh, you know, spiritually enlightenment. So after that e mean my take on it, that after him and there was another guy called Mojave. You know, you He's not as well known outside. So they were both from royal families who left their royalty and became kind of started begging on. They had a purpose but the whole psyche off India. So after that, there was a great king in India. You know his name was Chandra. Go. So after Alexander, there was rise off this king gender. Go on, then. He his India was bigger than British India almost, you know. And he was up to Afghanistan and everything. Big, vast kingdom. At the end of his life, he became a monk on then his You know, his son grandson. There was a Shaka who was another great king on. Uh, there was one battle, the last battle for him. He went to fight a battle in a place and because that kingdom will not concede to anybody. And so at the end of the battle, he went toe, You know, like he won. He went to the palace. He went anywhere. Not a single soul was alive. Women, Children, they all sacrificed for their Wow on. That's when he became a Buddhist. Eso from there on, I mean, this was pre, you know, pre Christ area. Yeah, BC on and then I think that what happened in the whole psyche became, like, you know, went down in tow, Nonviolence and be nice. And yeah, e

[00:11:33] spk_0: that basically was average of the culture.

[00:11:37] spk_1: Yeah, it started going down, and then they couldn't defend themselves. And then India was enslaved for thousands of years. E That's my take on it. I mean, 11 interpretation. Yeah, I

[00:11:53] spk_0: would, with sand script language come from from that time, period.

[00:11:58] spk_1: Sounds good. Language days, way back, you know, Be back before then. But that didn't speak in Sanskrit. His language is different.

[00:12:08] spk_0: Okay, I wasn't sure, because I like when I meditate to do mantras, and for some reason, I get gravitate. I don't know. There's something in me that when I do a sand scrip mantra, it feels like I'm actually in the meditation. Yeah, the connection of that has been really good for me and carry it on. You know, you listen to carry town, you meditate a little, and you can't. It's like three things right there. Theme music mantra,

[00:12:42] spk_1: Uh, two meditations which are unique. So what I have done have taken to mantra one is a simple oh, mantra you know, but home is enchanted is chanted by way the chanting off home e on. Then I have designed it so that it goes from one chakra to the seventh checker. Three minutes each, okay, on Thea. Other meditation have done is a mantra that, you know, don't try to understand the mantra, but it's just beautiful Floats musically composed very well on. Uh, I call it Power Chakra because that is a power mantra. You

[00:13:29] spk_0: know, on, uh, is that on the relaxed meditation app?

[00:13:34] spk_1: Yeah, it's on the relax up, if you like. If you have ever done mantra and you, you know, you feel in tune with that should you should try one or the other or both. The only suggestion I will have is if you're doing the power crap. You know, that's the name of the medication. Uh, don't do it before going to bed, because if it really touches you, it will create so much energy that you won't be able to sleep. Uh, if it if it hits you and it might hit you, I mean, you know, if you have been exposed to mantra, you know, it might and it you know there is instructions of first chakra. Second chakra threat checker, huh? On where it is, You don't need to know a whole lot about chakra to do that meditation.

[00:14:22] spk_0: Just You know, my my understanding of Chaka Chakra was basically energy centers and correlating with colors as well and sound. And, uh, And for for those who are listening, if you're thinking the colors, think of the rainbow, Roy G biv those those colors Red, orange, yellow, indigo, blue into go violent. Right? So eso the chakras themselves is pretty much like an energy center. And it lines up with certain things in your body as well. So there's the body mind connection at these points. Is that my explaining that correctly?

[00:15:01] spk_1: Yeah. Many people say that body mind connection. So the body has to Well, they're different layers, but two main layers. The first one is food body, You know, you eat, it translates into body on that food body is, uh, nourished by good food exercise. You keep it fit on, then you make yourself comfortable. You don't want to go out in in Maine outside in the snow without warm clothing s That's that's part of the body that you want to take care off. But then there is a energy body, which is a in Sanskrit. They called Prana my coast. It's a life energy on that life, energy or prana. My coast is the one that is important from the chakra point of view, but it's also important, like Chinese or different meridians and the yang, yin and yang or key, the geek on practice or Falun Dafa. If you do that, I mean simple practice like you put Put your two hands and imagine there is some energy going from one hand to the other on after. Sometimes you energy does go through that If you try that, I mean it just It's amazing that, you know, you start feeling on sometimes they say energy ball that you know, you can't even squeeze

[00:16:31] spk_0: Yeah, e think like like like like with electricity. We feel, you know, electricity can actually jump with excitement from, you know, the conductor to a different conductor, and I kind of think of it that way. It might correct in that.

