Safety FM with Jay Allen
Flobo Boyce
March 19, 2021
Today on The Jay Allen Show, Jay speaks with comedian, DJ, host, streamer, and all-around great guy Flobo Boyce. During the conversation, Flobo discusses his career, his love for streaming, podcasting, and professional wrestling. Flobo also discusses the current stage of streaming. Hear it all today on The Jay Allen Show.
Today on The Jay Allen Show, Jay speaks with comedian, DJ, host, streamer, and all-around great guy Flobo Boyce. During the conversation, Flobo discusses his career, his love for streaming, podcasting, and professional wrestling. Flobo also discusses the current stage of streaming.

Hear it all today on The Jay Allen Show.

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[00:00:03] spk_0: this show is brought to you by safety FM. Well, hello and welcome to this edition of the J. Allen show. Yes, I know it is Friday, but this is not going to be a safety FM. Many just want to give you the fair warning. So here's what's going on today as I've had the opportunity to get to meet all kinds of different people. Today I have a conversation with global voice. He is a comedian master of ceremonies and an award winning DJ, and I have to tell you, I did find flow Bow hanging out online on this website called matchmaker dot FM. It's kind of one of those websites where you can find people to interview. But I have to tell you if Lobo has changed a lot of things as of recent, and I'm talking about when it comes to the world of screaming. So I took the opportunity to hang out with Globo for us to discuss different things about himself and also the impact of streaming on what we do day in and day out. So I hope you sit back and enjoy this special edition of the J. Allen show instead of the traditional safety FM. Many today. So take a listen and enjoy this conversation with flow. Both voice on the J. Allen show where we talk about everything. Enjoy it now. Safety FF changing safety cultures. What? One broadcast and one podcast at a time. Okay, let's go. I used a little Florida back in the day. I'm sorry. I apologize already for that. It's college. Man got in the paper. That the hell out. What area? In Florida, if you don't mind me asking. I went to Flagler. Oh, Oh. Saying Augustine such a beautiful city. I was the only black out there with them. So that had to be an interesting experience, because that is definitely like an older city. Um, ghost town, of course, depending on how you know how you want to relive the college life. Oh, yeah, Absolutely. I came from Brooklyn, if you can imagine that. So, going from a metro area of 11 million people having thousands, even things closed at, like, 6 p.m. That was my 18 to 21 man living large. Well, no. I mean, it's a different world over there. I mean, any time that you come to Florida, you know that it's a retirement community. Regardless, with the exception of Miami, Miami is just a kind of a miniature version of Cuba. Um, but everything else is just kind of one of those things where, yeah, I mean, it gets a little bit later in the day and it's done. It's pretty much over. Yeah, but I was. I really wanted to go to out of State and it was dirt cheap at the time. Yeah, I mean, New York to Florida. Everything's dirt cheap in comparison. But even a private college man, a private college was pretty cheap. And and it was like 10,007 everything plan at the time. And so I made a big campaign. My parents, my parents were like, Fine, just if you fail, it's okay. We got Columbia. Just go have some fun. And so I stuck with it. So what about So what about the communication program there at Flagler? Kind of got you excited leaving New York to go there at the time. It was like, you know, you got to do news and like the more ground on the ground stuff, this is before the Florida man thing became like a thing. But there's a city with the beaches. There's a city with the alligator farm. There was the the ghost hunting stuff. I was a history buff. You know, my parents are Caribbean. So, like the whole, like the New World Discovery thing was cool. I thought the place to start, and then I got through it. I was like, I want to film and I totally crap can my first four years of news gathering to do film instead. So But here's the interesting aspect on the stuff that we were able to find about you. You've done a lot of interesting things from where you started to where you're at. I mean, the earliest we could find was a production assistant will say a bank just in case. If you don't want to call them out by name. Yeah, yeah, that was it. That was actually changed my life. It's It's Citigroup. I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure. Some people hate their former employers. I was like, I don't want to say it. Then we'll be like those. I feel like I'm out. I'm out. I'm not talking to you. I got plenty of those good players I hate, but yeah, it was why you have a team. That's what's up. I was going to go into finance when I was in high school. I was in this program called the Academy of Finance, and the idea was that put you in these internships during the summer between a junior senior year, your senior year to get into the more of the real words. Three words stuff. Academy Finance was co founded by Sandy Weill, who at the time was CEO of Citigroup. So a lot of the internships for at that bank. And so I went there at 17 years old, my only shirt button down, uh, and and they looked at my resume and say, Hey, you know, you know, Photoshop. This is like the old photos 5.5, You know what I mean? Like it was before the cool stuff like, yeah, so if you mean to media services and so they called that industrials, But to me, it was a whole different world. I don't have the worst suit. I got to create stuff to make a company look good, and that internship actually changed my entire perspective. as to what I wanna do in my life. So corporate finance was great. The money was great on the table, But I was like I wanted to create and not wear a tie. Well, and hopefully that's the angle you were able to go with when it was all said and done. I mean, it's a crazy, winding road. I think I'm still in live entertainment. Yeah, sure. But like, yeah, I go back to that particular former employer and I realized that this was a game changer. Well, but here's the thing. You've done quite a few things throughout your career and we'll talk about some of those, if you don't mind. And I have to tell you, I thought it was kind of funny on how we're able to find each other. You found me on matchmaker, which automatically people automatically think that it's a dating website. Especially when you start you start going through the description. Oh, yes. I'm interviewing somebody from matchmaker dot FM. What? I'm gonna try. But so what I loved was your comment. When you responded back, you and I went back and forth like I am not sure what a safety FM is which I love that that's always the best part. What? I hear something like that. Because that's the thing we What we do is we actually talk about safety mostly. But what I like to do is interview people that have nothing to do with safety at the same time to. But you're in a career aspect where you're doing a lot of online stuff. You've actually done real world stuff for a major media group, which I can name if you want me to. I'm never sure. Okay. I just wanna just wanna make sure. So you did some stuff with Fox, so you you've been there. So now you're seeing a lot of the stuff coming into the in home streaming a lot of people trying to do all of this. Where are we getting lost in translation? Because I'm sure you're noticing that people are not doing a great job. They're trying their best, but we're still losing some of some of the platform from the major media. What do you think? You know, when everything is shut down A year ago about this time you it really was like the gold rush all over again for for a second there when these giant companies didn't know how to pivot. Because you're at the Titanic, right? How they changed. It was like, Well, how do we try to bring these experiences out there? I come from now I am a comedian. Now I d j weddings. How do we do this virtual thing that these big guys aren't doing yet? And I really thought that was a kind of cool thing. But you know, whenever there's money involved as resources and this rich billionaires being like Okay, how do we get back on top? I mean, it