Does a business have to solve a problem?
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Does a business have to solve a problem?
June 16, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the different desire that any business and any offer can meet.
All right. So the question is, does my startup have to solve a problem? What if I'm building a product service or offer that doesn't solve a problem? Do I have a business? Do I have a startup? So, we're going to answer that question in this podcast. All right. 

For you to have a business, let's just get one thing straight, you have to solve a problem. There is no way around it. So, if you think about any business and you're like, okay, Robin, well, what about t-shirts? What kind of problems are they solving? And you know, the typical person might say, oh, it's just clothing someone. But yeah, that's like worth five or $10. But how do you justify a $400 t-shirt, right? Well, that $400 t-shirt is solving a problem just because people are unaware of what that problem is, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So, let's figure out how we can get to the root of that problem and figure out what the actual problem is. 

So if you have a T-shirt company or you're selling jewelry or toys or you're a musician and you're creating music or you're a movie filmmaker and you are putting out movies, if you have a product such as this or a high fashion item, etcetera that feels like you're not really solving a need where it's not a major necessity for people to live, then you might think you have a business that doesn't solve a problem. But here's the thing, those types of businesses actually solve very unique problems and these type of business is the way that they solve the problem is in a way that people can't even communicate properly because these are really deep inner issues that are being met by these kind of products. 

So, let's talk about how that actually works. Okay, the language of advertising is desire, that's from Gene Schwartz. So what that can tell us is if we are trying to advertise something, then we are trying to satisfy a desire. Everyone has needs, everyone has desires, satisfying that desire is the solution that or is the problem that your solution is solving. I think I messed that up, totally convoluted, but I know you're smart, and I know you get what I'm saying. 

So what we're saying is Every problem is satisfying a desire and for you to figure out what your problem is, you have to pinpoint what the desire is. So someone that is wearing a $400 t-shirt, for example, The t-shirt, maybe $10 with that T-shirt actually fits the need to be clothed and feel warm. But that other excess $390, how can you account for that value? 

Well, this is from a deeper need, a deeper desire. And once you figure out what that desire is, then you can figure out what problem you're solving. So for this person with the $400 t-shirt, there could be a number of desires that this person has. For example, maybe this person grew up very poor and he's seen other people walk around with $400 t-shirts, and because he feels like he needs to be somebody one day he feels that getting that kind of t-shirt will have validated that he's made it and this is the desire that he needs to satisfy. This is the problem that he needs met. 

So when we talk about desires, we can talk about Maslow's hierarchy of needs and look at each one of these needs that go up that hierarchy to figure out what that desire could be. So the very, the simplest one, the base of the pyramid for Maslow's hierarchy of needs. And we all know this, the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Um, I'm getting so tongue-tied! 

We all know this Maslow's hierarchy of needs to start with the base, the base our physiological needs. So these are the easier needs, right? Because this is something that we no need to be met. Food, water, warmth, this type of stuff is super obvious. It's more obviously people. The next layer in the pyramid going up our needs for safety, so your need to have a safe home in a safe neighborhood, going to a place of work that's also safe, going to school, that's safe and this is an essential need. Then going up one more level, there is a need for belongingness and feeling loved, so intimate relationships and friends. This is a very strong need, and if you're able to facilitate getting this need met, then you are solving a problem. 

The next step in the Maslow hierarchy of needs are your esteem needs. So the need to feel like you've accomplished something, the need to feel prestige, this is an important need. This is not something that we need to be ashamed of, this is just something that's very human. So for us to go chase something that makes us feel accomplished or chase something that seems prestigious, then that's a very strong desire that's being met, that is a problem that someone is actually facing. 

So if you're selling a Ferrari or a Porsche, you're not asking selling the car, no one goes into the car dealership, really caring about how fast this goes, they're thinking about how much prestige is going to bring them. It's it's symbolic of their accomplishment, right? And now they can show people that owe their accomplished and they can feel procedure and whatever the desire is that's driving that that's not really important. We all do have these desires, and these desires are human. And once you pinpoint what these desires are, then you can see what problem you're solving, the final layer or the cap of Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid is self-actualization, actually wanting to live a life where we can reach our full potential and be able to contribute to society in very meaningful ways. This is where we're looking for self-fulfillment, right? 

This is exactly why you're listening to this podcast because this podcast is helping you improve. It's helping you get these other ideas and extra ideas that will keep you from making mistakes that other founders are making, it will help you be able to build your business in smarter ways that gives you fulfillment not only in your business but also in your personal life. And that's why you're listening to this podcast because you have this need, you have this desire that has to be met for profit and happiness. 

So whatever your business is, whatever you're doing, you are definitely feeling some kind of need, whether that's entertainment, whether you're feeling the need for boredom, whether you're you're meeting the need for prestige or for love for relationships. Once you pinpoint what that desire is, then you can figure out what the problem is and once you figure out what the problem is, then you'll be able to take your marketing game up to the next level because then you can capitalize on that. I hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out.

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