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Each week a scientist and a coffee shop owner talk everything about coffee and particually espresso. There's a lot of chat in between as we fumble our way through a wide range of topics.
A little bit about Levers
April 11, 2022 • 38 MIN
Max is back for a short conversation on lever machines and whether there is still a point to them. I admit I'm slightly fascinated by the Profitec Pro 800, but can they still compete with the electronic pressure profiling of other modern machines?
I bought a Lagom P64, there's Just One Problem
March 28, 2022 • 21 MIN
I bought the Lagom P64 in January, and today I'm going to explain what led me to this grinder when there's so many other good one's on the market. But, there's one big problem. I still haven't received it! If you're in the UK and want to try some of my favourite coffees who support this network: Use code 'BT10' to get 10% discount of every coffee order from these great independent roasters below. Peaberry Coffee Carvetii Coffee Enter to win free beans each month from these roasters - UK RESIDENTS ONLY! Register at No purchase necessary.
Breville buys LELIT
March 14, 2022 • 20 MIN
LELIT has been acquired by Breville for $113m and I believe this is significant. This week, we'll explain what I think Breville's plan is, what this, along with their earlier purchase of Baratza grinders, will mean in terms of the product line up.
My 'Money No Object' Top 3 Espresso Machines
March 10, 2022 • 20 MIN
Do not listen to this if your credit card is within reach. Today, I'm talking about three espresso machines that I'd love to own, if money was no object.
Three Big Coffee Events Next Month
February 28, 2022 • 47 MIN
Max is back on the show to talk about 3 coffee events coming up over the next month. I'm attending all of them so if you're going, let me know and we'll meet up.
Espresso Hacks - Some Good Tips & Embarrassing Secrets
February 21, 2022 • 22 MIN
This is the video I've been putting off making for months. I've decided to come clean and show you some embarrassing things I do when making espresso. There might also be some useful tips. If you're in the UK and want to try some of my favourite coffees who support this network: Use code 'BT10' to get 10% discount of every coffee order from these great independent roasters below. Peaberry Coffee Carvetii Coffee Enter to win free beans each month from these roasters - UK RESIDENTS ONLY! Register at No purchase necessary.
Eureka Zenith 65E 2 Year Review & Why I'm Getting a New Grinder
February 14, 2022 • 24 MIN
I love this grinder, with a couple of exceptions. I've run over 4,000 shots through this baby. My review differs a little from others I've seen out there. But now I'm buying a new grinder. Let me explain. If you're in the UK and want to try some of my favourite coffees who support this network: Use code 'BT10' to get 10% discount of every coffee order from these great independent roasters below. Peaberry Coffee Carvetii Coffee Enter to win free beans each month from these roasters - UK RESIDENTS ONLY! Register at No purchase necessary.
Chocolate & Coffee - Love at First Sight
February 8, 2022 • 37 MIN
A break from our normal show, this week we're looking at great chocolate that coffee lovers will appreciate, as will that special person in your life as we lead into Valentines day.
Italian Espresso vs Specialty Coffee. Whats the difference?
January 31, 2022 • 15 MIN
Italy just applied to UNESCO to give the 'Italian Espresso' cultural heritage status. But what makes an Italian Espresso? Let's talk about it.
La Marzocco's Linea Mini. Time to retire in 2022?
January 17, 2022 • 50 MIN
The Linea Mini makes just as good coffee as it ever did. The problem La Marzocco has, is that the world has moved on and there's so many more great options for the price. For some, the Linea Mini will still be the right choice, but that group is shrinking, and a new phone app and colour, just isn't going to be enough to win over our hard-earned cash. Could La Marzocco consider making a clearer separation between a home user machine and leaving the commercially certified version for the GS3? Enter to win free beans each month on our giveaway - UK RESIDENTS ONLY PLEASE If you want 10% off one of my favourite roasters in the UK use our affiliate link below. Bookmark it, because it's 10% off every order!
Espresso Equipment Predictions for 2022
January 10, 2022 • 13 MIN
What does this year have in store for the espresso lover? This is what I think we can look forward to. Win free beans with our monthly giveaway. UK residents only, no purchase necessary - this is just a bit of fun. Register on our website If you want 10% off one of my favourite roasters in the UK use our affiliate link below. Bookmark it, because it's 10% off every order! Or, use the code BT10 at checkout on the website.