[00:16:48] spk_1: Well, I don't know how to explain it, but you can feel it if you try it. You know, Just close your eyes and put your hands out there and just just right for fourth a couple of minutes and you'll start. Certainly, in the beginning, it's imagination. But then you will start feeling something moving between the hands. So, I mean, I'm just giving an example, but they have many exercises based on that. So chakra is one off those parts of the energy body that East visualized on Demontre. As you said. But I have put the two together. E don't know if anyone else who had done it before and probably you know, but e practice myself first on, then it was so profound for me that i e I said Okay, let's share it with people.

[00:17:42] spk_0: Wow, How did you go about doing the app? Because it's I've been flipping through it just, you know, a soon as I started, you know, researching, Yeah, looking at the apple like I got That was like and it works really well because truly, I have many different meditation naps and I try to do for me. My sweet point is right around the 22 40 minute mark is really when finally my brain stops on and I could actually I try not to anchor thought I just let it try toe wave through and a two First I used to just take notice of the thought, but then that became its own thing where I just kept being aware of me being aware of my thoughts. But now I just kind of just let it roll through without putting any judgment on it. But it takes me a while to get there s so that's why for me that 20 minute markets finding when my mind starts relaxing and then the additional 20 minutes after that would be when I'm truly getting the benefit of the meditation. Is there an easier trick to that?

[00:18:52] spk_1: Wow. So for that part, I e created a separate package that will work for any meditation. That's what I call intermittent silence. But to give you the answer of your question 20 minutes, 40 minutes. So, like there is a chakra separate meditation, which is 20 minutes, 33 minutes and 44 minutes. So you can progress from 22 on. That's based on different frequency of music for different chakras. Andi Power Checker also is about yeah, 25 26 minutes. Something like that. Yeah, but the intermittent silence is something I back is for people like you or me. I mean, I, you know, because of my scientific mind e I could see that this will apply toe any meditation you want to do on how does it work? Well, so what you do is you do 10 minutes a day, so you find whatever time you want to do, uh, eso in 10 minutes first. And the first thing you do is close your mouth. But I have to explain what it means. So closing your mouth suddenly means that you are, uh, internalizing not just the words. So you are without words without expression, without communication. So mouth and the body is the what expressive language, Right? We express without body with our mouth towards expression communication. That part comes from here. So instead of communicating outside, you know, internalize it by just keeping quiet in the beginning. So this first part, the second part is close your eyes. So close your eyes. Now everything is internalized. You're observing inside. You're not observing outside.

[00:21:02] spk_0: Yeah, no outside stimulus

[00:21:04] spk_1: right now. Outside Miss Stimulus. So both of these give rest to the part of the brain that is busy doing this Like so by closing your mouth the part that is associated with the speech works expression that is arrested by closing your eyes The part that is associated with visual input on visual path where that gets arrested plus anything analyzed Analyzing, needed for observation is arrested on the third one is silent. Listening on this is like you know any sound that is around you You just let it come and go, you know, passed by You're not trying to analyze it And it z interesting because somebody I talked earlier today on the first time did it and he said it Waas a little uncomfortable in the beginning But then he carried on and he found and he was saying I didn't know in my house how maney sound existed. S O. That was some But I have done it mostly in nature. If I go hiking, I'll go on lie down on the rock app has a 10 minute timer. Yes, eso I switch it on, put my airports on if you go 10 minutes and it's beautiful because you can hear the sound of nature that you normally don't. Here.

[00:22:30] spk_0: Yeah. And you're walking in a city, right for

[00:22:34] spk_1: you. Well, I'm in Maine, so man has a lot of hiking places. Lots off places in on the beach and a while on the coast. Not beach, but eso Yeah, lobster e can meditate on loves. Alright, eso The fourth thing is watching your horse, the work you said. So you train yourself toe, let the horse pass by, you know, And if you are hijacked by a thought. No problem. You know, when you realize that you have been hijacked, come back toe watching it, you have. You can't do anything wrong for this. 10 minute, because no sound is a distraction. No, no part is a

