Deep-diving conversations sharing women’s stories of embodying their power, healing holistically, working with cyclic wisdom from menstrual to menopause, opening to pleasure, carving out their own path and shining in their light while speaking their truth. This is a place for women to come together to remember, share, and inspire each other, while always holding sacred the inherent wisdom available within each of us for our journey through life. We explore our body as a muse and a real resource for coming back to our own truth again and again and again. Stand in your power and step into embodied leadership. Cycle Wise is a reminder that it’s time to come home to you – living and feeling like a creative, powerful, turned on woman creating your own path in this life. Hosted by Indigomoon Enemark, Women’s Wisdom Keeper & Mentor at Read more at
Herbal Miscarriage & Abortion: Supporting pregnancy loss at home with Molly Dutton Kenny
November 21, 2022 • 77 MIN
Molly Dutton Kenny is a midwife, advocate, and educator promoting a full scope and spectrum of midwifery practice to support holistic, comprehensive reproductive care. One of the things that drew me to Molly is her promotion of home-based care as the norm for reproductive management, including holistic support for abortion care and pregnancy loss.
Why didn't anyone tell me this? A pregnancy and postpartum Journey with Kelsi Ludvigsen
February 10, 2022 • 74 MIN
Kelsie Ludvigsen says motherhood changed everything for her. The birth of her daughter one year ago sparked her to embark on a journey to unravel and learn what taking care of ourselves and getting the support we need truly looks like within our reality of motherhood.
Birth is Ceremony - 4.5 days of freebirthing my son
September 16, 2021 • 90 MIN
Today I am taking you on a journey through my epic 4.5 day long freebirth of my son. That’s right, four-and-a-half-days in the birth portal with just my husband and I present, there’s quite the story to tell! Join my husband, Rachan Chindarsi, and I for a very personal, story-time conversation where we take you through what happened, the unexpected challenges we had to face, and how we made it through so many sleepless night laboring, while guided by the knowing that “Birth is ceremony”.
Unlearn Body Shame & Free Yourself With Self-Love | Eden Dalton-Thompson
April 8, 2021 • 61 MIN
Body positivity has gone mainstream. But what does it really mean to create a truly loving relationship with your body? How do we begin to root our worth and value in our true Self? My guest today is Eden Dalton-Thompson who shares her journey to accept and love her body by unlearning diet culture and stepping into radical self love. If you are on a self-love journey, this one is for you! We deep dive into what it really takes to unlearn what the world has taught us about our female bodies.
Our Preconception, Spirit Babies, and Freebirth
February 18, 2021 • 45 MIN
Join my husband and I for a very personal conversation where talk about the emotional journey leading up to the conscious conception of our son Kamaiio Coaiia, including the three pregnancy losses we experienced. This was recorded back in January 2020, one month after the free birth of my son Kamaiio Coaiia.
The Inner Work Of Loving Menopause with Grethe Lous
November 29, 2020 • 79 MIN
For most women the word “menopause” doesn’t conjure up a lot of positive and exciting prospects. But today I’m talking with Grethe Lous on the inner work of loving menopause. And how to use this transition as a transformational time to step into leadership and your inner wise woman. Grethe shares the perspective of menopause as; a pause where you find new layers and depths of the woman you are. This is an episode for every woman who wants to ripen and rise through every cyclic season of her life.
Reclaiming Postpartum – Preparation & Community with Carla Muhling
October 14, 2020 • 61 MIN
Rest is not a luxury after birth, it’s a necessity. But in a modern world that is not set up to support new mothers, it requires resources and knowledge to make a postpartum plan that works. Here’s what you need to know. Be inspired by what Carla did different the second time when she knew how critical rest, hands-on-support, and community is for optimal healing after birth. We talk about navigating the first year postpartum with gentleness and solid support. How critical postpartum preparation is, and the major cost to women who aren’t prepared for postpartum both physically and emotionally. We dive into what you must include in your postpartum care plan, and the myths about arriving at 6-weeks postpartum. We unfold what it looks like to support the greater journey through your first year postpartum, as you are after all “postpartum for life” as Robin Lim has said.
Cervical Dysplasia – A Natural Healing Journey with Noelani Love
October 14, 2020 • 65 MIN
Noelani Love was diagnosed with severe, stage 3 cervical dysplasia, and after being bullied by an OBGYN to get surgery, she instead chose to listen to herself and find a way to heal holistically. This is the inspiring story of a woman who found a different path that not only healed her abnormal cells, but also sparked her creativity and set her on a different path in life. This episode is in no way intended as medical advice, or to say which treatment is right for every woman. But rather to inspire you with the story of one woman who chose a holistic treatment with plant medicine.
Birth In The Matrix, Birth Culture & White Supremacy with Olivyah Bowens
October 14, 2020 • 91 MIN
Olivyah Bowens is the conscious doula behind Her Holistic Path. Together we take a critical look at todays birth culture, and dive into white supremacy in birth, and how the origins of gynecology and obstetrics are still affecting the way women birth today. We also talk about the troubling things happening in the doula profession, and how women can prepare for birthing on their terms. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in birth, and particularly for birth workers ready to advocate for truly woman-centered birth.
Breast Opportunity – Exploring Holistic Breast Care with Rachelle Poitras
October 14, 2020 • 61 MIN
Rachelle Poitras shares the powerful insights she’s gained through her own healing journey to resolve benign breast growths. During her healing journey she has become a Holistic nutritionist, herbalist, learned about Ayurveda and how our body, mind, and spirit are interwoven. In this conversation we cover everything from Rachelle’s own journey with both western and holistic medicine, lifestyle and breast healing practices, understanding the emotional and energetic nature of breast health.
What 'Cycle Wise' Means
October 14, 2020 • 8 MIN
In this short solo-episode I speak the vision and the hope that is Cycle Wise. To get us started on the Cycle Wise journey, I want to lay the foundation for this podcast by sharing what Cycle Wise means, and the seeds I am hoping to sprout and root through these conversations. Our cyclic bodies are here to mature us into elders one day, and before that preparing us for each season of life before we stand in it. There is so much available to us – and Cycle Wise is about making the journey through the pilgrimage place of your body. And along this journey, we need women’s stories. Cycle Wise stories.