was only a matter of time until now. Things look more slicker for these kind of companies, but I think that the lost in translation thing really comes from a change of what is important and what isn't. I had to be told by the world that what I did live entertainment was non essential. And I was in my feelings for a long time during the lockdown. But then really, to focus on what was important and what wasn't so like on the comedy side of things, I got to dabble in music, another dabbling, putting levity to my podcast more then saying okay, if it's not a joke, if soundstage doesn't count. Yeah, well, you say that, but your podcast and some of the streams that you do don't always just go about anything related to comedy and music and so on. You are heavily involved. What's my hidden love that I don't discuss a lot about with wrestling? You You talk about wrestling. I'm kind of shocked that I don't see the belt in the background because I normally see it in some of your other shots. The actor. I don't see it currently. Um, holidays. I think I got right. I got dragged for it doing the more the elevator. I had the belt back. Right? So you do have a love for professional wrestling in recently, you had somebody on that does the after show for 83 weeks, I will tell you I have loved Bischoff for as long as I can remember. Um So where did the love come about or professional wrestling for you since day one. And I grew up in New York, where WWF was the local federation, because back then, the territories and stuff, it's cool to see him like my home will blow up. Uh, but But after cartoons on Saturday and Sunday, we have an hour of these lives superheroes and they'll they'll. And I think you didn't know that on the weekend shows that gave them the second tier or third tier stars. So it was a huge fan of, like, Duke the Dumpster. Drozd like the talk, was my hero because you never lost a match for like two years back, so you don't see Antenna was big on that weekend. Show to, uh, say it's no talk about those guys, man. Uh, but the thing is, it's to me. To this day, it's the It's the best character work on television. I tell people it's like Shakespeare in the round for the masses, and I get laughed at usually. But but to answer your question when I do, my show is called Draped in Gold or recover N x t and N x t u k I treated as if it's like Skip and Shannon undisputed or speak for yourself. I'm not going. I don't know what you're writing this week. It's like it's like, Oh my God, Seth Rollins, come back What's that mean for his squad? Jack and I Really, the fact that so hyper realistic becomes absurd and therefore a lot more fun to listen to. Well, I mean, the thing is that a lot of people don't understand some of the psychology that comes out of professional wrestling, And I think that if people could kind of understand some of the things that are related there, how it translates so much better over now, this might be slightly controversial. But if you take a look at some of the aspects of what Donald Trump did and it is original, when he was trying to run for president back in 2016, it looked like he had taken a page out of McMahon's book, Uh, and how he was running it. At least that's my opinion. What do you think that is? Absolutely true. So I'm gonna try to tread lightly here. Well, how they're feeling. I know, but like you think about the structure of what the primary is, it's you and many, many other opponents in your camp, and you look at someone like President Trump who took each opponent and found one thing one weakness and hammered it over and over again. You go. You know what? Jeb Bush doesn't get excited enough. You know what I mean? Like And so people went with the guy. Because if it makes you feel something, if you connect with someone, I live in Los Angeles today. And once you go out of Los Angeles proper like into the mountains or down South, there's there's a lot more of Trump supporters. And when you say, Hey, look, what about this individual that you like so much? Because in L. A. It's like, Wait, we don't. But if you go outside and say, Why is it to go? Well, he tells it like it is. He is speaking to me, and that's universal. Doesn't matter if you play the cello. It doesn't matter if you own a business. If people feel something, what you create, then it's a done deal, man. It's It's the undisputed era with him. No, I'm joking. I'm joking. As I say that I have some strange questions. I know that you talked a little bit at the beginning. What you've been doing. So right now I know that you you have your own entertainment company and it looks like you assist people in regards of building some other plans. Do you go as far in as in streaming and helping out? People were doing the set up and doing the proper way and kind of getting the whole thing set up as well. If you would ask me about two months ago, I would have said no, But the answer is yes, I do. I do everything I do. There's actually a show on YouTube and to put it over too much more, please. And that was a very simple situation host that had a lot of real world gigs. I got kind of cut off at the Pandemic and wanted to do a live show. And, of course, winter trained on camera fully. It's a bit of a learning curve, the learning technical stuff. And so it becomes like I just want to be the talent And so it was asked me to run that board and, yeah, so what I do is to start off in the real world. The entertainment consulting side was more for, like DJs and florist and photographers. I wanted to get their brand out there in the Southern California wedding space because I'm not sure if your listeners know this Southern California's most popular place in the country. Get married 50,000 weddings so yourself that pie. But as far as like your own, like the Web shows and stuff like that, that's part of it to consulting work. People have questions about what's the best strategy that also and then my own network has grown because of it because basically apply for any kind of aid. I had to basically show the government that I'm legitimate. I have to actually like, document everything and show them the books, all that stuff, too. So I felt more real doing that now with a virus on the loose than ever before. So when you start teaching people about this, do they normally come to you from scratch, where they have no concept whatsoever of what's going on? So do they even understand the difference between a DSLR and Webcam and all that kind of fun stuff? Or is it kind of know? And we're going from from the bottom up, everyone's either kick the tires, and so I say that I mean, like, is either going with no knowledge whatsoever or the Google University graduates Because you know what I heard You can drop 10 grand on a rig, But if you don't have any content to put on it, then what? Like what's that like? It sure is nice. So when you start doing this development and you've assisted these people in regard to actually moving forward and doing all the stuff they do, do they bring you all kinds of different kind of content that I mean, are you seeing a little bit of everything or they looking especially specifically what you're doing inside of your space? I think people look and see what I'm doing as far as the whole structure and writing. That's one thing no one really takes time to look at, how your show should be structured because you got to give people the Big Mac. So you know what it's like every week. What I've seen is that everyone has their own flavor, whether it's the thing I wouldn't touch, like fantasy or things I cannot touch, like Mexican American culture. What I've seen is a kind of a cool like a graduate class and how people took the information interpreted so are you gonna do? Are you gonna do one of these sessions to where you kind of have a master class where a blueprint where people can sign up because, you know, that's the most popular thing. Now I have a master class. I have a blueprint that you can you can follow and copy for the low price of the trailer videos. A lot more. It's something I think about. I write things down, but like, I feel like when I was in film school, I respected the teachers more. Who did stuff. It came back. I'm still on my journey. So I don't wanna be that guy who had the one short film being like, You know what I've seen in my experience. So maybe later down the line where the name is a household name. But as of now, I'm just building