[00:23:21] spk_0: distraction. Hmm. That really would relieve some of the pressure or even stress, if you will. You know, you shouldn't be stressed meditating, But if you keep thinking you're not doing it right, then all those builds up inside and you're

[00:23:36] spk_1: like, why can't I control my mind? Yeah. No, I'm in just 10 minutes off giving your brain a rest

[00:23:48] spk_0: on for someone like, you know, truly being a safety consultant. or any consult interior. Also, you can't just clock in and, you know, hang out and hide in your office until you feel like coming out. You really have thio, you know, perform every moment of the day with clients or without. You're always thinking about the highs and lows with income. So you want to prepare for that. And that brings an inherent stress. So if that inherent stress, I can only imagine what it's doing to your internal body. Because I know in periods when I stress and don't eat right and I'll sleep right my mind, I can't seem to put a good flock together. Eso I don't know what chemically is happening in my party, but I know there's just some destruction there. And when I do notice that in generally my wife helps me remember that I'm getting a little out of balance. You know, that little nuts that they dio.

[00:24:46] spk_1: So here is the beauty off this So 10 minutes a day if you dio this silence grows on Europe. So from the safety point of view, when do things go wrong? You know when you don't we're not careful or you're not. You know, it's like rushing or something. Things Practice of silence gives you that extra pause. Maybe Milli second that you can have. You know, when you are rushed or when you are something you can say, Wait a minute because you have practiced it so much Now grows inside you bills inside you. So I present my bet. There will be, you know, safety benefits off this practice. Yeah, you know, because it gives you that extra thing. But his second part, how it can help him in safety, is that you are building energy. So you're conserving energy by closing your eyes, not interacting for those 10 minutes, you're conserving energy. That would, you would have spent by, you know, observing, looking around and speaking or, you know, doing your iPhone looking digital. You know something? So you're conserving. But you're also creating energy by, you know, from inside. Yeah. So when you get the higher energy living, you live on a higher energy. You're more peaceful, you're less stressed, you're less irritated. And if you're living at a lower energy, which happens sometimes when you're out of violence or I'm out, then you are more irritable. You're certainly sensitive to more things you more prone to, you know, do things that you don't want to dio. It's really I have a scientific brain, as I said, because of the being in science, So I try to analyze that way it is just,

[00:26:42] spk_0: uh now can you further like the amount of time that you've been doing your practice of meditation and mindfulness and also your intimate and silence? Can you bring that on? Like even when you're doing a surgery And that high stress environment where you can now do a silence for yourself and in really que into that moment?

[00:27:08] spk_1: Yeah. So the answer. You don't want to meditate when you're driving because you'll have an accident, right? E? But what happens that the effects off meditation should reflect in your life? So if I was irritated, I know. So we had a group here, you know, we did some works up, and, uh, there was a psychiatrist. Just She's very young girl, but she came on our team and we were helping other people giving some works up. So one day we asked, you know, I mean any difference anybody noticed any difference in themselves since we have been doing. We have been We were doing some meditation and, you know, in the workshop, you know, also doing at home on de. So she she said, Well, I don't know about you know, me noticing any difference, But my kids there, I'm much calmer and much better Eso So if, like, my Yeah, So the nurses and everybody who works in my room in big operations, they feel so relaxed when I'm there, you know? You know whether it is because I'm a good surgeon or whether it is just the whole demeanor eso that reflects. But it doesn't mean that, you know, when I'm doing surgery, I'm doing surgery. I mean,

[00:28:38] spk_0: yeah, that's true. I left that analogy. You don't want to meditate when you drive. I guess you don't wanna miss it because you're doing your surgery. But I guess mindful.

[00:28:48] spk_1: But this is another aspect of intermittent silence on now that you asked. So you're leading me there. So you have done this silence. You have gone inside right on inside your silent. So you went to the source. You know, some people use the word source, you know, like inside there is some source from where we get inspiration. Then we get creativity, right. When you go inside to the source, you can find the force, and then you can do a lot of things. Once you get this space of silence, the inner world is open to your new doors open. So here is one example, uh eso you close your mouth All the all the expression communication is gone inside. Now, in that world silent world, you created theater and for me I will create an operating room. Yeah, And then you can have images. They're positive in our likes, Not just positive thinking. Positive image ing on There is a book by Reverend Vincent Peale on positive image ng If you ever read it, you can imagine what I'm saying, Onda, Uh, you can say Okay, you're doing surgery, and because you control you are creating the whole thing. You can have everything positive there, Right? Huh? On

[00:30:29] spk_0: Is that a form of intention?

