Business Tech Unraveled
Welcome to Business Tech Unraveled, a podcast hosted by Zakia Ringgold, where we unravel the complexities of technology for aspiring entrepreneurs. This podcast is designed for individuals who are interested in starting their own business but lack knowledge in the tech realm. will delve into various topics, offering practical advice and tips on how to leverage technology to grow and thrive in a competitive business landscape. From websites to events and online marketing and everything in between, Zakia covers it all. Her goal is to help listeners understand the power of technology and provide them with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed online.
From Concept to Creation: Small Business Growth with MVP
March 17, 2024 • 19 MIN
Today's episode focuses on the power of the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for small business owners, a concept crucial for success. Host Zakia Ringgold shares her personal journey of creating multiple solutions within a short timeframe, offering practical steps and tools for creating products for customers and clients.
Beginner's Blueprint: Crafting Pro-Level Product Pages with Outlining and AI
January 5, 2024 • 9 MIN
Do you struggle with explaining your products and services to potential clients? This episode offers techniques for organizing thoughts and creating outlines to clarify messaging and effectively showcase products or services on your website. Additionally, it provides solutions for leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT and Canva to craft content and turn ideas into plans.
Enhance Your Podcast Workflow with Trebble.FM
December 3, 2023 • 44 MIN
If you're passionate about podcasting, struggle with complex audio editing tools, or are eager to learn more about innovative technologies shaping the future of audio content creation, then this interview is a must-listen for you! We have an exclusive interview with Armel Beaudry Kembe, the founder of Armel shares the story behind the development of Trebble, a revolutionary platform for audio editing, perfect for creating high-quality podcasts and audiobooks. We explore the features of Trebble, including AI-enhanced audio quality and the upcoming release of "Journeys," an online audio listening experience creator. Join us as we uncover the innovative technology and user-friendly design principles that are simplifying the world of audio content creation and editing.
Maximizing Engagement in Virtual Spaces: Insights from GoBrunch
October 30, 2023 • 28 MIN
Are you struggling to find new ways to engage with your audience online? Look no further! In this episode we delve deep into the world of GoBrunch with visionary founder Richard Lowenthal. This platform has revolutionized the way we teach, interact, and learn online, creating a truly immersive and interactive experience.
Rescue Your Email Marketing: Tips for Struggling Business Owners
October 2, 2023 • 12 MIN
Take the guesswork out of email for business. In this episode learn how to choose the right email marketing platform, build a quality subscriber list, craft compelling content, and analyze your email performance.
The Castmagic Formula: Elevate Your Brand, Expand Your Podcast Audience
September 25, 2023 • 29 MIN
In this episode of Business Tech Unraveled, host Zakia Ringgold sits down with Greg Wasserman, a podcast expert and community leader at Castmagic. In this discussion we discuss three key areas for podcasters: building an audience, getting discovered and monetization for podcasts.
Entrepreneur's Toolkit: Choosing Wisely Between Courses, Coaches, Consultants, and Contractors
September 20, 2023 • 15 MIN
Whether you're a new business owner looking to start your venture or a solopreneur seeking professional development, this episode will guide you through the decision-making process and help you determine which C is the best fit for your needs. Listen in to learn how to distinguish between the 4C's in choosing the right support for your business.
Mastering the Art of the Business Pitch: From Soap Making Hobby to Virtual Event Pioneer
September 11, 2023 • 21 MIN
Are you struggling to create your business pitch? Listen in to learn the framework learned and applied from Bank of America and eCornell Women in Entrepreneurship program to create your own authentic and compelling business story.
Tools for a Powerful Digital Presence Beyond Websites
September 4, 2023 • 9 MIN
You can build your digital presence without a website using video and innovative tools. In this engaging discussion, host Zakia Ringgold shares tools in her toolbox for creating a memorable digital presence using video while revolutionizing her approach to business and communication with clients.
The VIP Lounge: Why Email Management is Essential for Small Business Growth
August 26, 2023 • 9 MIN
In this episode of Business Tech Unraveled, host Zakia Ringgold explores the power of email for small business owners. In a world dominated by social media, having an email management system is like having your own VIP lounge in the digital universe. Join us as we delve into the foundation of email, the importance of building an email subscriber list, and the magic of lead magnets.
Websites: Your Virtual Storefront and Key to Creating a Strong Online Presence
August 21, 2023 • 9 MIN
What type of website is right for your business? Do you need a website? Tune in to this episode as Zakia breaks down the three main types of website platforms to consider for your business and why websites are critical in establishing a foundation for your business online.
Unlocking Your Potential: The Key Role of Mindset in Entrepreneurial Success
August 19, 2023 • 12 MIN
Discover the power of mindset in navigating challenges, adapting to a changing landscape, problem-solving, and decision-making. Learn three strategies to cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mindset as you embark on your own entrepreneurial journey.
Small Biz Tech: Exploring the Pros and Cons of Lifetime Deals for Your Company
August 14, 2023 • 12 MIN
Learn the dos and don'ts of LTDs and the common pitfalls to watch out for.