my okay. So as you've been doing your thing as you're saying, you've done a lot of stuff. You've been with some big companies. You've been with some medium sized companies. You've been some with some big name brands. How did you How did this door get there? I mean, the door was there. Did you beat it down. Did somebody help you with the door? How did this work out for you? So it's kind of a long and boring questions about trying to make it stop. Well, two things happen When I realized that Trajectory is in a straight line, I think it's very important. I think a lot of us, because school is so linear. Ninth grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, we think, Oh, job, job, job. And I'm awesome. The end. So going back to grad school. So I went to film school out here in California. That's why I got stuck here in this, uh, weird town of broken Dreams and Pompey. But But my first job really like we're serious. Job was at Fox, and I thought I was gonna be a Fox manager. Life was gonna be a salaryman. Uh, let me go on one fateful Thursday and had a crisis of conscience. What do I do and doing that and having the background video optimization and content clipping and all that stuff. So Okay, I'm gonna go into writing books and novels. Did that as well. I got into more of the stand up comedy that's basically writing humor for yourself and that's doing. Performing live became the EMC job. And I'm seeing that the teaching and teaching and I'm seeing led to motivational speaking, keynote speaking so like everything builds on something else. So, yeah, it's good to have a guide or what you think the big goal is. But you know, leaders have opened says Hey, you want to try this here to the pandemic? I'm on my but can't go outside and someone goes, Hey, man, we have this video game tournament. Do you want to cast it or commentate on it? I'm sure it's one of my favorite games to play. It's called Rocket League and I've been a rocket league cast over the past 10 months. I'm in the man there, too, so it's keeping it open for sure. So you're keeping everything open That so I mean, if you're even going as far as that now, or do you put that on your own channel and cast it out that way? So that was kind of like a repeater. It's kind of funny, because I when I first started, I was like, Well, I don't want to have that part of the global brand. Because what if I suck? I'm gonna have a brand new name is gonna be different. Personality is gonna be called No Von to write. My name is Ivanka. It's Italian for 90 because it's a car soccer game if you explain it. So I figured 30 minutes in the soccer game Top 90 Vonette 90 No Vonta. But what happens is someone googles you and it becomes completely moot. Hey, what are you doing? You know what I mean. So it's a separate channel. No Vonta RL on Twitter. But like, it's my face I linked to my other social media A don't do that very well hidden. It sounds like that. Well, I mean, it's funny that you say that because that was that was a product that was heavily marketed on W W E. That you referenced earlier became a fan, actually. Okay, very interesting. The third base in San Diego and the third birthday is, uh, they celebrated at Petco Park, which is a beautiful ballpark, uh, during comic con and they had a pre man Becky lynchings Xavier Woods there for assigning. So I converted to get my autograph. And on the Jumbotron is this crazy bonkers game. And they said, Hey, look. Thanks for coming out. Use this code. You can download a Smackdown banner and I was hooked. That was three years ago. Nice. So you mentioned Xavier would And Becky Lynch I'm gonna jump onto Savior would for just one moment the rebirth of G four TV. You know what? It's a long time coming. And it was It was a weird thing, because towards the end of the first one, I was like, You need to go. But the whole the whole appetite has changed. I mean, the sports are now I'm not going to be legitimate because it kind of always were being more accepted. We had ESPN play it because they had to play over the summer. People looking for organizations, guys and gals are investing in teams. And so, yeah, now it's time more than any to get back in that culture. I was a classic nerd, and by that I meant I got beat up for being so I am a veteran of the longer dot war. It's all that dirt stuff. Sure, bring it on. So do you think that the I guess the coming back or the reincarnation of G four TV has a lot to do with which, Yes, absolutely, I I see. Back when Twitch was Justin TV, I yeah, I like This is hard to describe, but fascinating. You know, it's like a deep tissue massage should hurt. But it's great, and you see that blow up and to see even people even before the pandemic, trying to find ways to monetize it. And they have their own channels, whether it's video games or talk shows. My twist channels mostly talk shows. I mean the idea of like, it's a whole community of people that support people with bits and they raid others. It's like this crazy thing. And yeah, you can put the fact that big corporate overload owns it. But what company doing stuff now is not owned by somebody. It was a bunch of cash. And so which is being there and I can see G four seeing that going, let's get back into it. Well, I don't with the company that owns it being, of course, Amazon. You kind of have to dig just a tad to be able to find it. It's not like they promote. I mean, unless you're running ads and you kind of see some Amazon stuff related there, but I don't really think it's that bad. I think it's a really good service for what it offers, because you can find a little bit of everything. And then some, at least on there. I understand the ideas of giant companies, please. But it's so convenient, bro. I know that some people are kind of like, Oh, I'll do x y z dot tv because it's different. But I'm just saying what one button? And then come to my house and things I don't need, You know? I mean, it was everywhere they, the cloud services everywhere. They are just going to be part of our life. That's their air. So how is your love for mixer? Did you care for it? Did you care for it? How was the general feeling? So I was an Xbox guy. I understand that that for a long time PlayStation got smart and they had a stronger hardware for a long time community pretty much ingrained. And even now in this generation, the series except it's a superior machine. But no one wants to buy it. So maybe it was fine was one touch was button. It was It was great. Uh, but I realized it was a problem in describing what it was without describing the competition. Oh, it's like twitch, but that's that's dead in the water. No one's ever like an Oreo is a hydroxyl, but no, they know what Orioles. So I knew it was a diving platform. It's only a matter of time. Well, I mean And then, of course. What? What? Facebook acquiring it now, Whether being I think it's f b dot g or something along those lines, I haven't been on it since, Right? I get it. I I feel like Facebook needs to spin off some of these like it's just too cluttered. Like I'm gonna buy some used tires, watch a video game and find a date on the same platform. This is weird. Oh, man. So let me jump back. Just a hair, because you did say something earlier about how you are motivational speaker now as long as well, as a comedian. So do you think that by actually doing part of your comedy and you get to go practice or you practice your comedy speeches. This is kind of helps your motivational speeches because you almost have to test the waters with some of the stuff. You kind of feel that it's helped it out. Absolutely. I think it's for the motivational speakers, part comedy, part material and understanding, structure and jokes. And you have to have a point. I guess you can't ramble on forever because people will tune out. But also like the instagram social media, like I am so done with fast food like captions like Believe in yourself. What does that mean when the bills, or do I believe that you're going to pay for it? Believe I don't know how much believing right? Exactly. No one tell you nothing, whatever. And so I think a lot of that comes with the ground level stuff. So the motivations I do are more about, like pushing that extra to do less thing. The small steps, um, for me personally, my angle angle discipline don't say gimmick, either. That's that's my history, that I used to weigh £335. And so my motivation comes from