My customer service bad
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My customer service bad
April 7, 2021
In this episode, we talk about a change in mindset that favors leads closest to the bottom of your sales funnel.
I recently had an interaction with a potential customer that's making me rethink how I go about taking care of my customers. So what this customer did is for those that don't know I have a startup accelerator. And if you go to the link in my bio on Instagram, for example, there's an application for you to apply for the start-up accelerator. And I have this one person who applied to be in the start-up accelerator, and she also sent me Dems in my Instagram and my first thought process is "Okay, I'm gonna start from the top of the funnel because I want to start bringing people from the top of the funnel down into the bottom of my funnel". 

And what I mean by that is the top of the funnel is where it's as wide as possible, where the funnel is wide. That's where you're bringing the most people in. These are your brand new leads that are just creating relationships with your brand. And my thought process was I want to give off a good first impression so I should start taking care of these people first. However, what I realize is I'm not, I'm neglecting the people that are really hot, hot leads. They're already in my world. They want to work with me. And here I am, focusing on the top of the funnel when I should be focusing on people that are closer to me at the bottom of the funnel. 

What happened is this person, she applied to my startup accelerator and she sent me a DM on Instagram. And because we were focused on the top of the funnel, we didn't check the applications. We went straight for the Dems to try to get people from the DMs into an application. And it turns out that this person already applied and she might have been even a little agitated. We're not really sure or she probably took it in good stride. However, it kind of put myself and Ana, who is like the right-hand person that works with me into a sort of a panic mode, and we realized that we were focusing on the top of the funnel, and we really need to start focusing on the people that are closer to the bottom of the funnel. 

So I'm changing my entire customer service mindset around. I think instead of going for the top-of-the-funnel customers first, I'm going to spend the mornings making sure that the people who are as close to me as possible get the most help. And then as I'm able to help these people and I feel satisfied and they feel satisfied, then can I start thinking about taking on any new clients or thinking about top-of-the-funnel stuff I thought I would share? If you're doing any kind of customer service, how are you doing your customer service? Are you worried more about the top of the funnel or customers that are already there? If you have a huge customer base and you're worried about retention, then it would probably make sense to focus on the bottom of the funnel. 

If you're brand new and just getting started, then you don't have a bottom yet, so obviously you're going to focus on the top. But I think this experience has kind of shifted. How I am going to approach customer service, where I am going to start from the bottom of the funnel and then start working my way out. I know this experience helped me and I hope that you can learn from my mistakes and it helps you. And I'll see you in the next episode. Boom, bam! I'm out. 

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