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From Nature to Nurture - Growing Certified Organic Skincare
September 7, 2021 • 30 MIN
Leanne Sternbeck the creator of RADHA Handmade Organics and Naturals is the only person we know who is growing certified organic ingredients to use in the hand made certified organic skincare products she makes. Leanne is literally taking all the values we have about organics and provenance and putting them her in a beautifully hand crafted range of skincare products. "I make everything from start to finish and every product does contain botanicals that were grown here on the farm in our certified organic gardens. We don't compromise on quality ever." Leanne Sternbeck Although we commonly like to know where our food comes from we don't generally consider it possible to know where our body care products come from and never that the raw ingredients could be grown the same person making the products! RADHA Handmade Organics and Naturals - More than just natural ingredients!
Smoked Food - Developing a Good Business Idea
August 13, 2021 • 38 MIN
This interview with Jeff Schultheiss about how he's combined his expertise as a food technologist, his love of smoking foods and smoke flavours with his determination to build his own business, is not only a fantastic introduction to a range of new products but also a great insight into what it takes to create a food product business.  
The Global Plastic Problem with Jane Bremmer, National Toxics Network
June 22, 2021 • 32 MIN
We talked with Jane Bremmer who is currently the Zero Waste Australia campaign coordinator for the National Toxics Network.  We talked about plastic - literally from the ground up. We hope this episode helps to maintain the momentum behind the plastic 'wake up call'.  Jane is adamant that if everyone knew plastic started with fracking, liquid natural gas and oil then everyone would be more concerned about finding ways to live without plastic than they are about plastic waste management.   After listening to this podcast you'll soon realise that your mental image of plastic pollution with marine plastic debris, marine pollution and ocean pollution restricts your understanding of the scale of the global plastic problem. 
Researching Foods that Fight Cancer
May 30, 2021 • 43 MIN
This is a great interview with Dr Eliza Whiteside about cancer, foods that might fight cancer and the empowering actions that people with cancer can take.  There is great empathy and compassion in Dr Eliza's work which comes from her first hand understanding of how disempowering a cancer diagnosis is.  She is a survivor of breast cancer and her experience motivates her research drive to find a more natural way for reducing the risk of cancer, cancer prevention and ultimately be able to treat cancer naturally. 
The Art of Herbal Apothecary
May 8, 2021 • 27 MIN
Krista Bjorn's journey into Herbal Apothecary - how she creates her own herbal medicine cabinet, some of her favourite herbal blends and two of her favourite herbal books, as well as links to her herbal apothecary workshops.
The Science of Re-purposing Food Waste
April 22, 2021 • 36 MIN
While there are many products available, including our hemp produce bags, and consumer education for reducing food waste at the household level, the second largest area of food waste is the food that's grown and never leaves the farm! So while we can certainly implement many practical solutions at the household level we still have a big problem that needs to be solved on a larger scale. This conversation with Dr Polly Bury gives us hope that the solution may be closer than we think and that there is great interest fast tracking the possibilities of re-purposing excess food or even parts of plants that have never been considered food, like pineapple skins and sweet potato leaves and vines.
Be Kind to Your Skin and Keep the Reef Safe
March 31, 2021 • 22 MIN
Just 9 ingredients in this pure reef safe sunscreen formula that protects you, your children, our beautiful coral reefs and valuable ecosystems. We interviewed the founder and creator of The Kind Sunscreen, Emma Corrie, and heard what got her started, why she persisted and what a difference choosing The Kind Sunscreen can make. Reef-safe sunscreens are important because active ingredients in common sunscreens wash off our skin and into our marine environments - 14,000 tons of sunscreen each year wash into our coral reefs!!!! Our Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world and across the world the world's coral reefs cover approximately 11,000 square miles of sea floor and are some of the most diverse ecosystems and some of the most enjoyable places for us to visit. As the trends for clean living, sustainable living and eco living are all gaining momentum sunscreen ingredients have been under increasing scrutiny by conscious consumer especially as we've all become more away of what shouldn't be included in skin care products. The interest in mineral sunscreens has expanded with this trend coupled with the desire to choose a Reef Safe Sunscreen.
