Sit, Breathe, Bow
Ellen Jikai Birx, Roshi
November 10, 2020
Ellen Birx, Roshi, is fully immersed and fully committed to both Zen Buddhism and Christianity. She doesn't collapse either into the other but allows the two paths the full integrity of their truth all the while following them into the ineffable.
Ellen Jikai Birx, Roshi, is a Zen teacher in the White Plum lineage and co-founder of New River Zen Community in Blacksburg, VA. She received Dharma Transmission from Roshi Robert Kennedy, SJ in 1998 and Inka in 2014. Since the early 1980s, she has taught at interfaith retreats and conferences in the United States and Europe. She is the author of Healing Zen and Selfless Love. She is co-author with her husband Charles of Waking Up Together. Her latest book is Embracing the Inconceivable: Interspiritual Practice of Zen and Christianity, a guide for people who wish to integrate their practice of Christianity with eastern forms of meditation and mindfulness.

You can find out more by visiting the website for the New River Zen.

Her latest book is:
Embracing the Inconceivable: Interspiritual Practice of Zen and Christianity

Her other books include:
Selfless Love: Beyond the Boundaries of Self and Other
Waking Up Together: Intimate Partnership on the Spiritual Path
Healing Zen: Awakening Life Wholeness Compassion While Caring for Yourself Others