Unapologetically BOLD: I'm not sorry for....
Saying things that counter your beliefs with Gabriel Leal
January 29, 2021
Have you ever held something back because you did not want to offend someone? You know you wanted to have a conversation....like a real conversation.. a HOT conversation just to seek to understand but instead it turns south because you asked a question that hit a nerve? Well if this is something you have struggled with then join Emily and Gabriel as they discuss why Gabriel is not sorry for saying things that counter your beliefs....in a loving way. This isn't about bashing one another but being who we are while seeking to understand more.
Have you ever held something back because you did not want to offend someone?

You know, you wanted to have a conversation....like a real conversation.. a HOT conversation just to seek to understand but instead, it turns south because you asked a question that hit a nerve? 

Well if this is something you have struggled with than join Emily and Gabriel as they discuss why Gabriel is not sorry for saying things that counter your beliefs....in a loving way. 

This isn't about bashing one another but being who we are while seeking to understand more.

About the guest: Gabriel Leal is the host of live streaming broadcast aptly name Made From Scratch. Everything that he has started has come from ideas or thought, that he put into action and turned into a reality...Made From Scratch. 

His mission to help others learn and improve their lives is the lifeblood of what he does as a content creator and writer. He began on the ground floor in various professions and what he has learned is how to create value in everything he does. 

[00:00:02] spk_1: this is This show is brought to you by Safety FM. Welcome to unapologetically bold. I'm not sorry for If you are a person that is tired of apologizing for being you, you know the human part of you that sometimes feels like it has to be different at home versus work versus play. The human side that just wants to be hot, humble, open and transparent about your wants, desires and uniqueness. If you answered yes, this is for you. Join me, Emily Elrod as I dive into conversations with Amazing Guest. About what? That you're not sorry for and creative and loving ways Let's get started. Everybody were alive for another unapologetically bold I'm not sorry for And I'm pumped today I gave girl with me Thank you so much for joining me today.

[00:01:02] spk_0: Any time, Emily I e. I'm actually kind of thrilled be doing this because I for those who don't know, I do host my own livestream show, which I do five nights a week. But it's very rare that I get the opportunity to turn around and be on somebody else's show whenever I get these opportunities. I love it. So I've actually started kind of enjoying doing it more and more of actually had the opportunity now to say, Hey, um, let's schedule something, Let's get together and let's hop on you your show Because again, I I'm always used to being on the other side of it. I cannot kind of find it drilling a little bit to be on this side of the other end of the interview. So it zord of weird. But again, it's always about a learning experience. And I'm enjoying this.

[00:01:54] spk_1: Hey, man! And it's the one thing I always hear. Everybody's like all the way by so quick and I'm like it. Waas goes by just a quick for me, is it? Does you? So

[00:02:04] spk_0: to briefly tell everybody about a little bit about my back story. Um, I am a father for, uh, have been married for the last 23 years, and, you know, I wanted to start doing something to start impacting people's lives and start building connection. So three initial ideal for me was to start doing a podcast. I had done a block before, and then other things on social media, but one day I kind of saw somebody else doing a live stream. What we're doing now and then it kind of caught my attention. I said, Wow, what interesting way Thio engage with people. So I started seeing more people commenting, and it kind of I kind of got this bug and I saw it. I said, You know what? I want to go learn how to do this. So I went out on a mission to essentially learn how to do all of this sub scratch. That's why, uh, the name of my show is called the Mesa Scratch Broadcast because I did know anything about doing any of these sort of things until, uh, January last year is a matter of fact. So my learning curve has been pretty quick. But one of the one of the best things that I've learned about doing these interviews and this journey is it. I come to learn a lot more about myself when I have these interviews, and it's it's simply because I hear somebody else's experiences. I hear somebody else tell their tell, and it always brings to me a different perspective that somebody else is having, and it brings my own life in my home. Uh, first world problems into focus. And you know what? How life is really good. I am a very blessed that I I always think about these things and I go, There's somebody else somewhere. Somebody else is going through something a little bit more difficult than I am, and they're winning by getting past and going through whatever tribulations and storms that they're getting through and coming out clean on the other side. And to me, that's what it to myself. I said, Yeah, what my life is my life is a different, but it's also the same as everybody else because everybody else has their struggles. Mhm. I learned from other people, and I learned different ways to approach, um, certain situations in life now. So it's become more for me about seeing the little things in life and enjoying those where I was just kind of. It was kind of bypassing e just a little joys of, you know, for example, waking up in the morning having a cup of coffee and seeing the sunrise. I mean, most of times you would go. That's normal. Everything happens 365 days out of the year, but to sit there and take it in and go. That's beautiful world. Enjoy its it from that those eyes. So that's kind of for me. What? I've taking in a lot of these things and I've also wanted it. I've learned different lessons about how to be more positive or how to be, uh, more open and more honest and vulnerable with people. By having a lot of these conversations, I was kind of already that way myself, but hearing other people who have gone through Like I said, they're different journeys and their paths of enlightenment. And when they get on here and they're super positive, that kind of just like ants you up a little bit. You just feel I wanna go do something right now how it will make impact right now. So I love the opportunity to reach out and have those conversations. So that's why, for me, these conversations have become very therapeutic. No, in a lot of ways. Because I get to hear of, I get to hear somebody else kind of teaching me. I love that. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Age. It doesn't matter. Gender doesn't matter. I believe sometimes it I just hear it. I go. Wow, this is my Bible to me. So I take those in and I and every time that I get the opportunity, this is why I give this. And this is why my pursuit is to make this into an actual career. So