The Mazzer Omega Grinder
December 13, 2021 • 1557 MIN
This year Mazzer has launched some of the most exciting grinders of any company, such as their lust-worthy ZM Plus. But the biggest surprise was the release of a hand grinder and not just a copy of existing designs, but a thoughtful, ground-up re-thinking of what a hand grinder should be. We announce the winner of this months kilo of beans - the super-amazing Peaberry Burundi Masenga. Peaberry coffee has kindly given us a special coupon code where you can get 10% off all coffee. Use code BT-DEC or head over to and click on the Ad in the right sidebar to get the code automatically applied. Bartalks earns a commission on any purchases. We're grateful to Peaberry and to you! If you want to read my written opinion of the Mazzer Omega grinder.
The Mahlkonig X54 is Not Right for Me
December 6, 2021 • 1281 MIN
You asked me to explain why I didn't want the Mahlkonig X54, so this week, I go through the list of reasons why it's not the right fit for me. This is NOT a review! For some people the positives will outweigh the negatives of this machine. But there are some issues that have been mentioned in reviews, and there are also some things I don't like, which I've not seen mentioned anywhere.   Enter our free prize draw and win 1KG of FREE beans - UK residents only please.
Puck Screens. Do they Work?
November 29, 2021 • 2492 MIN
If you've been wondering about puck screens, so have we! I've tried one and give my thoughts. .Max and I probably aren't going to agree on this. For a chance to win the free Kilo of Beans (UK Residents only). Head over to It's free, no purchase necessary and we don't share your data.
Nuova Simonelli Oscar II. Is it the best starter machine right now?
November 22, 2021 • 2408 MIN
I don’t know why this machine has not had the attention, I believe it deserves. Right now it’s so cheap that it might make a better starter machine than the Gaggia Classic Pro, or small office espresso machine. All that and this weeks news plus a new giveaway announced! Go here to register to win a kilo of the amazing Burundi Mesanga coffee from Peaberry Roasters 
Host Milano - our favourite picks from the show
November 15, 2021 • 3043 MIN
In today's show - what happened at the coffee shop innovation expo, and our favourite announcements from Host Milano 2021
Precision Baskets - How they work and are they worth the money?
October 25, 2021 • 2338 MIN
If you’re still using the basket that came with your espresso machine, the last thing on your upgrade list might be the basket. How much difference can it realistically make? Or is it just a bunch of hogwash. We’ve done the research and tried a few. This is what we think. To enter our competition to win a free 1kg bag of the fantastic La Perla Negra Coffee Beans, go to No purchase is necessary. UK RESIDENTS ONLY
Flush That - Temperature and Group Heads.
October 18, 2021 • 2771 MIN
How do you know when to change the temperature on your PID, and a short dive into the process with different group heads. To enter our competition to win a free 1kg bag of the fantastic La Perla Negra Coffee Beans, go to No purchase is necessary. UK RESIDENTS ONLY
The Nuova Simonelli Oscar II - Now Unbeatable Value?
October 11, 2021 • 2933 MIN
The Nuova Simonelli Oscar II can now be bought at the same price as a Gaggia Classic Pro, but it’s a smart modern HX machine with unbeatable steam power. There must be something wrong with it? Max and I both had one (OK, I had Max’s for a bit), let’s talk about this machine. To enter our competition to win a free 1kg bag of the fantastic La Perla Negra Coffee Beans, go to No purchase is necessary. UK RESIDENTS ONLY
Coffee 101 - Getting started with beans, how to choose the right bean
October 4, 2021 • 2138 MIN
A lot of people are getting into making coffee at home, but not sure where to start in buying quality beans. What does quality even mean, and are speciality beans really better than the ones you can buy in the supermarket? We chat about this and give some tips along the way to help you get started.
Espresso on a budget. Can you get a decent setup for £350/$500?
September 13, 2021 • 2605 MIN
Not everyone has thousands to blow, and if you're just getting started, you might be wondering if there's a way to get into espresso drinks without blowing your budget. If we had just £350 ($500) this is what we would buy. We're giving away a Peak Water Filter, Motta tamper and a distribution tool for free this month. No purchase necessary - to enter. Each month is a new giveaway.
The Sanremo Cube - Did they blow it?