[00:30:31] spk_1: Yeah, it is intention, but you're doing it in a very, uh, you know, quiet surrounding which you have created by practice off intermittent silence. So you're doing it much deeper, but it's more than intention you actually do it there. So you rehearse the whole thing, either presentation or interview or surgery or theater drama. You can play it out on because you have practiced it when you go to do it. More than half is already done and things that really come out nicely. But yes, if there is any, you know, deviations, you can handle that. You know, you are so well prepared or rehearsed.

[00:31:16] spk_0: I've always heard that if you really want to begin changing your life, that you're gonna end up having to visualize it first and not only has to be vivid to you into your mind and the way you just described it. So that's making me think that that then the mind itself, it doesn't have the time space continuum that we're looking at because you're going into the future. Visualizing this stuff and if you really feel it, you experience it. Your body might actually have some sort of e don't know what it is, a serotonin release or whatever, if you're doing well or if it's something that's, ah fright mechanism that you might actually you know, have that release of Forgot the text in that that gives you the fight or flight. So if you're thinking of the journal s So if you're thinking it vividly enough, I didn't You could Your body then will react to your mind of, I guess, direction. Is that the way you know, you're You're saying

[00:32:21] spk_1: there is a possibility that you will have those changes, but, uh, you are not doing it toe. Bring the hormones on. You're doing it toe, create a situation which you are now, you know, later going to face, uh, in reality on, uh, many people do that anyway. I mean, talk to many surgeons. They will, you know, revise what they have to do. I'm giving a tool where they can do it more authentically or more deeply, you know,

[00:32:52] spk_0: So very, very interesting. And I know, uh, I always think intention first. That's why I mentioned it because truly have been trying to make my daily intention. When I'm waking up that I'm I'm gonna you know, for me, whatever I could do right now to protect someone's life, I'm going to do that in the best way. What message I could do to make sure that that anyone who's listening to me as an audience member can grow their business and make sure that they don't if they want to be entrepreneurs that they could go ahead and live this life out without having to think of. All right, I gotta take a job, you know, because that's gonna be hard for them, and and it makes them feel bad. So I try to give them the tools they need. So my intention, usually in a day, is how can I serve someone today? And, uh and that's really what I'm focusing on. So I'm thinking, I'm hearing that not only can you do it that way, but then you could also visualize how you're going to serve someone, be prepared for it. And even if it's, ah, presentation or interview, you know, I could watch it through beforehand. So

[00:34:09] spk_1: here is the difference between what you are saying and what I'm saying. So intention or gratitude? I mean, these are wonderful properties. We can talk ourselves, or a coach can talk ourselves to condition our mind to do that way. Do That is something that we train our mind to do. What I am saying is, I am changing your total insight from where the intention happens without training your mind, it becomes you. You know, the property of your heart or something that belongs to you Now, you know, so you don't have to train yourself. It will just happen from you. So one is but lack of any other words. One is imposed on you that one grows from

[00:35:05] spk_0: Yeah. Intrinsic. Extrinsic. Yeah. Wow. Oh, that Z Some of the phrases that weren't when I when I teach a lot of people, uh, Hertzberg's motivation theory and then you take any intrinsic or extrinsic and all that. It seems like this is a version of that.

[00:35:27] spk_1: Yeah, it z intrinsic version. So again. So this was the communication and expression department. Now, if you go toe watching the thought, you know the observation from the eyes and listening that continue, that continues all the time. And mindfulness is with you. But if you go to the watching the thought, you know you can let it go by, But here is a non opportunity again to use the force that I said, You know, you go to the source and find the force. So you have inner conversations on some off those inner conversations are you know, they come to you, They just show up. You know, like you have been in this space. So you know, suddenly you feel you think often idea that you never could have, you know, deducted by logical conclusion on you come up with new paradigms of safety. You know how to do it. You would. So that in a conversation, is something that is arising from inside you, that you can catch in the moments off. You know, your silence or after you have done this silence. Then you can just practice focus on that on the other one. I said you can have your inner conversation created by you on the reason I say that is people say thoughts are powerful, right? Everyone says that everybody noticing that, right? Yeah, but at the same time, just think about it. You have 40 to 60 thoughts a minute. You know, at a time you have that many thoughts in your brain or my brain, which one is the one that's going to make a difference? So that one thought is an important. So our life is when we do safety measures of when we do surgery. It's the Siri's off one thought decisions, right on the typical example I gave you. When you know I watch a movie, there is a bomb squad that's going to cut the blue wire or the red water. Yeah, you better get it right. Right.