[00:06:42] spk_1: I love it. And that's the thing that first time we met, we even talked about that. And how much? The interesting thing that happened from this is that one we're way global. Andi, like my problems in Dalton, Georgia, are actually problems. People all the way in Australia. Havas. Well, and that that was just my mind boggling to me. But then the other thing is is just how awesome humanity is. Even though media doesn't typically portray it, Mehdi is amazing. And there's so many awesome people on this planet. But if you look for him and I do wanna highlight comment real quick from Jesus, practicing gratitude does some great things. It does so many amazing things, and one of my favorite things always talk about is that it actually can increase your life and your longevity by up to 17%. So it is not like in if you quit smoking. It's about 5%. So it literally is a secret weapon? No, I don't want you to a smoking, but still, it has so much impact and so much that it can do for you. So that and I also think another thing is being unapologetically bold, which goes into today's session. So when asked Gabriel, what would you tell the world that you were no longer sorry for?

[00:08:06] spk_0: You know what? I'm no longer sorry for just being who are supposed to be, Uh and what I mean by that is I no longer try Thio myself in a box. Somebody else thinks I should go in. So somebody says, um, you know what? You shouldn't say these sort of things in front of these sort of people or you shouldn't say these kind of things or you should have been do these sort of things because they kind of look bad or whatever. And I said, You know what? I don't apologize for what I do. Um, if I thought what I want to go through and do it, I follow what my gut tells me to do, and I do it anyway, So somebody tells me. Hey, that probably won't be a good look for you to change careers or you're not going to be ableto find a career in doing live streaming. Okay, that's fine. Tell me whatever you want to tell me, but I'm not gonna apologize for getting up and doing this every day in finding a way to make this happen. I don't have to, um I found I found for me that passionate that drive. And to me, that's all that really matters. When I get up in the morning and I go, you know what? I have all that I have all the tools that I need. I just need to go start doing so I take I take I take all 694,400 seconds that I get every single day, and I try to maximize it as much as I can. I Yeah, sure. Reaching the connection, Trying to be just being kind with somebody, right? Just opening a door for somebody saying hello. Offering something to somebody you know. You know, street corner, somebody's hungry. If I have a lunch or something, give it to him. I'll have an opportunity eat later in. Oh, I don't know if that person will, but it's just doing no small little things right that really make a difference in life. And so I like if you can't see it. But I want to show you guys because my my So let's try. This is cool, That's what My mentor, that's my mental restaurant, says this is this swag. But I wear it because I believe fully in what he says every single day he ends the show every day by saying kindness is cool, smiles of free. It's the truth. If you can live your life like that every single day and no matter the tragedy don't matter if it sends out cloudy whatever, whatever the Buddhist. If you can do that, you've made a big impact on this world and sitting like a suicide gratitude. Gratitude is everything. So, yeah, I don't apologize for being this person. So if I somebody says you seem just too happy, well, I'm just too happy. I don't I think it's the other way around. You need to really look at the perspective of you, not me.