September 6, 2021 • 2403 MIN
Did they just blow their chance with their first prosumer model? We think they did, and we’re going to discuss. Enter to win this months giveaway - a fantastic Peak Water filter, no purchase necessary, at:
The ECM Puristika. The Best Choice for Espresso Lovers?
August 30, 2021 • 2208 MIN
In 2019 ECM showed off a new machine at a trade show. The Puristika is a small footprint single boiler machine with no steam wand. But, it has some features that make it an appealing choice for people like me - not least of which is the manual pressure twiddly knob. Grab yourself the chance to win an amazing Peak Coffee Water filter (UK Only) no purchase is necessary. Sign up using the link below.
Saturated or E61. Which Group Head is Best?
August 16, 2021 • 2027 MIN
Let’s talk about thermal stability between the two, and what practical difference it makes if any to brewing espresso. The discussion gets quite technical at times, so if you don't like going deep, this might not be the right video for you. Grab yourself the chance to win an amazing Peak Coffee Water filter (UK Only) no purchase is necessary. Sign up using the link below.
Here's why Starbucks should come with a health warning
August 9, 2021 • 3445 MIN
Starbucks doesn't sell coffee. Even their 'coffee' contains hardly any coffee - just ask CEO Kevin Johnson - that's what he said on a Bloomberg interview in response to why an increase in Arabica prices won't affect them. The company sells sugar drinks packed with fast and addictive calories. If you want to argue their coffee is good, make a video of yourself casually sipping one of their espresso’s without the milk and sugar, and see if you can keep that smile on your face. The company is so successful that it now buys 3% of the world's coffee. They are innovators and we agree with some of the ESG work. I also commend some of the brave political positions they take. But their drinks, often aimed at impressionable TikTokers, need to come with a health warning. We discuss! We announce the winner of the July, Kilo of Beans giveaway, and announce our new giveaway - this month grab yourself the chance to win an amazing Peak Coffee Water filter (UK Only) no purchase necessary. Sign up using the link below.
The Rocket R NINE ONE - Why This Viewer Bought One
August 2, 2021 • 2251 MIN
This week we're chatting with a Bean Talk viewer Sergey from Tel Aviv about his Rocket R NINE ONE. Sergey upgraded from his previous Rocket R58 and first tried the CREM ONE before returning it for the new Rocket. This month we're giving away a brand new Peak Water filter kit - UK Mainland only. It's free, no purchase is necessary, just register at
Please Make this Espresso Machine
July 26, 2021 • 61 MIN
We talk about our ideas on how espresso machine manufacturers can improve their designs. Listening to Bean Talk is like having coffee with a friend FREE COFFEE GIVEAWAY FOR UK RESIDENTS Enter your email or follow us on Instagram for a chance to win 1KG of this month's beans - The wonderful Ethiopian Farm to Home Coffee. Register for free and get a chance to win every month here: Follow us on Instagram @the_bartalks and @farmtohomecoffee 00:02:18 Nespresso sued over patent 00:03:22 Farm to Home Coffee Giveaway 00:05:59 News - Uganda Coffee Export Record 00:06:48 News - Brazil's Crop Failure 00:09:55 The Ideas
What Is Coffee Bean Quality? Mysteries of the Bean Revealed
July 19, 2021 • 2293 MIN
Does bean size matter, and why are supermarket coffee beans so much cheaper than speciality coffee beans? We spill the beans. Enter our free kilo of beans giveaway here (UK residents only): Thanks for Farm to Home Coffee for the beans this month - follow them on Instagram at @farmtohomecoffee and bartalks at @the_bartalks 00:00:11 Introduction 00:09:40 Farm to Home Coffee Giveaway 00:18:24 Coffee Grades 00:23:47Size of the bean 00:26:58 Defects in beans
Plumbing in Your Espresso Machine
July 12, 2021 • 2669 MIN
Bean Talk is like having coffee with a friend and talking about making great coffee. FREE COFFEE GIVEAWAY FOR UK RESIDENTS Enter your email or follow us on Instagram for a chance to win 1KG of this month's beans - The wonderful Ethiopian Farm to Home Coffee. Register for free and get a chance to win every month here: Follow us on Instagram @the_bartalks and @farmtohomecoffee This week, we are preparing to plumb in our Rocket R58 Espresso machine, and have quite a bit of preparation to do. Nick & Max talk about the coffees they're drinking: Farm to Home Coffee - Tanzanian - Peaberry Coffee - Finca El Marador - Anvil Coffee - #3 -