[00:37:40] spk_0: That's one time era. You ever keep that era

[00:37:45] spk_1: so So that in the processing you can do you can pick up a thought that you want to print storm or one or two horse in our And that's a quiet time toe. Do it. And you know, in the meditation because you like meditation and you talk about meditation. So in app, there is a beautiful meditation called yoga. Anitra, you're gonna try is conscious. Deep sleep. That's the translation.

[00:38:13] spk_0: I actually thought it was something for yoga to do. And I saw the name and I was like, Oh, well, my wife does yoga, baby. That's for her. Now

[00:38:22] spk_1: you're gonna you're asleep. But you're awareness is as good as when you are awake. Really? Yeah. And the sleep is surrounding you. You have complete benefit of sleep. But you also have awareness. So now you have a place where you can use your inner conversation as well as you want to dio

[00:38:47] spk_0: you do that just before you go to sleep.

[00:38:50] spk_1: Well, it takes about two or three months, so yeah, you go to it. It's, um, just less than half a now, er toe, you know it will guide you. And if you fall asleep, don't worry, because that's the effect. Normal effect. But, you know, if you can carry your awareness through your sleep, you know, like many people are awake in anesthesia accidentally. They remember everything that happened in surgery, right? Some people do. I mean that there have been many reports like that that you know, they they had general anesthesia there surgery. But they remember every conversation in the room. Accidentally, they took their awareness in. You know why they were unconscious. You You can do that consciously. You know, in sleep, uh, sleep you feel is just amazing. You can feel the sleep coming and surrounding your whole body. It's a beautiful feeling, but

[00:39:54] spk_0: how do people when they when they first get started? I know a lot of people focus on the breath in order to, uh, to to make sure that if the thought comes just, you know, think about your breath is your your stomach expands and contracts and, uh, and then it's It's a way of calming your mind. Is that still a good way to do it? Or is that an old practice or

[00:40:20] spk_1: no, that s O meditation, that is, it is when people somehow there is some confusion about I should say, I won't say any problem. But you know, there is confusion about meditation because that's why there are thousands of techniques that had guided meditations, the one you were talking about breathing meditation is called person as well, and my app has that a swell, but I've made it a little more simple. It doesn't have too much, no, too many elements like, you know, the belly like, you know, expanding and and watching the breathing here and there because then you have to focus too many things. So I have made it a little more simple. That worked for me, So I you know, I thought, I'll share with people, but that's one way, and you should you know, it's a very nice meditation is called vipassana. It's in the app. Andi, Uh, I can go in detail, but I think you should just

[00:41:19] spk_0: get Yeah, you know, e happens being free. You

[00:41:26] spk_1: have tried many things. I mean, it seems like you know, you have traveled one tre. You have tried, you know, breathing meditation. You have tried

[00:41:34] spk_0: thio. I mean, I tried the deep breath, work, breath work where you're living in a room, you know, completely dark. And then you're just breathing. It almost seems like hyperventilating

[00:41:47] spk_1: breathing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What was called yeah, on the principle is that you wash out carbon dioxide eso Then you feel more refreshed and, you know, energetic

[00:42:03] spk_0: and e it ended up in, like, primal screams and letting them without and Oh,

[00:42:11] spk_1: yeah, yeah, yeah. I have done that many times. Yeah. Yeah. It was also meditation. If you

[00:42:21] spk_0: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, man. I meditated with Osho for it was a 30 day meditation that he did for his OSHA International group. It was really powerful.

[00:42:34] spk_1: Yeah, they're very powerful meditation. You have bean there. You will love all the meditation I have in my I mean, I'm not saying you should try all of them,

[00:42:45] spk_0: but e really might just depend. And you made it a free app to for for those who I haven't seen a

[00:42:53] spk_1: college free at the moment. You know, it just came out way. Have to improve it, you know, and make it. But I think the core content is there, and I think you will like it. You know, you have been exposed to meditation. You will appreciate the work that is done on that.