that about taking that one step, taking the taking the smaller cheeseburger. You know what I mean? Understanding It's a small thing. So to keep it real, those are those are personalities. You got to how people connect with you back to my Donald Trump point back to my wrestling. But But, yeah, the moment you go on saying you like what you need to do is don't care. People think it's like we've heard it from everyone on the planet. What are you giving me? You know, when I hear stuff like that, I think automatically to Brewster's millions with Richard Pryor. Very, very old movie in regards of when? When you don't vote for me, I don't believe anything they're saying, and then everybody ended up voting for him. But it's a lot. It seems like a lot of that angle. If you really think about it to an extent, because we kind of get a lot of the stuff. Same repackage, and it's very different to find somebody who says No, I don't want you to tell you something that applies to nothing. So and you've done things that have changed for you. So as you've done that, is that why you look at it differently than most well, there's also that formula of what they call relatability. Everybody wants to be more relatable than anything else. And so there's that odd balance of bragging of what you've done but try to be vulnerable. So we will see a lot of time on social media. Someone like in a three piece suit hanging in front of a car, be like L l l forgot my wife's anniversary. It's like, Okay, we'll get what you're doing. You know what I mean? Like like even though I won't say it's a formula applies to me, I want to make sure that this is actually things I've lived through. I think that the nugget of reality is what matters. And so the moment I'm talking about you, don't you just hate it? We have to refuel your jet in Dubai. You'll know it's not me at all, you know what I mean, So make sure it's legitimate. Well, that's funny, because that reminds me of the marketing that they did for the Cadillac El are now. This is a car that is the identical to the Chevy Bolt, except that it has some fans of your trips, and they made it sound that it was supposed to be for the elite personnel in regards of what they were doing. The car was $90,000. When you can get a Chevy Volt for 30 and all it was was the exact same base with the Cadillac brand on there. So it almost sounds like that's some of the portions that you're looking at in regards of. I'm not going to be the guy. I mean, I would love to be the guy that has a jet, but I know that I wouldn't waste that kind of money. But that's how you're looking at it, right? You are a math in my own heart. This is what I do because I'm a nerd. I like to look at corporate branding and ownership and stuff like that. So and different Brandon and like, especially what comes to like cars. I'm a Mercury guy. I like Mercury design. I thought it was superior. You couldn't convince me it was nothing more than expensive Ford, but that's what I'm saying. Like I remember that. Remember the Aston Martin Signet? Remember that car? Basically it was like a car that Aston Martin had to make to make sure the fleet was under the EPA or the equivalent of the European PIA like aspirin mileage. And it was like a Fiat re battery back. But it was like again, like $90,000 for this Aston Martin Signet. He was like, Who was the driver? But you're saying, Yeah, there is a There's a nugget of what you are at the core and you can stretch beyond that like I can wear a suit. I can wear a T shirt and jeans, for example. But the moment I'm wearing a top hat and tails, you know something's up. And I'm just a kid from Brooklyn. My parents are still out there. My neighborhood knows me from from day one, but the moment you straight from that, people go. Okay, I'm onboard. Yeah. So the moment you get out of the jeans and T shirt, people might have some questions that I mean, you don't always have questions walking around town package on our show, right? You can say whatever you want. Does that matter? We We do. We do whatever you want to do. So, as you've been in California over the last year during the pandemic. So some news was released today that California ranks as number 28 with the actual most cases that are out there, about 9000 to 2. Every 100,000 people. So they've taken lockdown extreme. Closed everything down. Now I'm gonna give you the side of the planet that I'm on which the numbers are almost identical. 9000 to every 100,000, and we're ranked number 27. Yeah. What do you think? What do you think they're in regards to the two different options that they've won about I. Your opinion, of course, of course, is one of the opinion question I didn't really know per amounts, but I knew full number of population over infectious risk recovery versus death. And it was like Florida and California was so similar. I mean, if you look at the data, they're kind of like neck and neck. But what I have noticed, depending on what side of the aisle you reside on, there is a bit of a propaganda, you know? You know, that crazy crackpot Newsome Bill, businesses are crippled. We kind of are. But they're terrible out there, and I'm like, Well, I was Florida even better now it gets weird for those who don't know my stand up. I grew up in a two party household. My mom is very progressive. My dad is actually a registered Republican. And so those kind of battles happened all the time in my household. But I'm like, we're not getting any better. Like this Virus doesn't stop and go. Whoa, Florida. We're done. You know, I mean, because if it had not into it, wouldn't even enter, gets a weird steak. You know what I'm saying? This is something we all have to band together and get around with. But gyms are opening today. Uh, indoor dining is opening today as of March 15th. And so maybe we're on on that, flattening the curve or whatever, but I knew for months ago like this infection rate was pretty much even stevens across the board. So have you thought about doing what a lot of Californians are doing and running off to Texas becoming the tech, the California of Texas or Texas? California And we want to take a look at it. Oh, Texas doesn't want them. Oh, I know five because because, like actual Californians are here and They're nice people and they're great people. But it's just people like us transplant. We ruin it for everybody. I'm from New York. I go back and like tourists because I've lived there so long and and so you can go to Texas all you want. I've been to Austin, Beautiful City, but the one thing you notice that there are Texans there are transplant to Austin. And there's California transplants in Austin. It was almost like a third city in that city. And so I'd rather not. No, no, no, I I remember being in Texas because I grew up in Texas for many, many years, and I remember that people said for a long period of time that Austin would be the next Hollywood. This was back in 96. I mean, we're in 21 right now, and I still think they're still having the same conversation. But Austin has changed from what it what it was. But if you go to any other city in Texas, it's still Texas. I mean, it's not, it's not progressive, it's not nothing. I mean, that sounds wrong because I'm kind of putting a blanket statement there, but it's not as advanced as Austin, depending. If you look at as Austin as advanced, I mean their their motto is Keep Austin weird. This is Jay Allen show. Okay. 