The Waste Problem!
February 8, 2021 • 31 MIN
What happens to my rubbish after it is collected? Currently the TRC is using waste collection services for the recycle bin contents. It's commercially viable and there is great profit in rubbish! There are many hard to answer questions such as could it be possible for the council to take this over from a commercial business and how could a council achieve the economies of scale that would such a project viable? This conversation with Cr Rebecca Vonhoff is frank and sincere about how hard all these questions are to answer. Currently the TRC handles the green waste collection and the household waste collection. The green waste (garden waste items) becomes mulch for local residents and the council parks. Unfortunately, the household waste becomes landfill. Alongside the many questions about sustainable waste management there are also many questions about how the current landfill situations could be turned into energy - could it be possible to turn waste into energy? For many, many years food waste has been included in household waste that has gone to landfill and while it can't be recycled the TRC is exploring how it can be turned into energy by harnessing the gas that is emitted from these landfill sites. Other topics discussed in this episode include -types of waste that are difficult to manage such as mattresses, electronic waste, styrofoam and products made from different recyclable components -waste education programs in schools and on the side of waste collection trucks -the motivation at the household level for recycling of paper, cardboard, plastics and glass materials.
Extraordinary Hemp - an Australian industry vision
January 26, 2021 • 47 MIN
This is a Gutsy vision for the evolution of the Australian Industrial Hemp industry - a vision that could take the industry from a niche industry to a world leader. Our guest is Robert Bell the founder and organiser of the Australian Industrial Hemp Conference. He not only shares his knowledge about the wide range of uses of industrial hemp but also the products that are the fastest and easiest to manufacture that would have the highest demand and greatest positive environmental impact. If you are interested in natural, environmentally sustainable hemp solutions for replacing tonnes of plastic then this is a must listen episode of the Gutsy Matters Podcast.
Reduce Food Waste - Save The Planet (and enough money for a holiday)
December 8, 2020 • 41 MIN
In this episode of Gutsy Matters we are really excited to speak about one our passions at Stored Naturally, and that is reducing household food waste. We spoke with Mark Barthel who joined the Fight Food Waste CRC team as a Special Advisor in August 2019 having moved from the UK to Australia. In addition to his CRC role, where he is leading the development of a Food Waste Reduction Roadmap with Woolworths, he is supporting Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) and the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment in the implementation of Australia's National Food Waste Strategy. We talk about how big the food waste problem really is, where in the supply chain the food is wasted and how we can change!
What natural DIY recipes can I make at home?
November 23, 2020 • 39 MIN
You'll love this interview with Krissy Ballinger the author of Naturally Inspired - 125+ simple DIY recipes to help eliminate chemicals from your home and body. This interview is the perfect conversation for you if you're interested in reducing your exposure to avoidable toxins in your home and self care products. Krissy gives tips and recipes that you can use right away. She talks about how to use common ingredients that you'd have in your pantry to make natural DIY cleaning products and then how to select just a handful of ingredients to make a range of beauty products and body care.
How To Encourage Children To Eat Vegetables - Inspiring & Fun; encouraging healthy little eaters!
