The three types of internet traffic sources
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The three types of internet traffic sources
March 6, 2021
In this episode we talk about how and when to use the three different types of internet traffic sources.
There are three different types of Internet traffic sources, and knowing how they work and which one to use and when to use them will be beneficial when you are running your startup because not knowing how to use them and not knowing which one has this place where means you could be leaking a lot of money on wasted time effort? Um, at spend etcetera, whatever. So the three types of traffic sources are organic traffic sources, paid traffic sources, and partnership traffic sources. 

Let's start with organic traffic sources. Doing organic traffic is like running a marathon. Whatever you do right now, you're not going to see the fruits of that labor until maybe 34 years from now. And by that time your company could be dead flopped, sold, etcetera. So focusing on organic marketing. Just realize that, yes, it's something that you do have to do. But I wouldn't put all my hopes and dreams into the organic traffic sources that I'm capturing because organic traffic is really, really difficult. It's a long game, and you just have to kind of put in the time. But when you are working on getting your 1st 100 customers. However, then organic marketing makes sense because what you're doing at that point is you are trying to refine your messaging, and you have to go out there organically because you have to speak to these customers one by one so you can see where they have false beliefs, points of confusion, etcetera. And you're going to learn a lot by talking to the 1st 100 customers after you've refined your messaging. 

Then you can start scaling your messaging with paid ads and paid ads are beautiful. Paid ads are easy and paid ads is something that you can build a nice system and actually walk away from it. So paid ads are a very low hassle. They're really easy. It's, I think, one of the best traffic sources ever. And if you are starting new, then you definitely want to go to a paid traffic source because that's like adding gasoline to your traction. And then finally, we have partnerships. Partnerships are one of the cheapest ways to actually start building massive traffic in a very short amount of time, and this is because you are reaching out to people who already have an audience, and you are asking them if you can share their audience, and the way to do this is one. 

Find an influencer in your space to send them a. D.M., a message and email, whatever works a video of voice message and in the message. What you want to do is you want to give them a compliment first, then let them know what the benefit is and working with you. So if you have some kind of platform and you are, you are offering them expanded reach, put that benefit upfront, and then after the benefit, let them know what next steps are. What you don't want to do in these messages is you don't want to drop a link or you don't want to put a lot of information where it gets confusing. All you're trying to do is just get the person to respond for more information once they ask for more information. That's when you have been officially invited to offer your link or offer more information, and it's no longer spam. So those are the three types of traffic sources. You have organic traffic sources, paid traffic sources, and partnership traffic sources, and knowing when to use them will help you in building your start-up the right way. So again, just to recap organic traffic, your 1st 100 customers refined your messaging, then go to pay traffic. And while you're doing this, also work on partnership traffic so you can just start leveling up on your customer list. I'll see you guys in the next episode. 

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