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Right at the moment in Portland, right? No, you're right. Texas has this kind of, like, city state thing going. You know, you don't mess with Texas now. Whatever says don't mess with Oklahoma, please. No, I and I knew that going in because because it's so why it's so massive. Every stereotype about Texas is true. What I've seen. When I was a kid, my mom did Mary Kay. And so everybody should go to Dallas and there were a cowboy hats on one side. There were businessmen on the other side. It was almost everything in this giant, like, I guess, hyper realistic Southern kind of vibe. But I respect that. I've been to a couple of times. I loved it. Been to Dallas. I haven't been in Houston. Um, it's a It's a dizzy unto itself, but I can tell it to this day. For a lot of people living in Los Angeles in this Los Angeles area, the branding of Austin is still appealing. Hey, south by southwest. Hey, Robert Rodriguez was there it's going to be better in Austin, Texas, and, well, I've seen some of the housing situations. It's not that better because it's an influx of people coming in. There's actually a housing deficit in Austin. In fact, I was like San Antonio migration pattern that we have out here. Well, I mean, I mean, Houston was popular for a period of time, and I could tell people at one particular point you could close your eyes in Houston and say Open them And I tell people there in Florida and they would believe it because on how some of the areas were laid out. So, I mean, it becomes interesting on how transplants actually occur, because there was a lot of people trying to escape from California because of the close down. Why did you have not to do it? Why did you decide to stay there? Especially being from New York transferring to actual California, then now your business is entirely changed. So why did you decide to stay there when you can do it from anywhere? I think the big bad thing on the rumors a virus like there's no there's no walls, there's gonna be no like barriers for it. Yeah, things will be cheaper without up my entire life. I am a small business owner in that regard. You know, I My my main source of income is I D J weddings to the California. So to turn that down, to move somewhere else to set that up to me would not be worth it. I've been here in since 2000 and seven and entertainment industry. And so for a lot of times it felt like not necessarily living in California, dude, but leaving home to go to the old steel mill to work. And so there's years where I haven't but like anything else would be the prodigal son. So my dad will call me and go, Hey, man, Fox News or one American News or news? Max says. Everyone's leaving. California are going to Texas and I go, Well, if I do that to me to be a failure right, I have some sort of realism by realism. I mean, like, there's a whole lot of negativity with one shark of optimism, that something will turn around and that either more work work will come or get more established here. I wouldn't have to move. But yeah, the thought was there, man. It really was, Especially in the summer when there was no weddings to go to and there was no talk of a second stimulus check. Things out of K is going. It's real, bro. Like college all over again. I mean, I felt like that at certain points. Take that, mom. So when you were starting to see, everything changed and all of a sudden people were either cancelling or rebooking. Were they looking for a year out, or were they going ahead and just getting married without any kind of ceremony? What were you saying at the time? Well, thank you for me, that a lot of them It just postpones because whether or not you believe what they're saying on the news, it didn't seem like 2022. Click. It was like two weeks, six weeks, eight weeks. And that was great. So my 2020 wasn't as bad as most, but, like had had 20 twenties rate continued on without a vaccine. This I will feel a lot more because there'll be no end in sight kind of a thing. And I only had one cancellation and it was early enough to be like, Yeah, I take the money. I don't want to argue to go to court over and just do it. But But that was kind of scary, because you don't really know. Um, everything I did was in live entertainment talking and even my my cash grab p a job at the local venue downtown where I got the green M and M's for man's between gigs. I mean, that was the last ones to come back. So I had put all my eggs in this basket going, Oh, my gosh, The one thing I didn't support you coming was a global pandemic. Happens once a century has occurred in my peak earning years, that damn Spanish flu. I should have known better about patterns, patterns. So as you're as you're looking across, do you think that is how you diversified across the board? You've been able to be successful or at least maintained during this whole thing. Is that how you look at it now? More than ever, I felt like to me it was teaching events, wedding events and officiating events. That was my main thing. And after that, even Now there's a podcasting thing. There's a video game cast and think I close the efficient business, so being able to look back at yourself as a business like everyone wants to be a CEO, but nobody wants to close down apartments. It was a fire people, or put yourself to work earlier, and so doing that helped me out a bit and to help diversify what I can do. So I sit in this chair perhaps maybe too many hours a day, but it's able to do so many different aspects and to potentially put the seeds down to earn. That's what you need to do, especially now, more never. Where because we're at home all the time, there really is less incentive to go out. Movie theaters have a Herculean task of telling me now in 2021 that coming back to a theater besides nostalgia is worth doing it. You know, we've had gourmet popcorn. We have our surround system. Tell me a reason why you five d Maybe I have No, I mean with HBO. Max doing what they have pulled out of out of their little rabbit hat all of a sudden that is just one of those magic tricks that I think it's gonna be difficult. I mean, I think it hurt the industry. Let's be number one and the number two. I think it's gonna be interesting because I don't see how other streaming platforms are not going to do the exact same thing. Yeah, it did. I get you. There's there's an actual thing between the experience. Oh, man, I think beats theater experience. But that can evaporate with time. Yeah, I mean, kids don't today. I don't know what a dial up tone is. Yeah, I mean, like I can imagine. So I was like, Well, we kept making Nickelodeon machines because the feeling, bro, I'm just great in this video clip. It's like, Welcome to AOL. But they didn't say, Oh, it's like you've got mail. I A. I remember when you could change the name that was such a big deal. So I'm glad that you were able to diversify and able to still maintain and do the things. Is there one thing that you enjoy doing more than the other? And I know that's almost asking which one's your favorite child, but you have to ask The question to the top story is I am fulfilled now more than before, because before the pandemic, the goal was okay. Lobito. I call myself that. You've done things in L. A. You gotta try putting your act on the road to see if it's good in all kinds of things. So, like, I was so bummed because I had gigs in Alaska and gigs and Tokyo lined up. I was going to go ahead and, uh but it was like I asked for you, bro. Um, so be able to do different things. Now I have more options, and I can tell you the podcasting things I love like the video game casting is a thrill. Like if someone told me you can only do this for free, I'm like, Cool, Yeah. I mean, it's so much fun, but definitely the podcasting. I have six shows currently being able to like change gears for each one of them and have a structure for one of them and bring guests for those and almost have this virtual party. That, to me, is like what I like to do. If I get to be doing that and be able to feed myself out of cans and buy furniture and have to build myself that I want. So you are acknowledging some similarities here. Podcast sports announcer Comedian. I think I know of some other guy that was pretty popular, is really popular now, has probably the number one podcast on the planet that does all those three things I know. Me neither. Me neither. That that damn Spotify Now it's interesting in regards. If you kind of look years back, I don't know if you watch a lot of MTV when you were younger, but Adam Curry was the first one that I ever heard. Talk about podcasting and I was like, I have no idea what the hell that is. And that was back late nineties, late nineties when he was talking about it. And look where this is at now what? What do you think? I don't know. I don't have kilograms 17. So my MTV experience is limited. But back in my day, they used to play music videos a long time ago. Uh, well, Kurt Loder was their first, but it was understanding what a podcast was because an iPod is something that almost no one has any more because music become all commoditized. But I remember when I was a kid or a teenager. There are single Internet radio. You a licensing station. You will go on for me like 30 minutes a week with my little Compaq Presario. Stinking like why? There was no recording? No, where you have to like nowhere to go. They still have that so