November 12, 2020 • 26 MIN
Kate found herself healing her own health problems by adopting healthy eating and lifestyle changes then when her became a parent she was motivated to teach her kids well from the beginning so they would never have the health issues she had. She wanted her children to have fun eating well, and even more than that, she wanted her children to associate eating fruits and vegetables with growing strong physically and mentally. This interview is packed full of tips, ideas and games for making it fun for children to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Listen in for play based learning ideas that you can do right away and for more information about her card game and puzzle. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
How to plan healthy meals for busy families with Ashley Jubinville
October 26, 2020 • 45 MIN
If you're wondering how you can find time to meal prep and cook healthy meals for your family when every week is a busy week, then you need Ashley Jubinville, the Kitchen Coach. She'll show you how to be stress free and at least three times more efficient in the kitchen and she'll even have your kids asking to eat vegetables! We're not kidding. While she was a private family chef she discovered the struggles of busy families trying to prepare healthy family dinners in an efficient, practical, easy way that created nourishing meals for the whole family. She mastered the healthy meal prep solution for very busy people, then began teaching other families. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally In this Gutsy Matters Podcast episode Ashley shares her wisdom and her passion for real foods being easy, achievable, stress free and family friendly. Ashley reassures us that it's not you; it's that generally we're "not taught how to do food in a way that will literally nurture our health for the rest of our life". She goes on to say that "in fact we're not even taught basic food skills to get by on a busy schedule". She talks about getting vegetables to be the mainstay in your children's diets, how to get vegetables to taste good and how picky little eaters become pickier by eating fast, convenient and processed foods. Everything she says makes sense and motivates you towards fresh meals packed full of vegetables! You can tell she's passionate about reducing stress levels about feeding young families and how to make vegetables the feature of the dish and how to expand the variety of vegetables in a way children really enjoy. If you've been asking questions like "How to do beginners meal prep for a week", or "what are some relatively easy healthy meals that a busy mother with a full time job can make for her family" or "how to find time to cook for your family", then this podcast is the perfect place for you to meet your new Kitchen Coach - Ashely Jubinville.
Building the Hemp Industry - Expanding Australian Hemp Products
October 12, 2020 • 31 MIN
If there is one thing that we've all learnt from the global pandemic it's that we need to go local and be resourceful. That's exactly what Georgina Wilkinson and Gary Rogers from Margaret River Hemp Company are doing. In this episode of Gutsy Matters Podcast we talk with Georgina about the exciting new developments in the Australian Hemp Industry. Georgina is the Vice President of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance. To kick off this episode we start with the dilemma of Hemp being a more sustainable fibre crop yet we still heavily rely on less sustainable fibre crops that are more demanding on our precious environment. The Hemp plant uses about 11% of the water required to grow cotton and it fertilises the soil while it grows which means that in Australia it can be cropped three times a year on the same land. The Hemp plant that we're discussing is the Industrial Hemp variety, with very low levels of THC (the main active component in medicinal hemp), even so it's still a fully regulated crop. Western Australia is the second largest industrial Hemp growing region after Tasmania. Georgina explains that Tasmania has specialised in the production and processing of hemp seed and hemp oil and has created a healthy hemp food industry. Hemp food industry has enjoyed rapid expansion since the ban was lifted in 2017. Hulled hemp seed is highly nutritious and has become a prized health food because hemps seeds are rich in fibre, protein and heart-healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Hemp seed oil is also favoured both as a food and for skincare products. The pulp left after the oil has been pressed from the seeds becomes hemp flour and hemp protein (the difference being the oil content). The health benefits of hemp foods are linked to the new understanding of the human endocannabinoid system and the cannabinoids naturally found in hemp. So whilst Australia has the processing facilities for the Hemp food industry, the facilities for processing fibre are limited. Georgina's been working with Gary and others to change this for Western Australian growers. Hemp fibre processing facilities would open the industry to the potential for manufacturing hemp plastic, hemp paper, hempcrete for hemp homes and hemp fabric, just to name a few. Even then, we still wouldn't be using the whole hemp plant including the flowers and leaves - it truly is the plant that keeps giving. The hemp fibre that is used in hempcrete for building is the hemp hurd, it's the inside of the long straight stalk or stem of the hemp plant. The outside of the hemp stem is stripped off for the fibre that is used for textiles, hemp fabric and hemp clothing. Currently the world leaders in hemp fibre and hemp textiles are in China, yet ever hopeful, we ask Georgina about the Australian textiles industry! Hemp bio-composite plastics (otherwise known as hemp plastic) and even hemp weed matting are the next products that are on the horizon of the hemp industry. The world desperately needs natural fibre replacements for plastic products. It's ironic really because the invention of nylon and plastic by Dupont was what ruined the hemp industry, you can read about the history here. The history of Hemp plastics begins with Henry Ford and the plastic car he built in 1941. It was made from a bio-composite plastic, that included hemp, and was 10 times stronger than steel. Newspaper articles from the time reported that Henry Ford was proud of plastic car for being lighter, safer and less expensive than cars made from steel. He even collaborated with Rudolf Diesel to desig...