Farm to Home Giveaway Announcement
July 5, 2021 • 62 MIN
Congratulations to Andrew McHugh who won our June beans giveaway. This month, you can win a Kilo of very special Ethiopian beans from Farm to Home Coffee. Head over to and throw your name in the hat - no purchase necessary. If you want to check out Farm to Home Coffee's other beans, rush over to   1ZPresso JX Pro. I bought this from the nice folks at Sigma Coffee I've been using it alongside my expensive commercial grinder and now Max makes me take it apart.   01:00:11 Intro 01:00:38 Winner for June's Beans Giveaway 01:05:04 New Giveaway Announced - HometoCoffee 01:13:42 New Bean Givewaway - FarmtoHome 01:18:53 a good decafe capsule coffee 01:24:08 Coffee News 01:28:11 1zpresso JX Pro Hand Grinder 01:58:18 Closing Notes - Plumbing in water      
Episode 56 - The Osma
June 21, 2021 • 2266 MIN
This week we're talking about: - Starbucks in the news - The coffee max is loving right now - Nick's moving house mistakes - The Osma cold brew machine - We bought a new hand grinder   Last week to enter to win a kilo of beans from Peaberry. The Bilbao Colombian beans are great. No purchase necessary, but you must be in the UK to win. Enter here:
First Live Show! Which Hand Grinder Best for Espresso!
June 14, 2021 • 3171 MIN
Our first live episode of Bean Talk on Saturday streamed to YouTube and Facebook. We'll be live each Saturday from now on. Talking hand grinders, is the Comandante too old, is the only grinder worth getting the 1zpresso JX Pro? What about other less talked about options - we discuss. This month we're giving away a free kilo of peaberry coffee's Bilbao. No purchase necessary, sign up to win it at
Coffee Bean Review. The best beans so far in 2021
June 7, 2021 • 3265 MIN
Our favourite beans so far this year, and some that are a bit of a disappointment. What is good is largely a matter of preference, but this week we tell you what we like and don't like about the coffee's we've tried this year. We're giving away a kilo of Peaberry's Bilbao - no purchase necessary - go to to sign up and automatically get entered each month to win - UK residents only.
Tips For Buying a Uses Espresso Machine
May 31, 2021 • 1574 MIN
We sometimes buy used machines to refurbish or for writing reviews. We've learned a few things along the way and share a little of that knowledge with you today. We also announce our last winner of a free Kilo of beans and introduce this months giveaway. If you're in the UK, you can enter the giveaway. Go to No purchase is necessary.
Rocket R58 - 2 Months in Review
May 24, 2021 • 1774 MIN
I've owned the Rocket R58 for a couple months now, and I'm sharing my thoughts about living with this espresso machine. Coffee giveaway:
How Burrs Work and Coffee Grind Distribution
May 17, 2021 • 2872 MIN
We discuss why conical and flat burrs produce different results, why what you think matters, doesn't, and some things you've never thought of, matter a lot. Is that clear? Enter to win free beans, no purchase necessary. This month we're giving away 1 Kilogram of Carvetii's delicious Solitude espresso blend. Sign up at
Mahlkonig X54 Grinder
May 9, 2021 • 3170 MIN
Win 1KG of Carvetii's Solitude Espresso (UK only). Find and like the post on Instagram @the_bartalks, or go to no purchase is necessary. We don't spam. Mere decades after the runaway success of EK43 commercial grinder, Mahlkonig have leapt into action and delivered a grinder for the home market.  
The LELIT Bianca Interview
May 3, 2021 • 2472 MIN
We talk about the LELIT Bianca and the interview with their R&D Manager - Mauro Epis. The company has a focus on delivering a premium experience at an affordable price for the family. The question we had for them, was "How do you do it". In this podcast, we talk about it. FREE DRAW BEANS GIVEAWAY We are giving away a kilo of Carvetii Coffee's amazing Solitude Espresso. No purchase is required - go to to enter
Sage Barista Touch
April 26, 2021 • 3281 MIN
This weeks coffee news roundup, and we share our opinions on the Sage/Breville Barista Touch. I tried one for 2 weeks and the results are in.
