Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Savannah Sly - The Siren Singer of Sex Workers
December 21, 2021
The musician, sex worker, domme and advocate, Savannah Sly, joins HiThereCatsuit for a wonderful conversation . Savannah talks about House of Gord, her advocacy for sex workers and spreading the word through song.
Savannah Sly is a musician, Dominatrix, and sex worker rights advocate who resides in Seattle, WA. Savannah enjoys meeting people, rocking worlds, and spinning plates. 
Sly became active in grassroots advocacy for sex workers rights in 2013. Compelled to respond to sensational sex trafficking narratives (used as a justification to increase policing and surveillance), Sly became and community organizer with SWOP-Seattle. Sly later went on to serve as Board President of SWOP-USA from 2015-17, prioritizing chapter engagement and centralizing network tools. Since then, Savannah has served as an organizer for the ACLU of Washington, and is a national coordinator for the #OldProProject.  
Themes in Sly’s songwriting include sex, magic, power, and personal history. Sly’s debut album INDEPENDENT MEANS was released in December 2019, and is dedicated to sex workers everywhere.  
As a sex worker, Savannah has been active since 2003 and has no plans of ceasing. Known as Ms. Savannah, Sly has dominated hearts and minds internationally with great joy. Ms. Savannah is grateful for the opportunities and adventures sex work has made possible