An Upple a day.... Whole apple in a bottle that's healthier than apple juice.
September 28, 2020 • 33 MIN
We're delighted to introduce the Upple on the Gutsy Matters Podcast. It's a brand new innovation in the Apple Industry and it's direct from the Savio family Apple Orchard on the Granite Belt in Queensland, Australia. The Upple is a whole apple in a bottle and it's going to shake up the apple juice and apple snacks market in Australia and around the world. The health benefits of the Upple greatly outweigh that of apple juice and that's why it's so exciting! The Savio family embarked on creating an innovative new healthy whole fruit apple snack product and what they've created is wonderful. They worked with Jeff Schultheiss (from Darling Fresh Consulting) and others to adapt technology, innovate a new patent pending technique and create a product that is as healthy as eating a fresh apple as possible but more convenient. It's all in an Upple - literally! Upple is a whole fruit product and that's why it's so different to apple juice. Upple is 99.9% apple - the whole apple, including the pulp, peel and all it's nutrition in a bottle with a splash (0.1%) of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Unlike most apple juices and orange juices, Upple has NO added sugar, NO added sweetener, it's just whole fruit. Other reasons why Upple is so different to apple juice include not being heated treated, not made from concentrate and not containing any nasty additives - it really is as close to eating a fresh apple, with all it's health benefits, as you can get. Upple is made from first grade apples that the supermarkets won't sell because they're too big or two small. That's why Upple's taste so good; just fresh, crisp, first grade whole apples that are imperfect in shape according to the major supermarkets, plus a splash of Vitamin C. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Australian Made Dairy Free Butter That's Not Margarine - Matt Weller from Phyto Kitchen
September 14, 2020 • 27 MIN
In this episode our conversation is about a revolutionary new butter. A butter made from plants. A butter that is equally as useful, delicious and functional for spreading, toasting,and baking as butter made from cream. The team making these gutsy moves in the food industry are Matt Weller and his wife Ashley Jubinville and their butter business is called Phyto Kitchen. We're talking with Matt to find out what got Phyto plant butter started, what makes Phyto Plant Butter such an enjoyable dairy free butter alternative and how much butter they're going to make! To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Drop into the green cleaning revolution - free from single-use plastics!
August 31, 2020 • 35 MIN
Just like food contact plastic, where no-one really knows if the petroleum derived chemicals in the plastic are safe or not, cleaning chemicals in conventional cleaning products are exactly the same - petroleum derived and unknown! You may have even found that it's been easier to switch to clean personal care products than it has been to find an effective green all purpose cleaner that's made in Australia with natural ingredients! According to there are over 17,000 petrochemicals available for home use, only 30 percent of which have been tested for their effects on human health and on the environment. We all need a clean place to live and work but none of us need to be poisoned by the fumes or residues of the harmful chemicals in the process! And, what about the environment impact? There's all the toxic chemicals we don't understand and all those plastic spray bottles that we only use once then replace instead of refill. It's time to clean with environmentally friendly green cleaning products, it's time for a safer choice. It's time for an Australian green cleaning product range. So, regardless of whether you call it green cleaning, healthy cleaning, natural cleaning or environmentally friendly cleaning - who is making the gutsy moves? Pleasant State are. They've got our wellbeing in mind. They are a start up business on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia who are currently crowd funding their green cleaning 'just add water products' and their custom made glass and silicon reusable spray bottles. They have three green cleaning products: an all purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner and a bathroom cleaner. Their 'just add water' green cleaning products are all environmentally friendly and all made in Australia. Now it's simple for us to replace the toxic conventional cleaning products with green cleaning products. Pleasant State are making green cleaning our new normal. Imagine no longer worrying about the health effects of conventional cleaning products with an unknown cocktail of petroleum based toxic chemical ingredients that you've been using out of habit, but secretly wondering if they are really safe for your wellbeing (the smell, really makes you wonder doesn't it?). Imagine using the reusable glass silicone spray bottle from Pleasant State that you fill with warm water, drop in the 'just add water' all purpose cleaner bar, let it fizz and there you have it - safe all purpose cleaning solution that replaces your conventional products and suddenly you've become a sustainable cleaner!!! Imagine knowing that your cleaning products don't contain any hazardous chemicals, what a relief! No air pollution either or skin absorption of dangerous chemicals. Just the fresh, reassuring, natural smell of Lemon Myrtle. The green clean change is here. Sustainable cleaning with natural cleaning products will replace toxic conventional products and reduce single use plastics. We have loved meeting and interviewing the team at Pleasant State especially because they are just as passionate as we are about reducing single use plastics. You'll love hearing their story on the Gutsy Matters Podcast. Not only are they planning to win against the single use plastic challenge with their green cleaning products they're also wanting to prove their fully employee owned business model is a fairer and more ethical way to do business. Hear how two people are putting all their determination, persistence and drive behind their big ethics, morals and goals. Let's make the green clean change a permanent one. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB...
