Dumpling Confessions: An Asian American Podcast
Welcome to Dumpling Confessions (formerly Ricebowl Reflections), the podcast where we dive deep into the unique experiences of growing up as Asian Americans. Join us siblings, along with occasional friends and special guests, as we share heartfelt stories, explore the complexities of Asian mental health, and celebrate the rich tapestry of Asian culture. In each episode, the we offer candid insights into our personal journeys, navigating the delicate balance between East and West. Dumpling Confessions provides a space to explore the joys and challenges of embracing dual identities. Whether you're part of the Asian diaspora or simply curious about the diverse experiences within it, this podcast invites you to join the conversation. Tune in for a mix of laughter, introspection, and thought-provoking discussions that will leave you with a deeper understanding of the Asian American experience. Subscribe to Dumpling Confessions and embark on a journey that explores the intersection of heritage, mental health, and the shared stories that make us all human.
Lunar New Year Traditions and Superstitions
February 4, 2024 • 42 MIN
Welcome to another episode of Ricebowl Reflections! In this episode, Jennifer and Janet dive into the celebration of Chinese New Year, discussing traditions, superstitions, and cherished memories from their childhood celebrations. From avoiding unlucky words to indulging in special New Year's treats like Zhong and Tong Yun, they share stories that capture the spirit of this joyous occasion. They also reminisce about playing traditional Chinese dice games and reveal their plans for creating bite-sized episodes about the 12 zodiac animals. If you're curious about the traditions, superstitions, and heartwarming memories surrounding Chinese New Year, this episode is a must-listen!
Ricebowl Reflections - Our Mom's 60th Birthday!
January 28, 2024 • 31 MIN
In this special episode of Ricebowl Reflections, we celebrate our mom's 60th birthday with love, gratitude, and lots of laughter. We share her favorite hobbies, talk about her unique birthday gift preferences, reveal her secret love of chocolates, and reflect on the impact of her parenting style. We also discuss the importance of better communication and understanding in our relationship with her, and invite listeners to share their own traditions and express gratitude for their moms. Join us in honoring our amazing mom on this special occasion!
Saturday Morning Cartoon Shenanigans: Sneaking Around, Sibling Rivalry, and Middle School Memories
January 22, 2024 • 16 MIN
Welcome to Ricebowl Reflections - ABC in the 90s! Today, Janet (the middle sister) takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the 90s, sharing about her childhood experiences and the quirks of growing up in that era. From early morning Saturday cartoons and sneaky late-night internet chats to art class frustrations and middle school friendships, Janet's stories offer a delightful look back at the simpler times of the 90s. So grab your bowl cut, pogs, and dial-up internet and join us for a trip down memory lane!
Interracial Romance: Navigating Cultural Differences and Family Expectations
January 15, 2024 • 69 MIN
In this episode, join hosts Jennifer and Janet in a lively conversation about inter-racial/ethnic dating. They delve into cultural stereotypes related to Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese people, and share personal experiences related to their family's expectations and how it impacts their interracial relationships. The hosts also discuss dating preferences, the impact of food preferences on dating, and the challenges of encountering exaggerated or misleading information on dating apps. Tune in for an engaging discussion filled with personal anecdotes, reflections, and a little bit of frustration about work responsibilities too!
Cultural Identity and Self-Perception: Navigating Confidence and Mental Wellness
January 7, 2024 • 77 MIN
In this episode of Ricebowl Reflections, join Janet and Jennifer as they delve into the complex topic of navigating identity. They open up about their struggles with self-confidence, feeling like outcasts, and the influence of their Asian American upbringing on mental health and self-perception. The siblings share personal experiences, discuss cultural influences, and offer insights into self-care and coping mechanisms. Tune in for a relatable and thought-provoking discussion that's bound to resonate with many.
Ricebowl Reflections: Meet your hosts!
January 2, 2024 • 74 MIN
It's a hilarious first episode with Janet, Jennifer, and Jill! They discuss pet peeves, country music, their year so far, and living situations. Then they dive into Marie Callender's food, financial investments, and personal goals. Not to mention, there's a playful banter about running, podcasts, sleeping habits, and bidets. Plus, they spill the beans on their New Year's plans and future show ideas. It's a rollercoaster of laughs and chit-chats!