[00:43:12] spk_0: Yeah, I do. And I know you're crunched for time. Tell me about your book. I know for you just a life from from what I'm getting from from the book, it's really teaching you a lot about about life itself. And then some of the things that you know for your wife and the accident that she had and she came out of it, you know, unscathed from getting hit with an 18 wheeler, which is completely amazing. Eso tell us a little bit about the book.

[00:43:41] spk_1: Well, what I say, I mean, that's one story for our family, and we all have. You know, I think e use the word called minor miracles on, uh, in ancient times. If you read Indian scripture, If there is some kind of minor miracle. They have a supporting document off why it happened. You know which benefit lint force, health care. We don't think that we think it's just luck, you know? But I think there is some divine support around us, and, uh, you call them Angel's. Call them whatever you want to do. You know what to call. But we all have minor miracles in our life,

[00:44:27] spk_0: e like that. Divine support. I like that alive. Wow.

[00:44:33] spk_1: So the book talks about five pillars of success. You know, for anything you want to achieve their five pillars. The fifth pillar is the divine pillar. And many people will say, Okay, divine. I don't have to do anything on. That's where I said,

[00:44:52] spk_0: No, you can

[00:44:54] spk_1: do something with the divine. You can have a friendly relationship with divine. You can ask because divine usually don't come themselves. You know, you usually have to invite them. I know. That's why invocation, you know, and there is invocation. Every religion, you know. You call it eso so you can do something about it. You can be a nice person so that you know, at least that like being around you. I mean, if you want toe some off the big, bad people in India, like, you know, there is a story of Rahm and Robin. Robin, I was a bad guy, but he was not bad to start with. He did a lot off, you know? Thing. What is the past? Um, e there is worth, you know, like, he went and prayed and did all those kind off excess a spiritual work to get there. But once he got there, he got kind of this, you know, a little

[00:45:57] spk_0: on the street. You know,

[00:45:59] spk_1: little ego came in the way or something. Eso basically Yes. You know, I mean, with the spiritual path, you make it power on how you use it is up to you then, but But the divine support e think we can all get in one way or the other, So

[00:46:24] spk_0: Yeah. So that was Pillar five.

[00:46:27] spk_1: Yeah. Pillar five.

[00:46:29] spk_0: Wow. And life toe life and the journey from life like and of the purpose, the part of the

[00:46:41] spk_1: way all have a higher purpose way are. Mm

[00:46:49] spk_0: hmm. On. And that's so amazing. Because you're doing such good work in your medical career. And then I would I would imagine, throughout your life you probably trained people and doing speeches and conferences and everything. So in itself, that is the higher purpose. And then you have Ah, I like your simultaneous track of, you know, spiritually awareness and then also helping people through that journey to So that's, you know,

[00:47:18] spk_1: while helping other people also helps me, you know,

[00:47:21] spk_0: uh, you think people

[00:47:23] spk_1: like you and you know it's part of the journey. I mean, if if if the life journey in life to like if this life journey is not happy and good, it's very unlikely that my journey beyond death will be any better s way. Start building. That's why the book Journey from Life Life has a lot of elements of how to live this life successful

[00:47:49] spk_0: s And for for those that air, you know, thinking of the book and the the happen for meditation, everything. What's what's some of the messages that you may have for them because they're drawn to it for a reason There. Listening to this episode as long as it is you know, short is it Is there listening to for a reason. So what's the message? You want to leave with

[00:48:13] spk_1: two messages? One is get to started, You know, put it in your routine. Don't put it off. I mean, I'll say that, you know, it's like e learned that I was doing some courses. Financial courses, you know, like investment. Uh huh. On, uh, I went to boot camp and this and that. On the one thing I learned that if you don't get started, it won't work.

[00:48:48] spk_0: E the basics. Are you gonna do it?

[00:48:51] spk_1: I got started. I love it. And then that's one of my passions. I really enjoy it. And, you know, it's not a stress to me. I I enjoy doing it and I do it well. Eso get started. You know, whether it is investment or whether it is meditation or whether it is any, you know, exercise routine. I was talking to a physical trainer earlier, you know, in the week and she was saying the greatest issue is from starting from a to B. Once they get started and it's in their routine, then it just happens there. Yeah, So put, you know, 10 minutes off intermittent silence in your routine life tried to do it. Same time, same place. But if you are out and about, do it. If you are flying on a plane in the plane People don't know what you're doing. You can practice your intimate in silence

[00:49:48] spk_0: Ze Great! What's the second thing

[00:49:52] spk_1: practice? You don't get good without practice. And I love toe goat. This was 5000 years ago on. There was a guy you know in in Kita about what he does. The books are June is asked. Krishna, my mind is wavering like you started when you said, you know, my mind is going in all around. You know I can't control it, Chris. Now, how do I control it on his answer was practice urgent practice. So

[00:50:26] spk_0: get started and practice.