Why fruit & vegetables are more important than you think
August 17, 2020 • 43 MIN
99% of Australia children aged between 2 -18 DO NOT eat enough vegetables. In fact, very few of us eat enough vegetables, according to a recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report. The report found that across all stages of life, Australians generally do not eat enough healthy foods. Eating a balanced diet, including sufficient fruit and vegetables, reduces your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. So, what can we as a community do? In this episode we speak with Dr Danielle Carter, co-founder of Flourish PYO, a non-for-profit health promotion charity in Toowoomba, Queensland. Danielle gives us great insights into why people don't eat enough fruit and vegetables and how to make changes to our diets in order to prevent chronic diseases. The statistics indicate that 99% of Australian children between the ages of 2 to 18 do not eat enough vegetables The statistics for adults are not good either, with only one in thirteen people (7.5%) meeting the guidelines for adequate daily serves of vegetables. We discuss what people do in their communities to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Creating Change - one reusable bag at a time
August 3, 2020 • 33 MIN
A conversation about the huge problem of plastic overflowing in landfill, floating in the oceans, strangling marine life and causing all sorts of trouble was the catalyst for a fantastic initiative that commenced in 2013 and has enthusiastically spread to over 1100 communities worldwide. Jordyn and Tania, co-founders of Boomerang Bags, said the answer to these problems stared them in the face - with one million plastic bags being used every minute, 10.46 million tonnes of fabric waste created each year, and with the willingness and generosity of people from all fabrics of society they decided to do something about the problem. They created a platform that supports the diversion of post-consumer material (waste- in other words) into reusable bags to replace plastic bags and most importantly, start conversations. In this episode we are very pleased to chat with Jordyn De Boer. Jordyn's reverence and curiosity, inspired by a life-long love of nature in all its forms, led her to study the natural environment, and now implements those experiences to support communities to create change, one reusable bag and conversation at a time. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Repairing, recycling and ....building tiny houses with Guido Verbist
July 20, 2020 • 38 MIN
How often to do you hear people say that things don't last as long as they used to ......or that they bought an item that stopped working not long after purchasing it! The War on Waste states that over 85% of furniture we put on the curb isn't recycled and is instead sent to landfill. We have become a throw-away society. Did you know that there is 540kg of household waste produced in Australia, per person each year? That is more than 10kg for every single person, every single week. Every year the waste we generate is growing at twice the rate of our population! We need to change our attitudes and behaviour when it comes to waste. An organisation that is doing just that is the Bower Reuse & Repair Centre based in Sydney, NSW. Bower is an environmental charity committed to reducing landfill. They have pioneered programs to reduce the amount of waste by reclaiming household items for reuse, repair and resale and by encouraging communities to engage in repurposing of preloved goods. They have been playing a vital role for more than 20 years fostering a culture of sustainability and in this Gutsy Matters episode we chat to Bower Reuse & Repair Centre's general manager, Guido Verbist. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Nourished with fresh food .... and love! with Anni Cramb, Floursh PYO
July 6, 2020 • 40 MIN
In this episode we speak with Anni Cramb, who, along with three other Toowoomba Mum's decided to plant seeds of love, hope and health to help their community flourish. They have a wonderful vision to provide fresh solutions for a happier and healthier community and were inspired to start Flourish PYO in 2017. In 2018 they began their first community garden and continued to educate children where their food comes from and how amazing it is to pick and eat fresh vegetables. Flourish PYO is a Not-for-Profit health promotion charity in Toowoomba, Queensland, who believe everyone should have access to fresh healthy produce and the knowledge to use it to nourish themselves and their families to prevent disease. Anni tells us all about the concept behind this community initiative and the story of how Flourish operates, their aims and their dreams for the future. It is truly an inspirational story. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Exposing Plastic Recycling Myths with Tops Off Recycling