weird. Even then, you're like, I feel like such a dweeb doing this. Uh, but yeah, I remember the podcast. Boom. Remember, the podcast collapsed. Remember the serial having the podcast thing, too? And now I got my oldest podcast is old, but like the one that's still current My oldest current podcast about two years. But since that two years, I've seen everyone do it. And it's like there are more podcasts out there than there are human beings, the United States. But we're going to keep on making podcasts for the sake of it. It is here to stay, and it's cool to see because now people that didn't have a voice have one, whether or not they have download the complete different. But that's a whole that's a whole other story. So as you look at it and you did the old school microphone going to the live portion. How did you enjoy the radio aspect of it when you were doing it? Radio was one of those things that I I thought that had I known I had radio was healthy. Back then, I probably would have done that. I went to college in 99. I started 2003. Excuse me, and even then I was like, This seems like it's pretty much It's all MP threes, man. What's radio Lobster? Give me some Napster. It's not even that. So I took radio classes. I love doing it. I love having that voice and being the host aspect of it. The I guess I'm a people pleaser in that way. But even then I knew that it was kind of a slim breed. In fact, a friend of mine was in my class with the radio route, worked for a giant company. Can't name it. You know what I'm talking about? There's only one giant radio company, so Oh, my heart turning hold on. But then one day they walked in to go. You know what? We got this algorithm and a host in Denmark. Peace. And so she has to find work. And it's a very specialized craft. And there's really not much of a choice. Podcasting now or doing, um, live hosts and bars and stuff around town. So again, I think I dodged a bullet there. But but, yeah, going back there, I love radio. I love being able to say these are the same songs, and I'm going to give you the experience. There's content and people pay for the experience. There's a billion of one wrestling review shows people are buying into, whether by their eyes or or buying merch because they want to see what my take is or what your take is or or what have you like. I saw your video, and I'm like, Man, he sounds smooth. Not Michael. Let me be on a matchmaker. You can be a guest, so that's That's the difference. You are buying the interpretations so more Chevy Bolt. So as you looked at this whole thing and then you you look at the radio, you looked at the podcast and you decided to go down the podcasting. You do acknowledge that there's tons of podcasts out there. Think during the pandemic there has more that have come about. Do you think with having your radio experience and now going into podcasting, this assists you in actually retaining your audience? Yes. Oh man. 101 ways I mentioned this before, but having the structure does help me having instructors help and having segments help and try to run to a time. There's so many podcasts and it's like, Well, we just talked about two of And I look at descriptions now because you gotta look at the competition right? And it's like, uh, the extreme, unique podcast. Three friends talk about pop culture. You're like, Well, who the hell are you guys and why should I care that you're famous? That's not gonna work. So for me, my wrestling show the hook, I guess the gimmick here is that I cover N X T u K, which is a British wrestling brand that no one covers, and we do it in a comedic sense. So that's why I get most of my new fans. A new fans are Hey, someone's covering this obscure show I love and I stayed because of this, my late night talk show tons of that. But hey, it happens at 10 o'clock Pacific. You have these unique games and you bring people who are famous and not famous in a mix. I'm in that. So yeah, it's kind discouraging. You look at your downloads. You know, like I gave you my tears. That's all I get. But it was one o'clock in the morning Eastern time. You know what I'm doing here, you know, But I have to tell you, that segment that you do at towards the end of the show where you do the seven questions, I think it's awesome. And then you actually and then you turn around and you actually give the money to charity or the charity that they're referencing to. I think that that's great, I think Whatever, whatever. But I think I think it's great when you do it. Now, here's the thing. You do talk about an ex tuk. Um, I will tell you I'm probably legitimately like 25 minutes from the performance center were from where I'm actually located here, not the not the UK would of course, uh, as you take a look and I'm gonna mention and I'm sorry for the people that don't love it. But I love this stuff for the people that that don't know about professional wrestling. There's we'll say, three organizations that will say three men. Well, we can say two main one kind of third. That's been around for some time. What's the love that you have? What? What do you What do you like about impact? What do you like about 80 W what do you What? Well, I don't know. Do you want to put impact as third or you want to put, um, bring of honor depending on how you want to take a look at it? And then there's the fact they've been on TV for that long, Okay? And of course, I don't have to mention W w E, but I will reference them because it kind of falls into a little bit of everything. You have to think about smack down. You got to think about Smackdown. You think about raw. You have to think about an XT and XT u k we won't go into evolve and all that other stuff because then we can just cause all kinds of confusion. Well, what Do you think so? Yeah, well, it's okay. Buys out the way I actually co host another show or my partner's Jack Farmers show called The End of the week. It covers a w. So I have to watch it, uh, to meet a w a W s triple A ball. But I don't mean that disparagingly people flame that you are dr W homework because this is manufactured like east coast, West Coast beef, blood grip beef about it. Uh, what a w does is fantastically Well, uh, they have a lot of ways better in ring action, but I'm a character guy character. First, the wrestling is for me second and the storyline stirred. And for me, the lot of the characters is kind of like on loan. This guy is great because it was great in Japan. This guy is great because it's great on the independent circuit. And so, if you don't know this person previous five year career, there are as a fan centric wrestling organization, they want to be almost inaccessible to telling me why I should care about this guy. Now, you know, I mean, the former champion John Moxley is dope, but I know him. As formerly Dean Ambrose, Kenya Manga is one of the most gifted wrestlers on the planet. But if you don't want to Japan, if you don't watch in Japan because it's at four o'clock in the morning here in the in the West Coast, you're not gonna know you have to go and look do tapes or old videos. So a lot of times they feel they kind of forget that they were Mr Vision. I won't even mention. So I watch a W. Because I'm a fan of the sport. But to me, it's pure entertainment value. W We sometimes beat you over the head of wife caring for people when it helps you can. You can drop off a couple of weeks ago. Oh, yeah, that guy, you know, and an impact as a small business owner. D I y I like the fact they're still hanging out, still hanging tough, giving rest of the third option, especially when w we let go 40 staff members during which is almost the whole roster of impact. Currently, that's probably like, oh, them again great. But I watched them the least. I'll tune in every six weeks or so. They had an event last weekend. Uh, sacrifice. Check it out. Was great. Skimmed it. Amazing. Um, but yeah, I'm a WB guy in that way because I think character matters. When I see serves aro swing someone half his size or double the size to go. That guy is strong. He showed me strong. Great. Not like that's such a move from the sixties, which is amazing that he pulls it off today. And it's like, Oh, my God, A little bit of like Bruno Mars. A little old school, Little bit of new So I want I want So as you referenced this and you talk about W w e and how you like them better out of all three, which understandably So what's your general feeling about