[00:50:28] spk_1: That is my mantra off the day.

[00:50:31] spk_0: Yeah, man, that's awesome. Anything that you like to share, I'll tell everybody how they could get journey from life to life. Achieving higher purpose.

[00:50:40] spk_1: That's an Amazon is the easiest way. But other bookstores may have it or get it for you. For them.

[00:50:47] spk_0: Is this on audio yet?

[00:50:49] spk_1: Yeah. Audible as well.

[00:50:51] spk_0: Good. I'm all about the audit. I just finished J shutters book on Think like a monk. It's really Oh, yeah.

[00:51:03] spk_1: No, it's on audible and on. Let me know if you ever read it or listen to it, you know? What do you think of it? You know, if it comes across Wow. Yeah. On the app is relax with two x r e l a x x dot org On there is link for download but you can also they can also find it on APP store or Google play.

[00:51:29] spk_0: Er Oh, great. Anything else you want to share with the With the crew and the the the audience?

[00:51:36] spk_1: No, thanks for having me e really enjoy it. I mean, it's like e have respect for you. E done so much. And you

[00:51:47] spk_0: e appreciate that. That is really awesome. Dr. Bartha, Thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah. Welcome back. Welcome back to the show. E was really glad to be able to talk to Dr Bartha. It was one of the great great great interview said I was able to get. It was just so grateful that he was able to be on the show. Thank you, sir, for being on the show and what I do want to bring up now for a tip of the week. We haven't done one of these a long time because you've had just me being solo episodes. So this tip is related to our holiday season and there's a whole bunch going on, and right now, globally, we're starting to see the vaccine come out for, uh, co vid 19, which is awesome. Hey, help you on that first list. I like era would be great. Um, I know it's not coming to me Has gotta, you know, those medical professionals first and those in aging communities. So I I understand that one. But when it becomes my turn to get that vaccine, I'm all in and truly that's my mindset. Me and my family were going to do that, and I'm imagining that this might even lead to some sort of vaccine. Passport. Thio, Open up travel again. And I've always been a person who has been into travel, so especially for business. And you could see episodes back when I started talking about traveling for promotion, for your business to get out there even more so again. That's gonna make it advantageous for me to get this virus of not the virus. Get this vaccine. I don't want the virus. I want the magazine get the vaccine so that I could, you know, get some such enormous e back. You know, it's been a tough nine months, I guess, for everyone. Then that's when it came over here. You know, in the US, it's December 2020. I believe December 2019 is when we first started seeing bigger cases over in Wuhan. And so for us here in the US, it's been a little bit if you could tell by our numbers and I'm in Florida. So look at those numbers. It's scary. It sometimes. So I would be right in there getting my vaccine, getting the vaccine passport if I can. So I could get out there and and surely that's that's what's happening right now during this time period at the time of this recording, if you listen to it a little bit later, Uh, that's really what the mindset is now leading into the holidays always been a stressful time for many people, for many reasons, and that's why I thought this would be a great time to go ahead and post this episode that I had with Dr Krishna and Dr Krishna Bath A. He is truly revolutionary in the way that he's done his meditations. And I did get the relax ap r e l a x x. So I got that as well. And that is one of the things that just started using it. I'm still getting back into the swing of meditating e don't know. I've let a lot get to me lately and I'm trying to to revise some of my thinking. You're gonna hear about it next week. I'm really trying to put together some things in my mind. E need to structure it correctly in order for me to get it out without making it sound like a bitter or making it sound like, you know, things were gone bad. So I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and just leave that hang in there. But I need to do one of those cleansing episodes for me, and I'm gonna do that next week. So stay tuned on that one for next Tuesday. Excuse me Monday I do Mondays, but I also want to tell you. Yeah. First this'd is a tip of the week and take a tip of the week is definitely spend some time and relaxing. But I also want to give you another additional tip Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. Do live streams thes live streams are for OSHA. Compliance Help. That's where my topic is right now. Because I know many of you have to deal with OSHA. It is going to exclude those you overseas because I don't have that knowledge base for other countries, other countries, all the jurisdiction. But I know OSHA. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. I do a live stream that could be seen on Lincoln. You would actually have to be on my LinkedIn page, which is Sheldon. No, it's actually Lincoln dot com backslash in backslash Sheldon Prima's my name. And once I accept your connection, please use this connection. But I take that big breath there and pause because linked in lately has been to come a bam just center. Soon as I hit, you know? Okay, except the connection. I get email after email people that I don't know I don't like it don't trust yet. I want to. That's why I'm connecting. But they're already trying to sell me things. And that's not the system that works. Usually for sales. You have thio no, like trust people in order for you to, you know, depart with your heart on making money. But you know it Zbynek bad with Lincoln recently. I don't know if it's just my experience, but hopefully they'll they'll clean that up a little. But if you do want to join me on linked in, I'm still accepting any connections. I got plenty of connections, so I accept those and, uh, Tuesdays and Thursdays. You could see it there if you're on Facebook, all you have to do is like any of the pages that I'm on, which is a page called Safety Consultant us A. Page called, uh, Safety Culture E have a page called Shell Bro Safety, which is my business. And then I have a page called National Environmental Occupational Safety and Health Training Inc Niaz T and E O S T. I. That's my nonprofit. So any of those pages that you like you'll be able thio here. The livestream thea other thing that I am on is the groups. I have a safety consultant group, so it's facebook dot com backslash groups with an s back slash safety consultant Noah. Once you get on that page, it is a private group. There's over 2000 people in this private group, but it's still a private group and its international. So we've got a lot of people from all over the world in this group. What you need to do, answer these three easy questions. But you must must must say that you agree to the rules of the group. If you can't do that, you won't be in the group. So therefore, I can't accept that. I want to make sure that whoever I accept on it in this group will agree to the terms so agree to the terms, abide by the rules. And then now you could also get the live streams not only for me, but from all the members of the group. So three ways of getting yourself thio here from now three more than three e gave you a bunch already. There's and then I forgot the other two ways. There are the three ways you can If you're on YouTube and you prefer YouTube, you could go to youtube dot com backslash C for channels, backslash, OSHA, compliance help and it's livestream. Their Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, Eastern Standard Time Theo. Other YouTube channel is this'll One doesn't have a vanity channel, so you're gonna actually Oh, I'll have to type in when you get on YouTube Safety consultant US. Get on that YouTube channel and it's livestream their asses. Well, if you like twitch, get a twitch. TV twitch dot TV type in safety consultant. You could follow me there. So those air all the different ways you could get the live stream from 11. Excuse me Tuesdays and Thursday, 11 AM If I'm working that week or I have a business because I'm truly still in active safety consultant, I'll let you know I'll let you know through post and through all at different locations, not post a little notices as, uh, this Tuesday, we're gonna do it at 7 p.m. You know, or something. Some of that all times are Eastern standard time, so that is the way to get to that. What I do is I truly answer questions. Sometimes there live questions in the chat box because you can chat to me right then thing the other times people sending me emails either on Sheldon at Sheldon primacy dot com. Or they'll send me a message through LinkedIn, Facebook or any of those other areas. I answer the questions live, and if I can't answer it, I research it alive. And I show you guys that if there's no questions, then what I also do is that go ahead and I just give you a little ocean tip for that session. They usually last about a half hour. I'm probably gonna stretch it to 45 minutes. And if I need to buy answering questions longer, I'll do that, too. I'm here for you. I'm here toe Answer any OSHA compliance questions during that time? All right, so you guys got to tips out of this one first. Waas breathe, relax, Meditate. If you need some extra time to meditate, I suggest doing it first thing in the morning. It's always easier that way before you even get out of bed. And then the other thing is the ocean compliance. Help live streams, so try to look for some or into some more interaction when the live streams been really good response. Seeing people on the Livestream. So go ahead and look for me there. Tuesdays, Thursday's 11 a.m. All right, Thank you so much as you're getting ready for the Christmas holiday coming up in next week, it's gonna be awesome. Uh, don't forget the week between Christmas and New Year's. I'm going to do an episode of day leading up to my 100th episode the first Monday in January, And that's gonna be my 100th episode official episode. All right, I'm good. Good Thio this'll episode has been powered by Safety FM.

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