A Truck Load of Beans
April 19, 2021 • 2356 MIN
The beans are building up to the point I'm going to have to send them to Max in a truck. We talk about that interview with La Marzocco's Product Designer we did last week, a new machine review and more.
Going Solo
April 12, 2021 • 2027 MIN
We fixed the problem with the water sensor and discuss my experience of the first full week of using the Rocket. This week we also did an unboxing of a Sage/Breville Barista Touch, and had some problems setting it up.
We buy a Rocket R58
April 4, 2021 • 3330 MIN
After evaluating many other manufacturers, we bought a Rocket R58. We explain why we chose it, some initial problems getting it working and our overall first impressions.
When to repair your espresso machine
March 28, 2021 • 2788 MIN
We don't want to think about it, but we all know it's going to happen sooner or later. When your baby is not feeling well, should you reach out to YouTube and start pulling the case off, or just call in an expert.
Flair58 - Inspired or Reviled?
March 21, 2021 • 2745 MIN
Flair just announced the Flair58 that comes with an electric element to heat the brew head. We discuss and largely disagree on whether this is a great upgrade to the iconic system or a silly idea.
Rocket Espresso
March 14, 2021 • 66 MIN
This week we discuss the Rocket Espresso machines, the new PID and the good amount of features you get for your price. The only problem is, you can't get one!
Definitely Undecided
March 8, 2021 • 73 MIN
The La Spaziale Vivaldi single group espresso machine is growing on Nick. Like a fungus. But he keeps coming back to the CREM One. Today we introduce the possibility of a Profitec P600 or P700 and what the difference is between that and the ECM alternatives.
CREM Espresso Machines
February 28, 2021 • 66 MIN
We look at the new CREM line up of espresso machines called the CREM One. They look like Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, and Nick likes their top of the range model.
La Spaziale - An underated machine?
February 21, 2021 • 60 MIN
Is this an ugly duckling or a superhero in disguise? Or both. This week we review this dual boiler espresso machine that I guarantee will surprise you - in good and not so good ways.
ECM Espresso Machines - Which one to buy
February 14, 2021 • 64 MIN
ECM - The lost episode from Bartalks. We deep dive into the pros and cons of each model as we continue the journey of discovery to determine which machine to buy.
Episode 37 - Sage Bambino Plus Vs Nespresso with Speciality Capsules
February 1, 2021 • 3574 MIN
We give our first impressions of making a fresh ground espresso on the Sage/Breville Bambino Plus and then compare it to the cheapest Nespresso machine
Flavoured Coffee and the Sage Bambino Plus
January 25, 2021 • 65 MIN
Our first time trying flavoured coffee, and it's a suprise! Nick buys a Sage Bambino Plus to review.
Breville / Sage - should we buy one?
January 18, 2021 • 3035 MIN
Are any of the Breville espresso machines suitable for making fine quality third wave espresso? Max and Nick review a different brand each week until we find a brand and machine that's going to give us everything we are looking for - brew stability, flow control, pre-infusion and more - in a single package.
PID's on espresso machines
January 10, 2021 • 64 MIN
We talk about the three main ways espresso machines measure temperature and focus on the PID. We'll cover how a PID works, why it may not be so useful on a Heat Exchanger machine, and the importance of a group head design that works with the PID. Max also shows off a custom design he made for his Gaggia Paros.
Our Years Favourite Coffees
December 27, 2020 • 62 MIN
We wrap up the year with our choice of favourite coffees that we've tried over 2020. We have categories for Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Supermarket, and an award for the most ethical roasters.
Review of the 1zpresso Hand Coffee Grinder and the Butterfly biodegradable coffee cup
December 21, 2020 • 2044 MIN
Max takes apart - literally, the 1zpresso coffee hand grinder and says why he's thinking of selling all his electric grinders. Nick reviews the Butterfly coffee cup, which is a disposable biodegradable paper cup that doesn't leek, and doesn't need a lid.
Improving espresso without blowing your budget
December 13, 2020 • 3267 MIN
How to improve your espresso without spending a fortune. This week on Bean Talk we share tips we've learned over the years.  
Episode 30 - Yesso Nespresso?
December 6, 2020 • 65 MIN
We review the Nespresso Vertuo system this week. We're also giving it away to one lucky listner. Just go to the page to enter for free. We'll even send it anywhere in mainland UK for free.