[00:11:03] spk_1: Um, and I think it goes into the point, too, about countering the beliefs that you have to look, walk and be a certain way. No, no, you don't. Kindness literally is cool. I'm gonna butcher this quote because I heard it for the first time today and I was like, It's amazing. Um, But what he said was that a rose counts more whenever you're alive. Comparative. Whenever it's a wreath, more roses on a reef whenever your head. I'm like who? But that's true. And he's like, Don't do something kind for somebody and I'm like, Yes, yes, like everything about this. And it's so true That makes me think of my girlfriends. Her husband tragically passed away by lightning strike, and But every year are not just every year, all the time. He'd give her roses all the time. You give her roses, and that's just what I thought is like he was. He cherished that relationship. He died way too young, but that is something that left a legacy because he did kindness. He thought of others, and that belief that he had is like, I don't care what other people think. Like I don't have to be this macho man that, like he was himself. He loved his wife unconditionally, and he gave her roses all the time. And so that's that was the thing that got back in my mind. But I think that goes more into what what you're not sorry for is your beliefs And like, kindness is cool. And when was the first time that you it kind of hits you Or where were you at? Maybe the first time Whenever hit you that you like. I don't care what you think anymore.

[00:12:41] spk_0: You know, I heard people. I was actually at a party in They were talking about, of course, religion. And, uh, they were, you know, they were talking about what one person believes in, another person believes. And I tell them, You know what to me, my belief is just that it's mine. If I believe in full 100% whole heartedly, who could tell me I'm wrong? You can't. It's my belief. That's the whole thing in having a belief in having faith. It's e. I mean, none of us know what's right. We don't none of us. So if I see somebody who sits there and mhm, that's what he's passionate about, He goes, and he's, you know, praying every single day. You know, somebody might say, Oh, well, he's a religious zealot or he's something. What? No. You know what he is? He just practicing what he loves. He's being what he's supposed to be. And for that I see that the first time I I heard people talking about that and saying, You know, you should probably take into account the feelings of others when it comes to something like that. I said, You know what? No, First of all, I'm gonna put my beliefs what I believe first and then, you know, Yes. I'll be opening to listening to understand. I won't be at judgment because again, not my place. But I can find fault. But that's not where I'm gonna say hi. I should have believed something because it disagrees with somebody else. By what? What I believe in is what I believe in. And I don't have Thio tell anybody I'm sorry. I don't have to tell you, but if any of that. So if somebody comes on Excuse me, uh, the show where it's about business and kind of talking about religion or politics. I tell him please say what you want to say. This is This is what my form is about. And I want you to not have to apologize. I tell us. I hear people well saying, Hey, I'm sorry about this. Or like even with kids, people who have kids at home and they're having to work from home, Right? And a kid might zoom in inside of the inside of the camera, shot and walked by out, and they apologize. I'm sorry for that. So please do not apologize. That's just your life tax, you being you. That's what we have to accept. So when every season like that don't apologize. You know what? Let's just work past and let it be part of the conversation if it has to be so if you can't poke your head in there. Hey, how you doing? Guess what. He's just being a kid. He doesn't know that you're doing a live show. He doesn't know that you're talking about business. He's being him. That's the person you should follow. His belief, what he's doing, that is not even without thought. I can come on here, smile. Say hello and not even think about it. It's us who put the thought in this thing. Oh, that's bad. Don't do that. Get out of the way. Get out of camera. Go there! Fucking everything to me. That's like it is what it is. If that's your life. I'm not interested in what that is. I'm interested in what, who you are as a person and let's continue this conversation. So I've had plenty of that.

