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#158: The Mentor That Changed My Life With His Belief In Me and a $500 Check & How YOU Can Create Deeper Connection WIth Yourself and Your Clients… w/ Kevin Kowalke
October 24, 2023
I’ve known today’s guest — Kevin Kowalke — since I was 16 years old. Kevin ABSOLUTELY changed my life, and I’m beyond excited to introduce you to him today. Here’s the story: When I was 16 years old, I wrote a business plan for a high school competition. The business? A food truck called “The Sizzlin Ninja”. Because my OTHER friend and mentor, Brenda Campbell, appreciated what I was doing, she introduced me to Kevin. Kevin NOT ONLY helped make the plan better, but he donated $500 to help cover my travel costs to compete with the Sizzlin Ninja. This was a PIVOTAL moment in my life to have someone that I looked up to tell me that he believed in me, and backed it up by making an investment in my future. We tell the full story in the episode, but Kevin is an AMAZING human being full of wisdom and knowledge, and I’m incredibly grateful for his willingness to share with us today. In this episode, you will learn: - How Kevin has designed his ENTIRE life and business around being a fully present husband and father - How Kevin uncovered his purpose after going through a DARK experience that led him to question his value as a human being - How YOU can create more connected experiences for your clients and team members that lead to more revenue and satisfaction This is an epic episode with a dear friend, and I can’t wait for you to listen! To learn more about Kevin, visit