Episode 29 Christmas GIft Guide Part II
November 29, 2020 • 2812 MIN
This week, we return to do part 2 of our annual gift guide. Details for all the gifts listed can be found here:
Episode 28 - Coffee Lovers Christmas Gift Guide
November 22, 2020 • 1818 MIN
We name some of our favourite coffee gifts for 2020, making something for every budget.
Episode 27 - Coffee and Athletes
November 15, 2020 • 79 MIN
This week we've drinking Burundi coffee from Artisan roaster - Amoret, based in Notting Hill Gate, London. We also discuss why athletes like coffee so much, and the science behind the performance boost. Recent news stories have indicated that getting habituated to caffeine will reduce the impact of the stimulant before an event. Yet recent scientific research largely debunks that. We discuss it on this week's Bean Talk.  
Episode 26 - The Unwashed Episode
November 9, 2020 • 73 MIN
This week, we launch our YouTube version of the podcast, talk about what coffee we're drinking the equipment that we're using, and how Nick confesses to doing a few pour overs. We touch on the science of terroir and sunshine and a whole lot more.
Episode 25 - Keep your app away from my espresso
November 2, 2020 • 73 MIN
Do we really need an app on our espresso machines? Does it add a new level of useful interaction, or is it a kind of insanity. We discuss that and more on today's show.
episode 24 - dark arts and tampers
October 25, 2020 • 70 MIN
This week, we nervously try Dark Arts Coffee and talk about the importance of grind distribution and if tamping is actually necessary.
Episode 23 - Atomo Coffee
October 18, 2020 • 65 MIN
This week we discuss Atomo - the coffee that is made without any... coffee! Some boffins from the US think they can solve the coffee crisis by making coffee without using coffee plants.   How does this work? We talk about it on this weeks show.
Episode 22 Rancilio Silvia Pro vs Breville Dual Boiler
October 11, 2020 • 73 MIN
Episode 21 - Carvetii Blending Challenge
October 4, 2020 • 72 MIN
Carvetii Coffee is a premiere coffee roaster and educator on YouTube. When they offered an opportunity to do a DIY blending of their micro-lot Colombian and Ethiopian beans, we had to give it a go and share the results of our journey with you.
Episode 20 - Gaggia Classic Pro and VA Eagle One Prima
September 27, 2020 • 71 MIN
The Gaggia Classic Pro is a popular machine for people who want to modify them. But Gaggia says that it's not necessary. We disagree and talk about the simple job of changing the OPV spring on the Pro.   We have to mention the new Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima, which has got Max very excited - but how much will he have to pay to get one!  Finally, we talk about the Bean blending challenge with Carvetii Coffee - more on that next week.
Episode-19-Blending Beans Part 1
September 20, 2020 • 2903 MIN
Episode 18 - Coffee Shops and Home Baristas
September 13, 2020 • 73 MIN
The market is changing in the UK and no doubt elsewhere. The economics of running a coffee shop in city centres has changed and companies are pulling out.   only 40% of the UK workforce has returned to the office, and some companies are planning for their employees to work from home permanently. How will a workforce at home get their daily brew? Nick and Max discuss.
Episode17-Clifton Coffee, DECAF
September 6, 2020 • 3054 MIN
Decaf. Are Decaf coffee's still disgusting and poisonous? We try a couple bags from Clifton Coffee roasters in Bristol and give you our opinion. Nick & Max also go through some of the decaffeination processes, so if you've ever wondered how coffee beans get decaffeinated, this is the podcast you need to hear.
Episode 16 - Grinder Talk
August 30, 2020 • 63 MIN
This weeks podcast is a special edition where Nick and Max talk about how to pick a coffee grinder. The difference between flat and conical burrs, and the impact of grind distribution and coffee fines on the flavour. If you've wanted to know more about the mechanics of grinder technology, this is not one to miss.
Episode 15 -Ethical Addictions Espresso Roast
August 23, 2020 • 60 MIN
Nick & Max battle the heat to push out a review of Ethical Addictions dark espresso roast. Nick relays his experience of being the only white man in a jungle, and Max explains the difference between copper and steel boilers.
Bean Talk Episode -14 200 Degrees Coffee
August 16, 2020 • 2082 MIN
We review the 200 Degree Coffee Tanzania Igale beans. Max has to go through the Bartalks rigorous hiring process to keep HR happy. Nick has a confession that he now regrets making public.