[00:16:05] spk_1: I think it's really important, Thio and I think that also highlights one of the comments here that John said is that there's a lot of good out there. There really is, and it's how you make it to like in this situations some people could make it as like, Okay, make it more than it years and they can actually kill their humanity in the process. Because, everybody, I'm gonna tell you everybody you're gonna lobstering me and him. We've done tons of them. We still have an image at times. It's like like we want Thio, make sure that we do it our best that we can. I will tell you after these I don't schedule anything out because I want to give my everything to these So saying that we have to bring humanity anybody that's coming on camera for the first time, even not. And that's one thing that I think it's interesting that I love about years is yes, you do have some famous people in there. I do as well. But the people that I love a whole lot is the not that famous People can't be real, but the ones that are rial but also the people that are like novice to this. And it's just like I'm coming to tell a story I've told it to. All my friends told it, my family's and I'm just ready to start. Okay, come on, we're just having a coffee chat. That's all it is, is just us chit chatting. You know, that's exactly there's value in it. They're literally a so much value in it. And here's the other thing I think is interesting, too. When you care so much what other people believe and you care about countering them, you usually don't tell your story. Oh, and so tell me about that for you. When was that? Or how has that helped you be able to tell some of your stories about life and living. And I know that you said that you've learned so much from this.

[00:17:51] spk_0: Well, e, I think that part of that has been about talking about where I waas prior to doing all of this. How I have found myself in a very dark point in my life. And it was gearing that those dark times where I was sitting there thinking, um, I leaned a lot on my faith, but I can't while you're going through it. You don't see any that might at that moment. And you're just you're just stuck and you feel like what is what is purpose? What is You know what? What am I supposed to get up and do every day? What is the one thing that back into answer the call to today? What is it? You know, And that's hard. That was hard for me for a very long time in I think once I started to figure out that I just started, I just needed to start expressing myself is when the light bulb went off when things started changing for me because I was the type of person four years ago who would even consider writing a block I wasn't the kind of person who would talk about my feelings. I wasn't the type person to do India of this. Um, it was more of the kind of thought rational where if I just hide it, nobody will know. I can just mask it. And, you know, just be something else, and nobody will really know what I'm going through it. At some point, that stuff just comes to the surface. It starts. You start really thinking about it. I think a lot of it has to do with when you get to the point where you start questioning your own mortality.

[00:19:40] spk_1: Mm,

[00:19:40] spk_0: where you start thinking legacy and start thinking about what will be remembered of. That's one of the questions that I ask everybody at the end of my show. Ask one question. That's it. I ask everybody. You know, when the book is setting down on you, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? What do you want to be remembered for? Those were the two things that were kind of the driving factors for me to go. Okay. What am I gonna be remembered for? What legacy going on behind and it really started to get me out there and say, You know what? I don't care if people a judgment off what I have to say. I don't care what people will think of my writing. I'm just going to start putting it out there. And then that kind of translated into doing a live stream is, well, I mean it literally starting in a dark garage with the camera in one, like talking, saying somebody watches it, somebody watches it not not knowing where the where the the starting point would change the trajectory of who I was as a person and what I've learned. So that's what I said. It all started with me figuring out while I was still not in the right mindset what I really wanted to do with life. And I think that's where for a lot of people, especially going through this time now with being stuck this last year in Cove, it and a lot of people being stuck at home because of either unemployment or having to work from home or whatever it is. So people start getting to that minds of questioning these things like, am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing? Is this my actual calling? And you start seeing people change their positions and use that buzzword pivot into doing something else that they want to do. You know, Hey, I've started a business. I've become a non preneurs or are I've change the way that I approached with client Whatever waas seeing that hearing it, knowing that people are still surviving and some people are thriving during this sort of e think right's just what shows why there's so much hope in human nature. And there's so much hope in humanity. Because again, if we can shine when it's dark, you know, and show that little beacon of light to everybody else didn't hopefully somebody else to see you go do it. If he could do it that time, I could do it. When life Is it a normal sort of pace, I could just change. So for me, that's what's it in my dark times and figuring out again what my life was supposed to be because for tell you for the last 40 for the 1st 40 years of my life, I was just yeah, you know, constant motive. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing? I'm just I was just going every day in a routine to the point into the point where I said, You know what? I can't do it anymore. I just couldn't. This is again. I was not the most photogenic person I was. A personal wall wanted to be on camera. I was. I didn't even have skills learned how to interview people. But I said at the pointed at the beginning, the year I told myself, I have to challenge myself and I've continued to challenge myself Even when I didn't meet the goals that I didn't want you, I still have to get up to go. I got to challenge myself, and even if it's somebody else that pushes me in that way, I still figure out.