June 22, 2020 • 39 MIN
Do you know what plastic is recycled and what is not? In this episode we chat to Leisa Clark from Tops Off Recycling and are shocked to uncover some of the myths about what we thought was actually being recycled! Leisa explains that 40% of all plastic used in packaging is HDPE (High-density polyethylene) plastic, which is a strong, resistant, long lasting, UV resistant, buoyant plastic. 40% of all plastic produced in the world is HDPE plastic and none of that type of plastic is currently being recycled in Australia. Leisa says that when she last looked at the statistics, only 9% of all plastics in Australia, are being recycled. Australia does not recycle plastic bottle tops - so when you take your bottles to a Containers for Change depot to receive the 10c refund, all the lids are taken off and they are thrown into landfill. All the hard plastic, such as yoghurt containers, plastic milk bottles, vitamin tablet containers, are all HDPE plastic, which is not getting recycled at all and ends up in landfills....even though we put it in our recycling bins provided by councils! Tops Off Recycling are looking at ways to recycle plastic bottle tops and turn it into recycled, quality 3D printing filament. Their goal is to have local- based recycle hubs and innovation centres across Queensland to recycle and repurposed plastic into 3D filament and other products. Find out other interesting facts about plastic and recycling in this very interesting conversation. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Asher Andrews - Across Australia Fuelled by Plants
June 8, 2020 • 32 MIN
Introducing Asher Andrews - husband to Jess, father to Willa and Rumi, distance runner and whole food plant based vegan chef and coach. He's a man who is motivated to inspire us to love the plants on our plate, appreciate moments of living a simpler life and reconnect to the story of our food. "Plants are the most nutrient dense and nutrient rich foods that you can eat. We need to eat the cleanest most nourishing foods on the planet" In fact, he's committed himself to something VERY BIG - to run from Cape Byron, the most eastern point of Australia to Steep Point, the most westerly point of Australia. 5,000km's to draw us in and bring our attention to how much we can do on a plant based lifestyle, to ask us all to evaluate our connection to our food, our health and our environment, personally, locally and globally. He points out that we're not an exception to the rule in Australia; our health and environmental statistics are on par with the rest of the developed world. He urges us to reconnect to what matters the most. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Bring us your Excess - avoiding Food Waste with Nims Zavackas
May 25, 2020 • 37 MIN
In this episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Brisbane based chef, Nims (Naomi) Zavackas. Nims was born and raised in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea by parents who loved the land. The seeds of loving fresh produce were planted there and from a very young age she participated in the gathering of their gardens seasonal harvest. She saw, through the preparations of every humble thing they ate and shared, that food was the purest road to happiness. Her professional aspirations have their roots in that inherited ethos. Nims and her husband have owned a number of cafes in Sydney, Townsville and Brisbane and, up until the end of March 2020, owned The Jam Pantry café in Greenslopes, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, which she described as a fun, produce driven café where funky preserves are the focus. Nims is a big believer in No Waste and is behind the exciting 'Bring us Your Excess' campaign. Her campaign works with farmers, food producers and the local community, turning excess neighbourhood backyard harvest into yield instead of waste. In this podcast Nims gives us insights into the catalyst behind the campaign and the app she is currently developing. She expresses her views on why there is so much food waste generated from our homes and how we can change our habits to start to reduce this through loving our food and being creative. Learn some great hints and tips from the effervescent Nims as you listen to her great interview. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Rogue about Plastic - with Benefits! with Erin Rhoads
May 11, 2020 • 37 MIN