Bean Talk Episode 13 - Cast Iron Rocko Mountain
August 9, 2020 • 2448 MIN
The Cast Iron Roasters Ethiopian coffee gets a solid review from the team. Nick explains why messing up is human. And then messes up.
Episode 12 Casa Espresso El Salvador Miramar review
August 2, 2020 • 2642 MIN
In this weeks episode, we talk about how the Luckin coffee fraud was discovered, making your own coffee scales using 3D printing, and our review of the Casa Espresso El Salvador Miramar.
EPISODE 11 - Peaberry Bilbao Coffee and Arduino Modding
July 27, 2020 • 63 MIN
Peaberry Bilbao coffee review. Max is a punk rocker.
EPISODE 10 - Butterworth and Sons espresso, and can you eBay your children?
July 19, 2020 • 1 MIN
In this special edition, we discuss the importance of swearing with style. Nick wonders if it's legal to put your children on eBay. Max tries to save the episode by doing a serious review of the award-winning Butterworth and Sons 4 bean espresso blend.
EPISODE 9 - Bean Smitten Honduras, and why Italians push their cars
July 13, 2020 • 3559 MIN
THIS EPISODE CONTAINS REFERENCES OF A SEXUAL NATURE In this epic episode, Max and Nick explain how you can fake talking Italian, and Nick manages to insult several nations in one podcast. Nick mentions interviews coming up on Bartalks including Philippe Juglar, President of the NGO AVPA, and Lameen from Coffee with Love.  Max has a new coffee machine and talks (super nerdy alert) about programming an Arduino to upgrade the controls. We talk about the famous Japanese Fertility Ceremony that happens each year. (Warning this section contains sexual references) If you want to skip all that and just listen to the review, jump about 39 minutes into the podcast.
EPISODE 8: Mill Town Dark Roast Review. The Max Show
July 6, 2020 • 3383 MIN
This week we (Max) reviews Mill Town Dark Roast. Nick drank it all before remembering to take notes, so Max goes it alone on the review. Max, who renovated espresso machines, explains the differences between double boiler and heat exchange machines.
EPISODE 7 - Brew Up Italian Blend and Water Chemistry
June 29, 2020 • 2448 MIN
Another great brew from Brew Up. We can't help going back a few times to the roasters we like. Nick talks about the review he did on the Peak Water filter and it descends into a discussion on Water chemistry.  If you stay to the end of the podcast, Nick reveals he has a surprising and secret talent.
EPISODE 6 - We review Bean Smitten Revive espresso blend, and Max gets replaced by A.I.
June 22, 2020 • 2270 MIN
We drink the fabulous espresso blend out of Bean Smitten's Roastery. Max thinks we can replace him with an A.I. Bot, and nobody will notice, and Nick admits to having a problem buying grinders.
EPISODE 5 - Brown Bear Coffee and Racism
June 14, 2020 • 1774 MIN
Max and Nick tell you what they think of Brown Bear Coffee and Nick talks about the La Marzocco story about racism and why it needs to be dealt with as a process.
EPISODE 3 - Beanberry Javascript
June 7, 2020 • 2332 MIN
Nick & Max talk about coffee pricing, and how farmers get paid. They review the Beanberry Javascript espresso blend.
EPISODE 2 - Gitega Hills from Alchemy
June 1, 2020 • 902 MIN
One of the more controversial beans we tried, but really an excellent choice for people wanting to try something different. Nick and Max talk about the hate and love relationship they had with this bean.
EPISODE 1 - 47 Degrees Coffee - Sul De Minas beans
May 24, 2020 • 1484 MIN
We start our review series with a sweet Brazilian award-winning roast from 47 Degrees.
EPISODE 0.5 Nick and Max Describe their home espresso set up
May 14, 2020 • 682 MIN
Confidently described as episode 0.5, nick discovers the podcast software only deals with whole numbers, but we bravely continue in this short podcast to describe our home set up for making espresso. Using sticky tape and springs we bought off eBay, we embark upon our quest to make good espresso without the cost.
EPISODE 0 Nick and Max talk about coffee machine renovation
May 13, 2020 • 2918 MIN
Nick and Max are supposed to talk about coffee machine renovation, but instead, Nick confesses he doesn't know how to clean his grinder and Max hates on latte art.