[00:23:15] spk_1: I think that's so interesting to do that, in essence, to whenever you get out of your own way. In essence, can then be more confident in your beliefs and countering others because you're starting to learn yourself. You know yourself you love yourself more, and I think that is so imperative. But I think it is important for people to understand that you have to do you and get uncomfortable. It's okay, it's okay and know that pressures will come. And I think that's something I do want to talk about Real quick is the pressures. I feel like you know, it's Q for or about to be in it. And, like, I know by the time this is aired on podcast, it won't be cute for But the thing is, is that there's so many pressures happening right now and we're gonna meet these deadlines and it's 2020. We gotta make something of it. So what would you say to those people about the pressures that we put on ourselves and getting out of our own way?

[00:24:28] spk_0: Well, if anything, even if Coat has taught us anything, right, it is the fact that you know what? It doesn't matter what kind of pressures we put on ourselves. Um, it doesn't matter. You know what we think needs to be accomplished if you as a person. Mm. If you, as a person, cannot wake up every day and be happy, right? And this is why I say happiness is even though what do all those pressures if you're happy and you still have those kind of pressures, right? Whatever you're facing isn't even a problem anymore. It's pretty much, um, you know what? I can get through this. Even if I don't meet that quota, guess what? Tomorrow I will have another opportunity to redeem myself or whatever. So if you're going out there and you're in the pursuit of of trying to be happy as a person, I think that it doesn't matter. The situation doesn't matter if it's Q four. Doesn't matter if it's Cove. It doesn't matter if it's the bubonic plague. If you're that person who's living and I always think of, you know, story, like somebody like Joe right went through so much, so much. Had everything taken from everything, right? Instilled. Still didn't give up, Still did not turn out. Did not believe until even questioning questions, questions you still believed. And I think that's why I said, You know, if you have that same sort of belief, you wanted to be the happy person and you want to go live your life, even the times that you think that are very hard and people would say this is the time when you should be miserable. You should be whatever it iss like. You know, your friend husbands passed away too early, But I had a friend whose wife passed away during Covic. She died of pancreatic cancer. Yeah. What? You know what? He had the best attitude about it, though. Got up every morning, Still went out. Knew that the sun was gonna rise tomorrow. I still have to go out there and do something. And in I'm gonna live. My life is happy. It's possible. Doesn't matter if I have. And I'm telling you, he lost his father in September. In February, he lost his wife in June. He was followed for three months. And guess what? I don't know Anybody happened. I see him. And even when I talk, see the smile on space. I know that he's just being his living his best authentic self. And that's the innocent. That doesn't matter. So you talked about listening to people that you love losing your job for a while Living in a time of Covic. Guess what you still have. Doesn't matter. Didn't matter. The pressures on that and I'm just gonna give him a shout out. Let him see this. But, Oliver, Ideal art You are an inspiration, my friend. Um, I love you, buddy. And you know that it's been a hard year for you, but yet you're still E. I mean, he's still pushing himself. He's going to the gym now. Every day. He's he's really again. This could be a if he more than shoe on the other foot. And it was I lost my father. Oh, my God. I lost my wife. Oh, my God. I was without a job. Oh, my God. No. Didn't matter. He woke up every day, and I said so if you're having invasion of things, sort of pressures with your job or I have to meet this Guess what? You know what? If you may not make the quota, you may not make what you need to make. But guess what? Tomorrow you'll still have to figure out something to do. You still have to figure out something. Tell you even tomorrow you're fired because you okay, Cool. Guess what? You gotta wake up. You still got a little lines? Mhm. Do you want to live a life miserably or you want life happily? I'm gonna go try to live this again. Was happy as I can, and I see plenty of people with way far worse. Uh, you know, predicaments and I am. And I said, You know what? If those people could still get up every day and be happy and go live life millets so curious And I take inspiration from those sort of folks

[00:28:36] spk_1: and I think that's so huge to is I'm open about my dark times. I don't feel like you can. I don't know, though. Life brings you suck like I don't know anybody that has not had a hard time in life. It's going to do it.

[00:28:53] spk_0: I think that's why for a lot of us, um, yes, it's hard to do that while we're in the moment. But, you know, that's why I say Take those, take that time and see and go. This is the moment this is what it is right now, but see it for what it is. And I think at that point you'll start to realize more about your own life and who you are as a person.