In this episode we chat to Erin Rhoads, The Rogue Ginger, and find out what inspired her to start living a more sustainable life. She tells us how she started to reduce waste and how you can begin to do the same; how taking part in Plastic Free July changed her habits and why she couldn't go back; how heat draws out endocrine disrupters from plastic; swapping out single-use plastic items every day to reduce waste; valuing our farmers and the food they produce and so much more. Erin is the lady behind the popular Australian eco lifestyle blog and website 'Less waste, less plastic and sustainable living with 'The Rogue Ginger' with information on zero waste and plastic free living and tips on how to reduce plastic and rubbish every day. Erin went from eating plastic-packaged takeaway while shopping online for fast fashion, to becoming one of Australia's most popular eco-bloggers. She knows that small changes can have a big impact. Through Erin's pursuit to live plastic-free and zero-waste, she has learnt to eat real food, discover new skills, cut down her exposure to harmful chemicals, found joy in moments over everyday things and simplified her life, while saving money. She is the author of 'Waste Not: making a big difference by throwing away less' which has been described as the 'Barefoot Investor' for those wanting to live more sustainably. The philosophy behind our Gutsy Matters podcast align so well with Erin's 'pursuit to live plastic-free and zero-waste, eat real food, and cut down exposure to chemicals'. For more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Creative Plant-based cooking with Veet Karen
April 27, 2020 • 33 MIN
In this episode we chat to Veet Karen from Veet's Cooking School. Her cooking school motto is "cooking for a world without hurt" and she has a peaceful passion for eradicating the idea that being a vegan means an unhealthy or imbalanced diet. Veet's love and passion for high quality food, mixed in with her knowledge of wholesome, healthy, vegan fare and as she say 'as well as her taste buds desiring only the most heavenly of experiences', makes a wonderful recipe for fabulous meals and food every time. This episode is a fantastic conversation about how to cook creatively to reduce food waste; how to use a recipe even if you don't have any of the ingredients; and how to get enough protein in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It is packed full of great ideas and useful resources. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Food Waste & CSA- Echo Valley Farm
April 27, 2020 • 27 MIN
In this episode we are talking to Randal Breen who, with his wife, Juanita and family run Echo Valley Farms, in the beautiful Goomburra Valley in South East Queensland, Australia. They undertake ethical, sustainable, regenerative and holistic farming practices producing beef cattle, pasture-raised pork and free-range poultry. They believe in farming that builds on a strong and viable agricultural base, while maintaining and regenerating the local habitats of their diverse flora and fauna. Everything they do on their farm begins with a regenerative and sustainable approach. Join our conversation as Randal talks about Echo Valley Farms, food waste and the benefits to their farming system and lets us know about the Echo Valley Community-supported Agriculture (CSA) and how you can be part of this program to buy directly from producers. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
From Meat & 3 Veg to Plant-Based Eating
April 27, 2020 • 33 MIN
Meet our Gutsy Matters co-host and creator of the Fresh Produce Enhancer, Helen Reynolds. In this interview, Wendy managed to ask all the right questions to find out how Helen went from a childhood of eating a meat and 3 vegetable diet to experimenting with being a vegetarian and now to eating a plant-based diet. All the personal reasons why Helen and her husband, Max, decided to change their diet and the funny things that happened along the way. Helen talks about what motivates my food choices, how she learnt about clean eating, how she learnt to prepare vegetarian and vegan food after a lifetime of meat focused eating, how to add more flavour and her methodology for preparing food. To obtain the show notes with more information and links from this episode, and others, visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally
Gutsy Matters trailer
March 30, 2020 • 1 MIN
Gutsy Matters Podcast is for independent thinkers who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Join our gutsy conversations each fortnight to discover, uncover and create opportunities and perspectives about health, wealth and sustainable living. We're excited to share these thought-provoking discussions because they change the way we do things, the way we think and how we succeed. Visit Find us on FB and on IG @storednaturally