the moving to peacock? So I get it. You know, sometimes you guys money, money makes sense. Money makes sense. You know, having those, uh, those, uh, what you call those infomercial podcasts were like, Wow, tell me more your thing I want to get it. Is that selling out If you care about but as a as a Wi Fi network subscriber, I was like, Oh, man, I don't necessarily care. I mean, I'm a soccer fan, so it's fine to get primarily fine. But, like, I don't care about the office, it's gonna be weird to like get W. E on this other. It does seem optically like a step backwards. It doesn't seem like we had our own platform, but we're understanding we're not growing this platform. It's over there. I still have not figured out. I've asked what that means for NX, the U K is still airing at the same time isn't going to live. No one's got back to me how to confusion there, but I actually bought it because I get to write it off now is that you're listening? I way I mean the other. The other portion you have to look at, too, is that there's some features that are not there currently, like you can't rewind something that's live on Peacock currently. So how is that going to work for pay per views as it does right now on the network, then the other portion to take a look at two is based on information from W. W. Is that not all 17,000 hours worth of content are going to be available on day one. That's not going to take place until around summer. Slam from what they're saying. So that's August at the late August is normally the way that it works for the people that don't know. And then the other portion to reference real quick, is that it has to be premium tier peacock. It's not entry level peacock that you have W W access, but at the same price point. Yeah, it's the same price for that. To me, it's not a friction point, but for some people, it can be, but that definitely it seems, of a dealer reverse engineered. It was like we want to be on this platform. That is a big event in April. What could you make it happen? Well, it would be this content later. Let's do it, you know? And so it can be frustrating as far as you're gonna love this. So as far as, uh, not rewinding on Wednesday night because my schedule is pretty tight between Wednesday and Thursday and I have the n x t show and I'm on the A W show. I have four screens. I have a W N one have nxc prime one another. I have my phone doing tweets and I have my tablet doing notes. So it's really like Minority report and mind you for those who can't see me in my mid thirties, this is what I do every Wednesday night at mid thirties trying to understand, like, Okay, so I don't necessarily matter to have that rewinding line, but I can see how that could be totally a pain point is like, Well, what was that? They didn't do a replay. It sucks. You're getting less features now, but to me, it doesn't really matter. So what do you think will end up happening with this? Here's another question. When it comes to USA Network, currently on the W W E network, it's a month delay before you actually get a replay of the actual current product. Do you think with it now, being on NBC Universal, which is part of the USA? Do you think you'll get a real play in real time within 24 hours? Or do you think that that's probably a delayed a month opinion question, Of course. So what? I've read that they're going to keep the same terms and that Ron Smackdown story. For that reason, I'm out next. What's the next move to USA? They have a 24 hour delay, so I guess in that way it's not so bad. But whatever man I know Fox wants the maximum value There. There are Live Plus Seven organization. Um, I watch them all the time, but it does suck when you have the network and you're like, Oh, I can't I can't show my buddy what happened 10 days ago Is that weird? Like Gap between Day eight and Day 29 You're just like everything that happened with Biggie and Sammy's ain't like, you know, I don't know how to bring it up. So most current, our current WWF superstar as they refer to their rustlers, that's underrated in your point of view. Well, sorry that was my guy. He's finally get some shine. I do think Ballard's work has finally coming around. I've been a big, shameless guy. I think a lot of people don't think how what it means to be a powerhouse in having the business change of what that means for so long. Um, and when M. V P came back over edge. I was a huge popper. M v p I was never edge fan growing up. So I was like, What? Everybody. But I mean Adam Copeland. You didn't like Adam Copeland? Everybody loves edge. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was never I was talking to Christian Cage, I guess. What was my guy And I was a deadly team fan and that triangle for you with the Hardys. But yeah, when MPP came back, I knew M v p going back to that period and wrestling for those who don't know, You know, we all knew wrestling was predetermined, but M v p as a character Montalvan t of his supporters that it stands for they treated him like he was a football player, that exciting vignettes. It came out in an inflatable tunnel. He had soaked the shocker on his theme song, and that was a prototype character because now more never when these giant organizations trying to group it and then they rest and call them combat, sports and boxing. Everyone is treated as if there are superstar signing. That character was waiting for his time. And so finally, in 2020 he's getting his flowers, but I was like beating that drum. I was a Bailey fan Day one, which was miserable for a long time. Yeah, I I'm like so much of a merch man and so much more important to what wrestling is. And you'll know, I'm not sure what your who your audience is. But like representation matters, Bailey was. Bailey is Latina, but she never had to be a spicy Latina. No one ever had to call her mamacita. She just wanted to hug people at first. And now she just wants to beat people up, which is great. So I'll tell you, I took I took my my oldest daughter to a W two n x T event. There was when they were still at the at the armory before they went to the Capital Center. Um, and she gave my daughter one of the one of the hair bands that she was wearing and my daughter all of a sudden since then, Bailey fan for life, loves her villain. Good, bad, different, loves her. She's a hugger, hasn't shared several times over, but still loves her to this day. So as you do because I well, because I know, because I guess I didn't like Bret Hart either, because as a kid, I'm like, Hey, he's just getting kids like him giving away way There's probably some truth to that. So as you take a look at this whole, this whole thing on how wrestling goes and we we've spoken a little bit about characters when you when you take a look at some of the people that have come about and we can talk W C W E C W A W A N w a. Whatever. I want to talk about what character comes to mind that sticks out, that probably the most influences that you took the deep dive into wanting to pursue and really started talking about wrestling. Like like the character, just like the the ability. Well, it could be, either it could be the character or the ability, or even both. Yeah, well, what comes to the character? It has to be a rock, and I know the rock comes a very like standard answer, but you know, as me as a as a laughing, I think people infected with an Afro he was walking confidence, and we're talking about 98 when he had, like, the loud shirts and the gold chan the huge media pecs. I was like, Well, this is what this is, what men look like Cool, you know, so aspirational. Remember, asked my mom to get the most loudest Hawaiian shirts. I would walk around with the cheesy drugstore sunglasses being, you know, trying to the eyebrow, and that was so empowering to see because there weren't many. There weren't many brown skinned heroes on television. I mean, this is a day like Law and Order, where everyone was Brown was like criminal. So to see someone to actually win or or he didn't win and I got back with the rock trip to me. Hilarious. But as growing up, I always like D lo brown d lo Brown to me was the chunky kid who can be a powerhouse who can run, who could jump off the top rope. Who can say, Get your monkey ass up? And I still have his actual figure to this day because of how influential that was. And I look at when you have people in their expectations of you, have it, own the expectations, realize