[00:29:16] spk_1: You think that's important and we'll pop up another comment. No matter how bad you think you have it, someone else's strolling through worse. Personally, I look around and see some remarkable people cutting through some tough dealings and lot of people you wouldn't think have had in them. Still, keep on the good fight. That gives me the strength beyond measure that it's so true. Shane and I think it's important that we are all fighting a battle that people don't know, and we don't know how big their war is. Yes, and I think that that's huge. So, um, I know we're close to the end of our time. So I do want to ask my final question for you, Gabriel. For people that are apologizing for saying things that air countering their beliefs, what would you tell them?

[00:30:11] spk_0: You know what I would just tell them. You know, if you are apologizing, I think at that point even really look inside of yourselves. And I wonder why you apologize. I mean to me that they kind of sets off a little, uh, flag inside of ST. You know, you're you're either trying to be a people pleaser, which is a very hard life to clean. It's, um I know I functioned in that role for a little while myself. it za struggle, right? Can I? At that point, I tell somebody You know what? You really need a path. You really need to go on a journey of self discovery. Find out who you are, down to the core. You go out there and start looking, and it's and that's the hard part for a while, a lot of people don't take that journey very often is because they not only well, not. They'll see the bad things about their own buys, their own insecurities. And those are things that they don't want to actually have to deal with their face. Or it might bring up things in their past. And to me, that's what you know what, you'll never realize what kind of person you could actually be until you take that journey and you learn how to work past all of those things for me because again it was getting past that fear. It's getting past that fear of rejection, the fear of judgment, the fear of all of these things going once you once you learn how to to say, you know what, I don't care anymore. I don't care what Who's going to judge me how are going to judge me? I only care in this world about one persons judgment and it's none of you. I'm sorry, I don't apologize about that. It's none of you. I don't. Your judgment has no reflection on how I live my life. There's only one person, and that's then when I have to deal with him and then I'll really have answers to get with. Other than that, don't e do what I do. And I say And it took me. It took me getting to that journey and going digging deep inside of me and say, You know what? Got to change and that's the hard part for a lot of people. Is looking at looking at that person in the mirror and going. I'm happy with what I'm looking at for a lot of people. That's not yes, If a lot of people's like, I need to change this or Oh my gosh, look, I can't deal with this and that's I tell people, Don't once you start down that journey, you've worked so hard to get to that point. Don't apologize. Don't go back. Take that step backwards anymore. You're not that person anymore. once you've you can't unlearn something. So what? You start learning which change. You can't go back and unlearning I'm sorry. You can't. You take the red pill, you take the blue pill once you've taken. Once you've taken the red pill, there's no going back. You cannot learn what you've seen Keep going forward for you've worked hard to get to this point. Why stop now? I've learned that from so many other people and it's helped me as well. It's become part of my own core beliefs. This is why I said I can't go back to being who I was five years ago, but never so I don't apologize like that, friend,

[00:33:28] spk_1: but it in such a blessing thank

[00:33:32] spk_0: you

[00:33:32] spk_1: for you to be so open and honest and for coming on this show and talking. So for people that want Thio reach up to you later on or may want to know more about your show, where can they find

[00:33:44] spk_0: a way out? Gonna make this pretty, uh, same across all platforms. So if you look for me on instagram Twitter Facebook, you can find me at MFS be live, so it's m f S B live, which is made from scratch, broadcast live. I just shortened it because it was a whole mouthful. You could take me out on my YouTube page of Made from scratch broadcast there on YouTube. I have all my past shows that I put on there and then you can check me out on LinkedIn. I do. Extreme level Lincoln. So few. I am a Lincoln line. Just connect with me at Gabriel Eliel. Send me a direct message and invitation to connect. Always love connect with the folks. And you never know who I meet one of these days, Something one of these people might be on my show. E

[00:34:34] spk_1: Love it. I love it so much. Thank you so much for joining me today. And thank you for everybody that tuned in. You are such a blessing. Go have an amazing day. You deserve it. Yes, do that. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of unapologetically bold. I'm not sorry for if this touch you in any way, please like and subscribe and share with your friends as we continue the message of being unapologetically bold. Bobby and hot humans who are humble, open and transparent. See you next time