it and then just go slightly left, Go totally crazy to go slightly left. This is why would I do karaoke today? I'll do Alison change man in the box, Tommy Dreamer steam if you want to be w body, You don't expect me to do it kid from Brooklyn. But oh, like it's like it's like I'll do like kryptonite three doors down. Those ladies in the audience, you know, like because you see an expectation turned slightly and that's how you get people to say, Hey, look who's this guy who's doing how they can relate to you authentically you mentioned d Lo Brown. I I swear that guy has no neck bone the way that he moves his head, I don't even know how the hell he pulls that off. That is one move that I'm just like, wow, always amazed about when you take a look at the now at the female, the female wrestlers and you're taking a look who sticks out to you like who comes to mind when you hear division and I'm talking W w E. Because the other organization really doesn't have much. I mean, they're trying, but they don't have much of one currently to a a W s credit. That's what I said. It say Don't use credit. They have thunder. Rosa on loan and thunder. Rosa has has done a lot for that division on the W A W on loan. Uh, we can see her in N W. We have to get their act together. That's why I said that to take I was barely guy from day one. I thought Bailey get the credit he deserves. There's nothing about the pure strength of Bianca Bel Air. I think the two strongest women, uh, in wrestling currently are rigorously and Bianca Bel Air. Uh, what they do with upper body, lower body strength is something I s fired here. There's no way I can do that. On the UK side, I'm a fan of Jenny. I think he's a great desire. Brookside is someone. She looks sure she's like 22 23. She has a bright future ahead of her. Zaillian. Caden Carter. Last year I beat the drum for those two. I was like, They're going to be big and everyone's like, Yeah, whatever flow. But guess what? To show how good NXT Women's division is. Here is an undercard storyline. So it's not even about the title featuring Cajun, Carter and Lee. That shows you the embarrassment of riches, that talent that organization has and finally, that we're seeing authentic descriptions of diversity. Not like Hey, we have one. It's kind of like here's a story about people that look differently because if you don't know what Captain Carter, she's like she's like half Filipino, half Jamaican and it really is like the first female Chinese signed across a talent. So there's been a storyline. Not about is necessarily like I'm going to beat you up here is like you're my friend, but using my friend You're doing this now, man. It's the drama, the path that was So you must have been suffering when the UK when Fcuk went away for a small bed. Then you know what I was because what I liked about UK is that it's all about nuance, because on the surface everyone is wearing black tights. Everyone hits hard, and you're like, Wow, I can tell people, but like you look and wait and see why this person does more joint manipulation. Why this person is more of a rounds based wrestler and it has this, like, regal thing of the coat of arms on the titles in the background. There, in these old old venues with the U. K, is an old area, but his new talent it was the most hardest thing to describe. You can't describe something in 10 seconds or less, then you're kind of losing people. So when when n. X t both of them was on hiatus and my partner, Jack, because we did after shows for after buzz TV, he was like, We should revive the after show I'll do a W you'll do n X t. And I was like, I'm not doing it and see if I can't do the UK because I think that brand needs the most help to really put that on the platform to show why you should check it out. It's one week, it's one hour a week. It's cool, it's different and it's fresh. So yeah, so you definitely invested. So last last but not least, I and I, and I'm sorry that I'm digging so deeply into wrestling, but I'm I'm always intrigued when I get to speak to somebody that I don't know about this What do you think about the whole? What do you think about the whole WrestleMania thing? And I'm actually bringing the audience back in. You kind of have to, um, and I do think as a wrestling fan, nothing needs a lot of crowd as a performance of the live crowd as a business person. That's definitely the gimme that he's given Florida back when resting was deemed essential business, which I still don't understand became essential. I was like, at home be like, uh so I understand that we saw the Super Bowl, even the capital resting center, having them bangs on the plexiglass, give something extra to it, makes every fight count. I understand it. As someone who has really resigned himself to have the only social interaction at the grocery store every week and a half, I'm kind of like, Are you sure Russell mania is gonna be the reason? So I'm kind of in the middle, but I understand. Interesting. You're only social. Your act. I even order. I even ordered groceries, and I'm so pathetic. Well, I'll share this with I'll share this with you. I haven't shared this story on on the air before. but a long, long, long, long time ago. Early two thousands. I actually used to work for best five many, many years ago, and I used to repair computers, and I had the actual lovely opportunity repairing Jericho Edge Christian and Paul White their computers. And it was interesting because any time that they would actually stand in line. Well, it became another line because everybody wanted to run up to them and actually kind of interact with them. So we would normally have to pull them off to the side, um, and and actually try to kind of hide them off just to be able to get anything done if they needed to be done. And I will tell you, all of them are great. Never really had an issue with anyone. But Jericho would stand in line and never, like, try to wave or try to do anything to get special attention, and not that any of the other ones did. But he really just kind of sit there as a normal man as possible. But people would come over, and we've tried to whisk him away in doing that And as and I have to tell you when it comes to Paul White. The camera does not do that man justice. He is much bigger in person than when she would expect he had to lean down to actually get in through the doorway because he was so giant. I was just always impressed. And I remember a customer coming up to him and asking him if he would choke slam. Um and I was like, It was, Yeah, your mind. Of course you didn't do it, but it was just kind of amazing. But I was actually in an area in Tampa at the time that that's where everybody was, kind of like hanging out. And that was a newer best buy store. Hardly anybody was going there so they would show up because they knew, Um, no one was there. I will tell you. The test showed up there at the time who was actually black Friday, and that's when he was dating Stacy Keibler. Mhm boy, was that a distracting day when, when when it was all said and done. So basically, we're saying is famous and, well, you pretty pretty much is how it works. Is they kind of like they would drift you off to the side, but never really. I've never said that on the air report people. So if people want to know more about what you're doing and everything, you have going on work and they go to find out more information Wow, how long is this show? Uh, because I do a lot. Y'all have to websites. Most of my stuff is there. If you want to book me if you're in the Southern California area checkout flow veto dot com, that's f l o b I t o dot com. If you want more information of all the shows and I'm hosting up, we're talking about what's up. After hours draped in Gold Coast on the Netflix commanders, long the unofficial Star Trek Discovery Post show new Amsterdam dot com That's K n e w Amsterdam dot com. New Amsterdam dot com Well, I so appreciate you coming on to the show today. Once more of the J. Allen show, go to safety FM dot com. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host in its guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. It should not be utilized in the real world as the only solution available, as they are based only on very limited in dated open source information. Assumptions made within this analysis are not reflective of the physician of the company. 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